More Than Bandmates

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Chapter 35 (v.1) - Epilogue - Andy's POV

Submitted: November 08, 2013

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Submitted: November 08, 2013



"How about Dennis if it's a boy." I smiled pushing the cart down the isle. Ash and I have been married for seven years and a little over nine months ago we decided to have a baby. He was visiting his Mom and Dad for a while.
"Great. And Ashlynn if it's a girl." He laughed into the phone. "I miss you."
"I miss you too. Come home soon though, I've got good news for you." I was bubbling over. I wanted to tell him the news, but I had to wait until I saw the expression on his face.
"I'll be back tomorrow night. Wait up for me?"
"I will."
"Love you baby."
"Love you too Ashley. Bye." I hung up the phone and went down the isle for toys. I couldn't wait until Ash was home.

"Baby, I'm home." I heard him call from the front door. I ran down the stairs and jumped into his arms. "I missed you so much." He smiled. We moved into a house in a small suburb a few years ago when we started talking about babies.
"I know. Come upstairs to the babies room. I want to show you something." I kissed him and pulled him up stairs. "Close your eyes." I smiled stopping at the door.
"Andy." He groaned.
"Close 'em." He sighed and closed his eyes. I opened the door to to the babies room, and pulled him in. "OK, open them."
Ash opened his eyes and his jaw dropped. Half of the room was a dark boy colored blue, then transitioned to a bright sugary pink for a girl. Cribs placed on both sides with gender appropriate toys on the same sides, but I put a Batman toy on the girls side. I want my daughter to love comic books. "The Mom called me today. We're getting twins, one boy, our little Dennis, and one girl, our sweet little Ashlynn." I smiled. I saw a tear slide down his eye.
"I'm so excited." He was bubbling.
"That's not the end of it." I smiled. He looked over at me. "They're due in two days." His expression almost blanked, he was so happy he screamed.
"C'mon Jill, push!" The woman's husband called out. I didn't want to look, so I sat in the corner with my face buried in Ashley's shoulder. Ashlynn was being born, and I couldn't look. The whole thing freaked and grossed me out. I heard a baby crying, and I felt connected.
"It's a girl." The doctor smiled, wrapping the baby in a blanket and handing her to me and Ash. "The next baby will be along in a minute."
"Look Andy, she's got your eyes." Ash beamed. It was true. The little baby opened up her eyes and staring back at me, were the brightest blue orbs I've ever seen.
"Hey Bright Eyes." I smiled.
"The next baby is coming!" The doctor called. One of the nurses came and took Ashlynn from me, and I felt a cold absence. "This one is coming out head first." the doctor called. It took them four minutes to get him out. "It's a boy." The nurse handed Dennis to Ashley.
"Your eyes, but my hair." I smiled. Dennis had a short crop of blond hair on his. "Thanks so much Jill." I smiled to her.
"No problem, it's what I do." She smiled.
"Daddy! Dennis hit me!" Ashlynn yelled running to me. They were four years old now, it still feels like yesterday when they were born. I picked her up.
"Dennis, come here." I called. He came walking into the living room. "What did I tell you about hitting?" I asked.
"That if I hit her again I would get a time out." He mumbled.
"Right. She's your older sister, you respect her." I smiled. "No time out this time, but don't let it happen again. Now play nice."
"Yes sir." He ran off. I smiled at Ashlynn.
"See there, no harm done, right Bat Girl?"
"Right!" She smiled.
"Now, go solve some crimes, OK?" I smiled putting her down on the floor.
"Hey Andy, come here for a sec." Ash called from the kitchen. I walked into the kitchen, he pulled me into him and kissed me. "How did I end up so lucky to ha you in my life?" he smiled.
"Well, you broke up with some whore, then you started dating me, we got married, we had kids, we have a world famous rock band. All that good stuff." I smiled.
"Oh yeah, speaking of good, CC and Matt are coming over tomorrow. They want to drive with us to drop off the kids at your Mom and Dad's place before tour starts again."
"Didn't they go to my Mom and Dad's last time?" I asked.
"Yeah. They were supposed to go to mine this time, but Dad took Mommy on a surprise vacation. They'll be home in a few weeks, then Mom is gonna take a plane to get the kids."
"That sounds a little complicated." I laughed.
"Daddy! Dennis hit m again!" I heard Ashlynn call out from the play room.
"He's got his Dad's fighting spirit." I laughed.
"Quick to punch. Maybe we should sign him up for karate lessons." Ash smiled.
"Dad, can I borrow the car?" Dennis smiled walking into mine and Ash's practice room. He had his blonf hair combed to the side and was wearing nicer clothes than usual.
"Why? Date tonight?" I laughed.
"Yes. Despite the years of teasing I have a date tonight."
"Well, no matter what, you know we still love you, right?" I smiled.
"Yeah. I know." I handed him the keys.
"Have fun, but don't stay out too late, you have a tournament tomorrow."
"I know. I'll be back at ten." He called running up the stairs.
"Ashlynn Amy Purdy! Give me back my vest!" I heard Ash yell. Great, not this again. I sat Ash's old bass down and walkedup the stairs to Ashlynn's room.
"What's wrong? I just want to wear it to see the Used tonight! I was gonna give it back." she complained.
"Like my other vest that went 'missing'?" Ash said making air quotes.
"Well, OK, Raven took that one. I'm sorry, I was going to get it back. I promise. Just please let me borrow it. Please Dad?!" she begged. She gave him the puppy eyes, he never resisted the puppy eyes on her, because they reminded him of me. I let out a little laugh.
"Fine." Ash said giving in. Ashlynn hugged him tight.
"Thanks Dad. I'll back after the concert." She said walking out. She kissed me on the cheek. "Bye Daddy." She smiled and walked out of the house.
"Bye Bat Girl. Have fun." I called to her.
"You spoiled her." Ash laughed.
"What about Dennis? You spoiled him." I laughed.
"How long have we been together now?" He asked with a smile.
"It's been about twenty three years next month." I smiled at him.
"These last twenty three years together have been perfect." He kissed me.
"Yes they have been, and I can't imagine my next years without you." which is true. Ash and I were made for each other. Our lives together have been perfect. An almost perfect love story about two boys falling in love. I wish I could go back and watch it all over again...


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