Chapter 10: If Only Us... Chapter 10

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Romance

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At the threshold to the room I stopped and kissed the nape of her neck and then I unlocked the door and stepped back so I could bend to lift her.  She giggled and allowed herself to be carried into the room.  I walked over to the bed and set her gently down.

I closed the door and turned to her once more.  She held her arms out to me and I kissed her yet again; a long, lingering kiss so gentle I hardly felt it.  She responded hungrily, as if we had been apart for years.  I knelt in front of her and lay my head in her lap.  She rubbed my shoulders and whispered to me.

“You’re the only one who might even guess how happy I am right at this moment.  No matter what may come in the future we will have this; this room, this Inn, this life and this happiness.  I love you so much it’s almost painful.  Undress me, slowly.”

I reached for the row of buttons down the front of her traveling suit and unfastened the top button.  My hands were shaking for crying out loud.  I told her it was ridiculous, but I was nervous.  We’d made love many times, right up until three days ago, and I wasn’t this nervous.

I managed to get all of them undone and pulled the little jacket off her shoulders and folded it carefully beside her.  She wore an ivory blouse tucked into a pleated navy skirt.  I unfastened the tiny little bone buttons on the blouse next.  Her breathing became slower but heavier as I pulled the tail of the blouse free from the skirt waistband, slid it off her shoulders, and folded it next to the top.

Still on my knees, I pulled her to her feet, unclasped her belt, and unsnapped the waistband of the skirt which dropped to the floor.  I folded it also.  I put my cheek against the deep warmth of her stomach and wrapped my arms around her hips tightly.  She signed once, deeply, and pulled at my shoulders to make me turn my head.

I looked up at her and watched both her breasts straining against her lacy bra.  With each breath she took, it pushed the satin outward.  I loosened the elastic of her half-slip and stretched it over her hips and down her legs.  She lifted each leg once so I could take it completely off.

“Tom, please hurry”

“We have all the time in the world right now.  There is just the two of us and nothing else.”  I said with my cheek next to her navel.

“I know, my love, but if you don’t hurry I’m gonna scream.”

I picked up the pace a little.  I knew how she felt.  I had become very excited even as we came through the door and it was making itself known to me very insistently.  I took a moment to adjust things into a comfortable position and continued to undress Virginia – slowly.  She had bought a new garter belt and the clasps were giving me trouble.  She looked down, undid them for me, and gave little groans of pleasure as I rolled each of her nylons down her leg.  She seemed to give off more and more heat each time I touched her.

I stood, reached behind her, and unfastened her bra.  It fell forward and revealed her in full beauty.  I gently laid a kiss in the valley between her breasts.  I heard a sharp intake of breath.  Her knees were trembling again as I worked my way back down her body with my lips.

“Oh, God!  Oh, God!” she whispered – her eyes tightly closed.

I continued to use my tongue and nip at her with my lips.  She began a side-to-side shaking of her head and making a very light keening sound now.

“Please.  Please.  Please,” She began to chant.

Finally, she could stand it no more.  With a huge groan of passion, she pulled at my shoulders until I stood before her.  With deft fingers she made short work of my clothing.  All pretense of doing things slowly had flown away on the wings of urgency.

I swiftly pulled the rest of my clothes off and joined her on top of the bed.  Her head fell back on the pillow as I knelt as if praying; which, in some ways was exactly what I was doing.  We made earthshaking love.  The kind of love that only three people know: you, your partner, and God.

“Oooh, honey!”  She whispered hoarsely as we arrived at mutual pleasure.

Still joined, I kissed the hollow of her neck.  We made no further movement at all.  Instead, I just hovered over her, drinking in her glowing beauty.  I lowered myself gently until my chest was just grazing her and our stomachs were pressed firmly together.  I exhaled softly into her golden hair.

“Oh, baby.  That was incredible.  We are so good for each other.”  I whispered to her as I fell to one side and rolled on my back.  If you weren’t pregnant already that would have done the deed for sure.  Can I get you anything from the bathroom?”

“Oxygen, maybe,” she gasped.  “We will not be able to sustain this level of lovemaking all our lives.”

