Chapter 20: If Only Us... Chapter 20

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The trip was uneventful except for a fine dinner in the dining car.  The Maitre’d sat us at a table for four and as we were ordering, another couple were ushered to our table.  The woman spoke nothing but German but the guy had a smattering of English.  Startling me slightly, it was Virginia that spoke to the girl first – in German.  She asked if they were on vacation.

The girl looked very embarrassed and turned to her companion.  He shrugged his shoulders and told us that they’d decided to elope and were coming back to - as they put it - face their parents after having second thoughts in Amsterdam.  They were a bit puzzled by our smiles but once we told them we’d just gotten married ourselves they understood.

After dinner the four of us went back to the bar car and sat for about an hour.  I bought drinks for the three of us and a small apple cider for Virginia.  The girl, Wilhelmina, looked at Virginia and asked if she was ‘with child’.  Her boyfriend, Stanni, looked at her with shock on his face that she would be so direct, but Virginia simply nodded and held up four fingers.

That triggered a girl to girl conversation that left Stanni and I out in the cold.  We went over to the bar and ordered two beers.  We chatted about things in general and when I told him we were from Stadt he brightened considerably.  It turned out they were from a town about thirty kilometers from Stadt.  We exchanged addresses and when he looked at mine he raised his eyebrows.  Then he told me with a grin he thought I was a native German.

I laughed and said that no, I wasn’t; just that I’d spent a lot of time out in town and with a lot of contact with German boy scouts.  He told me he was in scouting also.  He was in charge of a group of seventeen scouts.  We discovered that he and I had been to most of the same camps but never met each other.

Virginia came up to me and begged off for the evening saying she had a small headache from all the smoke in the car.  I had to agree so we took our leave of Wilhelmina and Stanni and wandered our way back to our compartment.

The porter nodded as we passed and told us he’d made up the room for night, but we would be arriving in Stadt at very close to six in the morning so he could awaken us at five-fifteen if we desired.  I groaned, but agreed that perhaps he should make sure we were up.  He smiled and made a notation in his desk notebook.  We said our good nights and closed the door to our compartment.

I slipped Virginia’s clothes off, and she held up her arms for her nightgown.  I dropped it over her head and almost carried her to the berth.  She was asleep before her head hit the pillow.  I joined her in sleep almost immediately.

We woke briefly as we were shunted around in the Bonn yards.  I got up and used the WC while Virginia went back to sleep.  The next morning my alarm buzzed relentlessly until I sat up and shut it off.

“Morning already?”  Asked Virginia sleepily.

“Afraid so, my love.  Time to wakey, wakey,” I said, pulling the covers off her.

“Oh, God!  I’ve married a sadist.  Do you do this every morning?”

“Naw.  Only when I want to tease my wife.  When you’ve been married as long as we have it’s to be expected.”

“Not by me.  You’re too damn cheerful.  What time is it?”

“Five-ten.  We arrive at six.  Better get a move on if we want breakfast.”

Moments later, the porter tapped at our door.  I told him we were awake and thanked him.  We stumbled through our morning routines and made ourselves presentable.  As we passed the porter’s office, he asked if he could set up the compartment.  I told him to go ahead – and thanks.  We continued back to the dining car.

Breakfast at this early hour consisted of coffee and pastry only.  Apparently, the full breakfast was only when the train continued throughout the next evening.  I couldn’t eat very much anyway.  For some strange reason, I was getting nervous.  When I voiced my concern to Virginia she told me she felt that way also.  Together, we managed to narrow it down to just getting back home to more familiar surroundings and having to blend back into our routines.

“But now, we’re married aren’t we?  That’s going to make it seem different when we start school this fall.”  Virginia said.

“Well, yeah.  Especially since you’re going to be wearing maternity clothes right at the start.”

Oh, no!  I guess I’d forgotten that.  I will won’t I?”

“Definitely.  And you will look wonderful in them.”

“Oh, I hope so.  I don’t want to be frumpy.”

“Honey, you’ll never in a million years be frumpy.”

We watched the scenery whiz past as we ate.  Cows stood in fields, birds took wing, the winds blew, and all was right in our world.

Speaking of a clear blue sky: “Tom?  How does the name ‘Marie’ strike you?”

I repeated the name slowly several times, rolling it off my tongue and pronounced it a very nice name.  “Is there a reason for asking me?”  As if I didn’t know.

