Chapter 17: If Only Us... Chapter 17

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Romance

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We went to dinner that evening down in the hotel dining room.  The service was decent, but nothing to get excited about.  We were treated as Americans get treated just about anywhere in Europe – with somewhat polite indifference.  About mid-meal I decided to see if our waiter, Ulf, was faking his accent and asked him, auf Deutsch, where he was from.

A huge change came over him.  At first, he just stared at me like I’d spoken Sanskrit or something like that then he realized I’d spoken to him in German.  When he responded, I asked another question – where in Wiesbaden he was from – Südost, near the Hauptbahnhof?  I wasn’t very up to date on local dialects but the shot I’d taken hit home.

He beamed with delight and broke into a torrent of German that I was hard pressed to follow.  By the time he wound down, he had told me his entire family was from a small housing complex about four blocks from the train station and how the hell did I know that.  I just slyly winked and told him that Americans know everything.

That brought a hearty laugh from him and the fish eye from the Maitre’d.  He stifled it, rearranged his feature to haughty disdain, fell into a snicker, and recovered again.  He turned and went back into the kitchen.

“What was that all about?  I could hardly understand him.”

“Ulf is from Wiesbaden and I happened to hit pay dirt when I told him where he was from.  A great guess by the way.  He is suitably impressed and will probably fight for our table the rest of the time we’re here.”

“Well, good; I was beginning to wonder if we had stepped in something on the way down here.”

“No matter where we step, my love, we always come out smelling like strawberries,” I smirked.

She smiled back at me and puckered her lips to blow me a kiss.  I puckered back.

We were a bit tired from our trip so our decision to stay in the room this evening after a light dinner at seven was a good one.  We took separate baths, changed into some really comfortable night clothing and just lounged around reading.  I had one of my usual science fiction books and Virginia had a baby book.  Every once in a while she’d get my attention and read something aloud from her book.  If it sounded strange, I’d tell her.  On more than one occasion, she herself thought it was a bit weird.

“It says here that ‘your child may start to walk as early as twelve or fourteen months’.  My mom told me I was standing next to chairs at nine months and walking at ten.”

“Me too.  I was walking very early.  By the time I was eighteen months my mom had to put a harness on me whenever we went out so she could keep me from wandering.”

“A harness!  You mean like a dog or something?”

“Well, sorta.  This was the early forties and kids wore them all the time.  I have a picture of me in a harness somewhere.  I looked cute.”

“I just bet you did.  I’m not going to put a harness on any kid of mine that’s for sure.”


She kept popping up with odd little facts that sounded pretty nutty to me, or maybe just plain wrong.  According to the author, we should practically gown and mask ourselves just to heat baby bottles; that is just not gonna happen.  She continued to read in silence punctuated by an occasional ‘hah’ or a snicker.

Finally, she clapped the book shut, tossed it onto the table, and snorted.  She’d had enough education for one night.  She launched herself across the floor on hands and knees to push her head into my lap like a rather large, cute dog.  When I reached down and scratched her behind the ears she broke up.

“Come on, Tommmm.”  She wheedled.  “Let’s read some poetry, Hmmmm?”

I slipped a bookmark into my book, closed it, and nodded my head.  She clapped her hands and dove into our suitcase for our Browning book.  Once it was in hand, she slid into the couch next to me, wiggled her hips to get comfortable, and lay back with her head in my lap.  She indicated she’d start first and began to read.

I closed my eyes and listened to her soft voice as she read a poem.  I could listen to her all night and, we had actually done that once.  We were then in our self-imposed sex ban right after my impregnation attempt and to help us through the night we read to each other until dawn on several occasions.

As she read, I dropped a hand to her stomach and lay my palm flat against her diaphragm.  I could feel her voice more than I could hear it.  She stopped at the end of it and looked up at me.  I opened my eyes and smiled at her.  She handed me the book.

I began to read the next poem to her.  She pushed her ear up against my tummy so she could listen to the buzz of my speech also.  As I read, she began to carefully untie the belt on my robe.  I was distracted and read the same two lines twice.  She never heard me though as concentrated as she was on pulling that cord loose.

Her warm fingers slid inside the opening and touched the skin of my stomach very lightly.  Her nails scratched across and created ripples in my muscles that set her giggling.  The more she scratched, the more my stomach jumped.  She had found one spot that really made me jump.

Fair was fair, I thought, so I did the same to her.  As I read, I tugged at the knot on her robe until it opened.  Since her robe was made of silk, it just slid open and my palm went flat against the taut fabric of her underwear.  She was very warm.

I lifted my hand so I could turn a page and she whimpered lightly until I put my palm back where it started.  As I rotated it flat across her lower stomach I could feel the irregularities that were forming inside that would keep expanding as she continued to carry our baby.

There was a distinct bulge over the waistband of her panties now.  I traced it using two of my fingers.  She hummed tunelessly with her eyes closed as I fondled the growing bump.

The book forgotten, she opened her eyes and asked me if I were hoping for a boy or a girl.  I thought about it for almost a full minute and then told her - a girl.  She looked a little surprised and told me that she would have bet I’d want a boy.  I said that a girl would be just fine – especially if she turned out a great as her.

She smiled, closed the book, and reached up to hold me around the neck.  I bent down and kissed her very slowly, using a little tongue, which she likes.  When she double-tapped my teeth like we started doing a while back, I did the same to her.  We hadn’t used that signal in a long time.  We first invented it as a way of saying ‘I love you’ without anyone being the wiser.  It was great when we were with our parents or someplace we could be overheard.

We broke our lingering kiss but she continued to hold me.  I slumped down just a little more so she was lying more comfortably across my legs.  I continued to slowly rub my palm around and around over her stomach.  She purred like a cat and stretched her arms over her head.  This pushed her breasts upwards and made one of them visible when her robe slid open.