“That’s the beauty of it all Virginia.  We don’t have to.  We will always be just a short distance away from each other.  We can make love whenever and wherever we want to, within reason of course.”  I smiled at the thought of making love in inappropriate places.  “We don’t have to dodge parents, sneak out, or get frustrated in movies any more.  Some of our sex will be great, some will be average, and some might even be not so hot, but the fact is we can do it any time.”

“Until right now I never thought of is that way.  You’re right.  If we don’t feel like any more tonight, we just won’t.  There’s always tomorrow.”

“Yep.”  I bounded out of bed and went into the bathroom.  I came out with a warm washcloth that we used to clean up.  Virginia gave a slight shiver.  I stood again.  “Do you want a nightie to sleep in tonight?”

“You know, the only time I haven’t slept in some sort of night clothes is when I sleep with you.  I like the soft feeling of the nylon or silk as I move my arms and legs.  It sounds odd, but silk has both smoothness and roughness.  I guess that’s what I love about sleeping in it.”

“I didn’t know that.  Can I get you anything right now?”

“Open the brown suitcase and tip it up so I can see into it.  I’m so warm and comfortable that I just don’t want to move if I don’t have to.”

I did as asked and she chose a pure white pair of silk pajamas.  The pants flared out from the waist but were tied with elastic at each leg.  The top buttoned down the middle with three huge buttons.  She slid out of bed, stood, and allowed me to hold the pants for her.  She turned her back and I held the top while she put it on also.  I must admit I fiddled around, a lot, making sure she was comfortable before buttoning it up.  She leaned back against me as I enclosed her in a huge hug and kissed her neck right behind her ear.  I helped her back into bed.

I got out my alarm clock, wound it, and set the time.

“I’ve never needed an alarm clock in my life,” I said.  “I’ve always been able to wake up within five minutes of a target time.  But, I guess we don’t want to be late for our trip tomorrow do we?  I set it for eight.”

“Nope.  That sounds good to me.  Come to bed my love.”  She patted the bed beside her.

I snapped off the light, padded over and got into bed.  She snuggled up and into the crook of my arm – wetting her finger and rasping it across my chest hair; what little there was.  It felt like it was being hit with electricity.  Her hand settled down to a steady circular motion across my chest, down over my stomach, and back up the other side.

What was good for me should be good for her I thought so I ran the flat of my hand along her rib cage, down to the narrow waist and over the flair of her hip.  She gave out with tiny groans of pleasure as I stroked her.  In no time, she was very lightly snoring.  She must have been really worn out.

The thought had hardly crossed my mind, when a great feeling of fatigue overcame me also and my eyes drooped and my breathing slowed.  I went under.

* * *

During the night, we had rolled so that we were spooning; me against her back.  I think what woke me initially was a little cough from her.  I listened for another, but nothing more was heard except that endearing little buzz.  I realized now that the cough wasn’t the only reason I had woken up.  The silk of her pajama bottoms felt incredibly smooth and sensual against the bare skin of my hips.

I knew she was bone tired, so I was carefully trying to move back and give her some room.  When I moved, a little cold air swept down between us.  She moaned in her sleep and pushed backwards trying to meet me again.  Once she felt herself up against me she stopped moving and settled down.  I gave up and gingerly put my arm over her ribs and let it fall until it was flat against her tummy.  She hummed once, took my hand, and folded it under her arm so she could kiss it.  I must have woken her.

“Don’t move from right there.  I am so comfortable like this.  Are you?”

“Except for the obvious, I am.”

“What time is it?”  She asked.

“Do you really care?”

“Not really,” she said dreamily.

“It’s…mmmm…four forty-seven,” I answered, looking at the clock’s luminous dial.

“Ohhhh.  Far too early for me.”  She hummed softly.  “I’m so warm.  Are you always that warm?”

“Who wouldn’t be?  Snuggled up next to you would light any guy’s fire.”

“You’re not ‘any guy’ though and you have a right to be there.”

“Well then, we’ll just have to go to sleep now won’t we?”

I saw absolutely no reason not to.  Just snuggling up tightly against her was all the reassurance I needed that this wasn’t a dream.  “Nightly…night.”  I touched my lips to her shoulder.

In the stillness, and at a great distance, I heard the large clock downstairs bong out the five AM hour.  She said something I didn’t catch and subsided into a muted buzz again.  She had fallen asleep.  Was this okay with me?  Damn straight it was.  I drifted back to sleep myself.


Submitted: May 06, 2013

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