“Yes.  If I have a girl, I’d like to name her Marie.  Would that be okay with you?”

“Anything you desire if fine with me.  Marie is a wonderful name.  I’ve always liked the name Alexandra too.  Maybe a middle name?”

“Alexandra?  That a good name too.  Marie Alexandra Oldman.  It hangs together very nicely.  What if it’s a boy?”

“I haven’t given that any thought because I’ve decided I want a girl.  But I do like the name Bill; not William though, just Bill.  William’s get called Bill anyway so why not just short circuit the nickname and name him Bill?”

“That’s a wonderful idea!  I like it.”

We left the dining car and went back to the compartment.  The porter had made it up for day use so we just sat on the seat and watched the countryside again.  We were on the opposite side from the sunrise so it wasn’t washing out the colors.

As six o’clock neared, we gathered our stuff and lugged it down to the end vestibule.  The porter stood with us and indicated he’d call for a little help when we arrived.  He pulled out an impressive old watch and noted the time.  He said we’d be three minutes late – and we were.

We pulled into Stadt’s main train station at six oh-three.  Hurriedly we passed our baggage down to the waiting wagon held by a smiling porter.  We turned to the compartment porter and thanked him profusely for his help.  I passed him a larger than normal tip which brought a smile.

Viel Glück!”  He called out to us as we walked away.  I raised my hand in salute.  We threaded our way through the crowded station and went out the front entrance.  We were supposed to wait for someone to pick us up but didn’t see anyone we knew.  Down the block I spied my dad’s red and black Volkswagen bus zipping through traffic.  He pulled up right in front of us and bailed out.  Virginia’s dad was in the passenger seat and he got out also.

We pounded each other’s backs and they squeezed Virginia several times and then we piled the luggage into the rear compartment over the engine.  When we were situated inside, my dad fired up and we headed up to the housing area.

Home coming was a joyous event.  Both of our families were there at my house and we all tried to talk at once.  My brother dug me in the ribs and asked if I’d had fun.  He wiggled his eyebrows up and down at me.  I poked him on the shoulder for an answer.

Virginia was busy showing off all the stuff we’d bought in Amsterdam.  Her mom asked about the brown parcel, but she deftly slid it deeper under her clothes.  It was the present we’d come up with for Joanie and probably wouldn’t be well received right now.  Everyone was talking at the same time and the din was unbelievable.

Amid cups of coffee, we settled down in the living room and started to relate all the things we’d done.  After an hour, my dad stood and asked if we’d like to see what they’d done to our room.  I said that I’d like that a lot and we all trooped down the hall.  He had moved my brother out of the end room, which was way bigger than my old room, and between he and Bear, they’d added furniture from Virginia’s room to mine and created a very nice place for us to live.

Virginia sat on the bed and put her feet up.  This signaled concern in her mom’s eyes until she told her that just her feet were tired.  Relief washed over her mom.  We got taken on a tour of what my family called the ‘other half’ of our quarters.  Since my dad was a Light Colonel, he had two apartments on the same floor.  What the housing office had done for higher ranking types was to bore a hole in the wall between two apartments so that they were connected by a short archway.

This meant that there were two complete kitchens, three bedrooms on one side and two on ours, three bathrooms, two living rooms, and two utility rooms.  My parents had cleaned out all the junk in the spare kitchen and stocked it for Virginia and me.  The living room held even more items from my room and Virginia’s.  They were practically giving us the entire half of the quarters.  My brother was the only one living with us.

“And, here’s the keys to your new home,” my dad said, handing me a key ring with several keys on it.  Enjoy!”

We shook hands and then I turned to Bear and shook his hand also.

“Thanks so much, all of you.  We really appreciate everyone’s effort.  Once we get settled down, we intend to have everyone over for dinner.  We haven’t picked a day yet, but we will.”

Virginia and her mom took off for some mysterious errand and my dad and Bear went back to work.  I was at loose ends so I just went into our room and unpacked.  I found that most of my clothing and stuff was in the lower two drawers of the chest of drawers.  As we’d figured, Virginia soon wouldn’t be able to bend over very well.  Thus, she had the top drawers

I went to the bathroom and laid out my shaving kit and toothbrush.  I symbolically added Virginia’s right next to mine.  Damn, it felt really strange to be thinking of being here with Virginia in the same house and room – attached to my parent’s apartment.  I remembered way back when we used to worry about them coming upon us in surprise and now we would be living together right here.