I immediately shifted my palm to ride higher until I was circling this breast very lightly.  Her skin began to dimple with goose bumps.  She drew in a breath and blew it out slowly when she finished her stretch.  Very slowly, she used one hand to open the robe the rest of the way.

“This one is lonesome too.  Can I get some attention for it?”  She wheedled at me.

“Certainly, my love.  I think that can be arranged.  Here, you keep this one warm and I’ll warm the other.”

I took her hand and placed it over the full breast I’d been stroking and moved my attentions to her other breast.  As I continued my ministrations, she began lightly pinching her breast between thumb and forefinger.  She paused a moment, touched her finger to her tongue, and told me she tasted her own milk.

“Really?  Let me taste.”

I dropped my head downward and gently took the nipple I was attending to into my mouth and squeezed carefully with my lips.  A tiny drop of liquid seeped out and spread over my tongue.  It did indeed taste like milk.  Very sweet and very thin.

“Wonderful!  Is this about time for that to start?”  I asked.

“According to my mom, it can start anytime now.  She says it gets annoying, but pleasurable when making love.  When you did that just now, I got all wiggly inside.”

“Wiggly?  How?”

“Sort of tingly and my chest muscles jumped a little.  I’m very sensitive right now and when you kissed me just now, the sensation was wild.”

I kissed her other nipple and got the same reaction; a slight dribble of fluid.  I made a mental note to be much more careful handling her breasts now because she told me they began to hurt sometimes.  The book I read said that light massages helped.  I was definitely up for that at any time.

She smiled and said something like ‘Mmmmpf’.  This, I had learned, was a pleasant sound she made.  She was idly tracing her fingertips from breast to breast making her nipples stand up tautly.

“I am definitely larger here now.  Do you think they’ll go back down after the baby is weaned?”

“I hope so, but not all the way down.  Your breasts are beautiful, no doubt about that, but a cup size larger would be nice.  Anything more than that makes you look top heavy what with your narrow waist.”

“Well, my waist isn’t very narrow right now is it?”

“You’re coming along just fine my love.”

“Remember the very first time you put your hand down there?  I was so nervous.”

You were nervous?  I was so afraid that you’d clout me that I almost didn’t try it.  It took me ten minutes just to build up the nerve to do it.  I was a sweat-soaked wreck!”

She chuckled deep in her throat and smiled up at me.

“If you hadn’t tried it, I would have just kept kissing you until you did.  I was so hot that night.  I bet my temperature went up five degrees in that movie.”

“I know.  I could feel the heat rising from your open blouse.  When I first touched your breast, it was really warm.  Between my touching you and the lack of resistance to my other wandering hand I finally convinced myself to try and at least put my hand in your lap.  You have no idea how much perspiration was streaming off me when I touched down on your thigh.”

“The second you touched my thigh, I had a little mini orgasm.  Could you feel me jump?”

“No, not really.  I was far more conscious of how hard I was at the time.  I didn’t dare to even try to adjust it for fear of what you’d think.”

“It all seems so silly now doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, in a way.  But not so silly when you think about all the tales I’d heard of ‘easy girls’.  You resisted me pretty well you know.  I loved you more each time I tried and you stopped me.”

“Well, every time I stopped you I was terribly afraid you wouldn’t try again.  I wanted so bad to make love to you that night.”

“And I wanted so bad to make love to you that night.  Strange, isn’t it?”

“Mm-mm.  Here we both wanted the exact same thing but I was too scared to offer it because we might think badly of each other.”

“And I was too scared that I might seem so aggressive that it would chase you away.”

“And now we’re married and we can do anything we want.”

“That we can.  We’re probably giving people in the hotel across the street a really good show you know.  The curtains are open.”

“Who cares?  We’re probably too small so what the heck?”

“True.  You know, Amsterdam is the sex capital of the world.  More sex products are shipped from here than anywhere else in the world.”

She looked at me directly and asked me how I knew that.  I told her I read it in a brochure on the train.  I guess it helps to advertise.  I added that maybe we should buy some joke stuff for our friends.  She thought a moment and smiled an affirmative vote.  A great idea she said.

“Nothing too big though.  We don’t have a lot of space in our baggage.  Something very special for Joanie though.”  I said thoughtfully.

“Now, there’s a great idea.  She’d go nuts over it I bet since it came from Amsterdam.”

We continued to fondle one another until we gave in to passion.  Afterwards, sated from our efforts, we rested.

“There.  Now we can get to bed and sleep for at least a little while.”  She said with a grin.

“I love you so much.  Boy, what you do for me.”

“And I love you too you big, horny, guy.  Long may your banner wave.”

“You are one very satisfying married broad.  You know that?”

“I bet you say that to all your wives don’t you?”

“Nah, just the ones that play ball.”

She bopped my on the chin with her fist and told me there’d better never be any other’s besides her.  I pledged that there weren’t.  She suddenly sat up, swing her legs off the couch, and pulled me to my feet.  She marched to the window, allowed her robe to fall open, and did a very nice curtsey.  Not to be outdone, I bowed a couple of times, we kissed passionately, and then I pulled the shades closed.

“That probably gave the old guy in room 312 across the way a heart attack.”

She giggled, nodded her head, and ran for the bed only to launch her body at it from five feet away.  She hit the pillow, folded the coverlet back, and held out a hand with crooked finger.

“Come on, lover.  Let’s get some sleep here.”

I laughed and walked to the bed.  When I slipped in next to her, she threw a leg over my thighs, nuzzled her head into the crook of my neck, and tickled me with her eyelashes on the underside of my chin.  She had great eyelashes.

I kissed her again, deeply, shut off the table lamp and we cuddled ourselves to sleep.


Submitted: June 07, 2013

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