More Than Bandmates

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Chapter 34 (v.1) - Ashley's POV

Submitted: November 08, 2013

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Submitted: November 08, 2013



It was a cold December morning. I hadn't seen my baby in three days and I was starting to get lonely. I was sitting in my hotel room with Jake, Jinxx, Tokyo and Killer. My Mom and Dad were downstairs making sure that everything for the wedding was ready.
"Are you OK Ash?" Jake said tapping me on the shoulder.
"Of course I'm OK, why would I not be?" I asked.
"You've been pacing back and forth and you chewed your thumb nail down to the nub." Jinxx laughed.
"I'm just really nervous. What if he doesn't show up?" I was going crazy. I had this dream a couple times where Andy doesn't show up because he actually didn't love me.
"It'll be OK. He'll show up. Come on, you gotta get ready. Shower, wash your hair, clear your head, but more importantly, calm down." Jake smiled handing me my suit and a towel and pushing me into the bathroom. "Take your time. I'm gonna go walk the dogs, Jinxx is gonna watch you." He closed the door.
I stripped off all of my clothes and stepped into the spray of the hot water. It felt nice, letting all of my worries wash away. Soon, I'll be joined with Andy, we'll be one together. Our lives from here on can only get better. I started thinking about what it would be like, having a family. I couldn't stop smiling. Andy doesn't have any siblings, so he doesn't know how to take care of babies, so it would be funny.
"Ashley, CC is here!" Jinxx yelled.
"OK, give me a sec!" I yelled back getting out. It took a while to get completely dry and dressed.

"Are you sure you're OK Ash?" Jinxx laughed.
"I'm fine. I promise." I smiled. "What makes you think I'm not?"
"You wont stop pacing. How about we get out of this room. Maybe it'll make you feel better." CC smiled standing up. It was still weird that we were all wearing matching suits. Jake made a joke about us keeping them for later on. The only difference is tht everyone on my side of the wedding, being me, C, Jinxx and Tokyo have dark gray suits with purple accents, and everyone on Andy's side of the wedding (him, Jake, Matt and Killer) have purple suits with purple accents. I can't wait to see Andy in his suit.
"Yeah. That sounds good." I sighed as we all walked out of the room. We walked outside to where the wedding was being set up. I saw Andy's Mom standing out near the alter, fixing some flowers in a vase.
"Amy!" I called over to her.
"Ashley! It's so good to see you again." She smiled hugging me. "How's my future son in law?"
"A little nervous. Is Andy here?" I asked.
"Yeah and he's just as nervous as you are. He's been worrying about weather or not you'd show up. He even started crying a couple of times. Brock is up there with him now." I couldn't help but laugh.
"Wow, my Mom was right. We are made for each other. I was thinking the same way." Amy chuckled again.
"Well, your Mom sounds like a wise woman. I can't wait to meet her." She smiled.
"Trust me, you'll hear her before you actually see her. She has this thing where her voice is really loud and she doesn't know the meaning of volume control." I joked.
"Hey, Mrs. Biersack, people are showing up!" Jake said running towards us with both of my dogs in his hands.
"Oh, I guess it's almost time. Good luck Ashley, and try to calm down." She smiled kissing my cheek.
"Thanks Amy." I smiled.
"Stop with this Amy nonsense. You can call me Mom now."
"OK, Mom." I wasn't used to calling someone else Mom, but with as long as Andy and I are gonna be together, I might as well get used to it.