Virginia returned and came into the living room where my mom and I were sipping coffee.  The moment I saw her I could see her practically glowing with an inner light.  She twirled around in front of me so I could see her new maternity skirt and top.  She didn’t fill it out much yet, but she readily took to the wearing of it with no shyness.

I did a quick mental calculation.  We’d gotten pregnant (I didn’t think of it as just me who’d gotten her pregnant) back in early March.  It was now the end of June.  Four months.  I could see her jaw line had smoothed somewhat, her breasts had filled out nicely, and a small bulge at her waist was showing.

“Do you like it, Tom?”  She asked.

“I love it, honey.  Let’s go to the club for lunch and show it off.”

“Now!  What if someone sees us – me?”

“So what.  Let them be envious as hell.”

She blushed delicately, smiled, and told me she’d get ready.  I cleaned up from our trip and we left for the club.  Out in the car, I told her I meant the Teen Club.  She shot me a look, but then smiled and told me she’d have to get used to it anyway so it might as well be now.

Holding hands, we tried to slip into the club unobtrusively, but caught the eye of both Cleo and Joanie who jumped up and rushed at us squealing.

Cleo stopped dead about ten feet from us and Joanie narrowly missed crashing into her.  Joanie looked at Cleo for an explanation and then followed Cleo’s pointing finger which was indicating Virginia’s maternity skirt.

“Is that what I think it is?”  Opened Joanie.

Virginia nodded.

“That must have been some honeymoon guys.  Really!  I…oh…now I understand the urgency.  How silly of me.  Sorry.”

Joanie subsided into quiet silence.

“Come on Joanie.  Don’t be sorry, feel happy for us,” I said.  “We can handle it.”

“I know YOU can, but how about ME?  I now have a best friend that’s going to have a baby.  I’ve got to go out and buy stuff, I have to sew stuff; I have to plan a shower!”

“Wait, wait, Joanie.  Take a deep breath and don’t hyperventilate,” said Virginia.  “We’ll still be here in a couple of months.  We’re not going anywhere.  My dad got extended here and Tom’s dad isn’t leaving for another year either.”

“Well…great then!  I still want to plan and host the shower though.  Tell me when we should have it.”

“Okay, I’ll do that.  Now, let’s eat.  I’m hungry.”

We entered the snack bar area and I immediately saw quite a few of my friends scattered around with their girlfriends.  I was unprepared for a huge slap on my back from Gerald though.  He greeted me like an old friend.

“Tom!  How was the honeymoon?  Take some good pictures?”

“Uh, yes I did Jerry.”  Apparently, our past differences were forgotten.

“Great to hear that.  I’ve been working on my shots and guarding to my left like you said.  Coach thinks I might be better used as a midfielder instead of a forward.  What do you think?”

“Jerry, you are a hell of a player and do a lot of scoring, but the key to any team is field work.  If you get moved to midfielder, you’ll have a lot of opportunities to feed the ball just where it’s needed.  Who are they moving into your place?”

“David.  He’s scored just a few more times than me and he has the more powerful kick.  I think the move would be a good thing.  Have you decided to coach this year?”

“I don’t know yet.  I’m pretty busy at the PAO, so I’d only be available on weekends, but I’ll give it a try.”

“Great!  Wonderful!  I’ll tell the team then.”  He wandered off.

We found a table and were immediately surrounded by girls of all shapes and sizes gabbling at Virginia.  I felt left out of the conversation so I just slid out of my chair and went to get a burger and coke.  When I turned back, Virginia smiled at me and held up a finger and mimed eating a burger.  I gave her a nod and went to the grill.

By the time we’d finished our lunch pretty much every teen on the base had come by and congratulated us on our marriage, Virginia’s pregnancy, and everything in between.  Virginia certainly wasn’t going to lack for babysitters; that was certain.


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Sorry it's been a while. Apparently they're very understanding in Germany, or Virginia has really good friends. No one that I know would react positively to a teenage pregnancy! It's basically taboo where I am.

Wed, December 4th, 2013 6:36am


As I intimated in the beginning, an incident similar to this really happened. Reactions were mixed but were generally favorable by their peers - their parents, however, weren't as thrilled. A little literary license, perhaps, but it does make the story flow along smoother. A good comment, though.

Wed, December 4th, 2013 7:13am

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