More Than Bandmates

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Chapter 32 (v.1) - Ashley's POV

Submitted: November 08, 2013

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Submitted: November 08, 2013



That night, Jon took us to a hotel. We had somewhat of a party in our room before the guys all went to their rooms for the night. CC had picked up a guy and a girl for the night, kudos to him. When everyone was gone and a good ways down the hall I tackled Andy to the bed.
"Have I ever told you how much I love you?" I smiled kissing him.
"About a million times tonight, but I could stand to hear it again." He smiled at me, his blue eyes shining in the dim light of the lamp on the table.
"I love you so much. You're my world, my everything and I can't wait to spend an eternity with you." I smiled.
"You make it sound like I'm about to convert you into a vampire." He laughed.
"Maybe you are, Count Biersack." I chuckled.
"I vant to make you my lover forever Ashley Purdy." He kissed me again.
"And I would gladly be your lover forever."
"Not just my lover, my best friend, my support system, my bass player, the father of my kids. I want you to be my everything." He smiled wrapping his arms around me.
"Of course I will. I want you to be my everything too." We kissed for like the millionth time that night. I was in the mood for a little love, but I could see in Andy's face that he was tired, so we just went to sleep, entangled into each other in every possible way.

"I was thinking purple and gray." Andy said leaning back in his seat.
"What kind of purple? Like a neon purple?" Jinxx laughed from the other side of the room.
"No, like a pale purple."
"I don't even get what you're getting at." I laughed. Andy was getting frustrated. We've been planing small stuff for the wedding, colors, who's going to be the best man for both of us, stuff like that. He pulled out his phone in a huff and started googling something.
"So have you decided who's gonna be your best man Ash?" Jinxx asked.
"I don't know. I mean, the best man is supposed to be your best friend, but I'm marrying him, so I can't pick between you, C and Jake."
"I say you pick me, Andy can pick CC and then Jake can be the ring barer." Jinxx laughed. "Or the flower girl." He started in abarrage of laughter until there was a loud smack.
"Ow! Bitch!" He yelled at Jake who had a rolled up magazine in his hand.
"You aren't funny Jinxx. How many times do I have to tell you that?" Jake said unrolling the magazine and handing it to Andy. "Found what you were looking for in the junk mail." It was a catalog for suits.
"Where's CC?" Jake asked sitting on the couch next to me.
"Hung over in his bunk. Is there something up with him? He hasn't been himself for a while." Jinxx said getting up and grabbing a coke from the fridge.
"I'll go talk to him." I said getting up and heading towards CC's bunk. Honestly, I've never really seen the inside of his bunk, I was a little curious. Was it like Jinxx's with a bunch of pictures everywhere or Jake's, covered in old food wrappers from tours we've done millions of years ago.
I hesitantly pulled back the curtain. He was there, laying down, but he wasn't asleep. He looked up at me with tears streaking down his face.
"CC, what's wrong?" I asked climbing in and wrapping my arms around him. He wouldn't answer me, just clung to me and cried. I started stroking his hair slowly, trying to calm him down. "It'll be OK, whatever is wrong with you."
"Isn't it obvious?" He asked looking up at me.
"Isn't what obvious?" I asked looking back at him. He looked away, then pushed away a little.
"Ash, a few months ago, when we were touring with Asking Alexandria, before I started dating Ben, do you honestly not remember me telling you that I love you? Now I have to see you and Andy being happy together, and even though I'm happy for you two, and I'm happy that you're happy, I can't help but still feel really jealous of you two. Because I loved you longer than Andy has. Because I still love you, and I know that there will be no one out there for me because you two are getting married. He's taking you away." He sobbed. I had almost completely forgotten that CC told me he liked me, and I had disregarded him like it was nothing. I feel like an asshole.
"CC, listen to me." I said wiping the tears from his face. "Don't you ever say that there is no one out there for you. I know plenty of girls and guys that deserve you a lot more than I do. I mean, have you even thought about what it would be like to be with me? I drink, all the time, I don't think about a lot of things before I do them, I've got a crazy ex-girlfriend who is still trying to break up me and Andy, then there's the whole Johnny thing. And to top it all off I completely disregarded you and your feelings. I'm an ass hole Chuppy, I'm surprised Andy is tolerating me." He let out a laugh. Good I'm cheering him up.
"I know that some day soon you'll find the right girl or guy for you. And if you want a little help, I can be your wing man." I smiled at him.
"Alright, but maybe you should consider cutting back on the drinking. Everyone would be happy if you did." He laughed.
"I tried, but the whiskey, it whispers to me." He joined me in a laugh. "Hey, I was wondering if I could ask you something though."
"Sure, shoot."
"Would you mind being my best man? I would love having you up there with me for moral support." I smiled at him.
"I'd love to."
"Awesome. No hard feelings?" I asked opening my arms for a hug.
"No. No hard feelings." He wrapped his arms around me in a tight and warm hug. We left the bunk room and went back to the front of the bus. Andy was arguing with Jake over the pale purple thing. They didn't even notice us walk in.
"Pale purple is lavender! That's what it's called." Jake yelled throwing a pillow at Andy.
"That's not what I'm talking about!" He yelled throwing it back.
"Then what are you talking about?!" I said talking over the yelling.
"Oh. Hey Ash. Hey Chuppy." Andy smiled before turning back to Jake.
"Since you keep arguing about the colors, I just vote that I pick." I sighed sitting on Andy's lap. "We can keep the dark gray, but instead of purple why not maroon or blood red or something."
"That sounds perfect." He hugged me.
"Andy did you pick your best man yet?" Jinxx asked. "Because I'd like to stand by the fact that I'd do an awesome job." He smiled.
"Naw, I think I'm just gonna pick Matt."
"Aw! Hey Ash! Can I-" I sopped him.
"Nope! I pick CC." We all laughed.
"Well, what about ring barer?" He was getting desperate.
"Tokyo and Killer are gonna do it." Andy said looking at the notepad in front of him.
"The dogs? Why the dogs?"
"You can hold his leash and walk with him if you want Jinxx. Jake can walk with Killer." I looked over at him. He wanted to desperately be involved.
"Alright." He grumbled hitting his head on the table.

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