"Places everyone!" My Mom yelled. Everyone took their seats and I took my place at the alter. CC hugged me one good time and smiled at me. I could do this, I know I could. One by one, everyone walked out. Jake and Jinxx with Tokyo and killer, everyone awwing at how cute they were. Then the bridal march started to play. My heart started racing. Everyone stood and stared at the door, waiting for Andy to walk out.
After what felt like eons, Andy and his Dad stepped out. I couldn't help but beam at the fact that he actually showed up. They were moving slowly, but he was close enough to where I could hear his heart beating. When he finally made it up to me, I grabbed and held on to him.
"You showed up." I smiled.
"I could say the same to you." I missed his voice, his presence. "Now c'mon. Let's get married." We turned to face the priestess, an older woman with sandy blond hair.
"Ladies and gentlemen, we have gathered here today to join Andy Biersack and Ashley Purdy in holy matrimony. The two grooms have written their own vows. Mr. Biersack, you start."
"Ashley, for the longest time I had a crush on you. I think since the first day we met all those years ago, I felt that there was something there. I still remember that day when all of this started, months ago, we were in my bunk, just playing around, then we shared our first kiss. It was beautiful. Through our entire relationship, I wanted to take things slow, but I couldn't help myself. Even though we've only been dating for 10 months, it might as well have been 10 years. I love you more than I love life itself, and I'm ready to spend the rest of it with you and only you. You're my heart, my everything. I love you." He started tearing up, and so did I. His words, they were so beautiful.
"Mr. Purdy, your turn." The priestess said.
"Andy, I have never in my life loved someone as much as I love you. Anyone here today will agree with me when I say that I've been in a lot of relationships. Most of them didn't last very long, a lot of them negative and almost all of them one sided. I've confused what love actually was, I didn't know what it meant to want someone so bad that I would jump through hoops to get their attention. I've never known that loving someone meant having to fight for them, until now. You taught me so much over this last year. That love isn't easy, that it takes two to fight. We've fought for so long to get to where we are now, and I'm glad that during the fighting, I never lost the love I have for you. I can't wait to grow old with you, to have a family, all of that. It's gonna be tough at first, but we've gotten through worse, and we've got all of this time to get through it." I smiled at him. He was indeed perfect. Everything about him.
"Now, the rings." The priestess smiled. CC held out the two silver rings, mine engraved with Andy's name, Andy's with mine. We grabbed them and slid them carefully onto each others fingers. "Now that the two grooms have given their vows, and exchanged rings, is there anyone here who goes against this union. May they speak now or forever hold their peace." Everyone was quiet. We signed the wedding license in front of us."Well then, by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you Mr and Mr Purdy. You may now kiss the groom."
"With pleasure." I smiled kissing Andy. I couldn't stop smiling and crying. This moment was just too fucking perfect.
"I love you so much." Andy was crying.
"I love you more."

"That plane ride took too long." Andy complained when we finally got to our hotel room. We were staying in London for our honeymoon. Jake and Ella said they would join us in a few days, so I only had until then alone with Andy.
"Baby, come here." I smiled pulling him into me. "Mr. Purdy, you're so damn sexy. How about we consummate our marriage?" I whispered against his lips.
"You read my mind." He smiled kissing me. We started stripping off each others clothes. "Come and get it, Mr. Purdy." He giggled running to the bedroom. I chased after him as quick as I could. He jumped under the covers of the bed by the time I turned the corner.
"Gotcha." I laughed getting in behind him. I kissed him all over, anywhere I could while teasing at his ass with my dick. He was whimpering at the feeling. I could tell he really liked it.
"Want t-to." He moaned out.
"Want to what baby?" I smiled.
"Ride." He pushed me over and eased his way onto me. I almost lost it when he started moving immediately. I wasn't used to that.
"Fuck, Andy, go faster." I moaned, grabbing his ass. He started rolling his hips faster and faster. I leaned up and kissed him. "I fucking love you." I moaned kissing down his neck. I started bucking my hips into him.
"Damn, Ash, right there. Take over." He fell back on the bed and I took over from there, thrusting into him hard and fast. "Fuck me, harder." He yelled out. I wasn't going to last much longer if he kept talking like that and moaning like an A+ porn star.
"Sh-i-it. Andy, I'm about to come." I kissed his neck again.
"Come for me baby. I want you to come for me." He moaned clawing at my back. He was about at his limit too. I kept up my movements, rubbing the tip of his dick, trying to get him to come with me. "Close. Faster." I trusted a couple more times before Andy and I came at the same time. He started rolling his hips to make it last and I kept rubbing his dick.
"Fuck, that was great." I kissed him.
"Wanna do it again? Morning sex when we wake up?" Andy smirked at me.
"You're damn right I do." I kissed him again. "I'm so glad I married you." I smiled.
"So am I. I can't wait to see the rest of our lives together."

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