Chapter 21: If Only Us... Chapter 21

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Our first evening back at ‘our’ house was pretty chaotic.  We came home from the Teen Club around seven and collapsed into easy chairs in our living room.  My brother and sisters filtered into the room and asked all kinds of questions.  Probably the biggest one was asked by my little sister.

“Are you my sister now too Virginia?”  She asked in a tiny voice.

“Yes, Honey, I am,” she said softly, hugging her.

“Then you’re going to live here now in my brother’s room?”


“Then where is he going to stay?”

I took over quickly and tried to explain to her that Virginia and I were married now just like mom and dad.  That meant we stayed in the same bedroom.  She nodded solemnly and climbed into my lap.

“Mom says we have to knock now when we come down the hall.  She says that’s so we don’t em-bar-ass you.  I think it’s because you might be hugging and kissing and stuff like that.”

Well, that certainly put things in perspective.  I looked at Virginia and turned away immediately.  She was having a very hard time trying not to laugh.  Out of the mouths of babes.

Finally, everyone drifted out and we closed the door in the connecting arch.  My brother had informed us that he was staying the night over at a friend’s house so we would have the whole apartment to ourselves.  We sat back in the easy chairs and vegetated for about half an hour until Virginia sat up and quietly informed me she was going to take a bath.

“Need any help?”

“Not now, but maybe later you can scrub my back?”

“Anytime.  Just give a whistle.”

She smiled at me and stood.  With a whisper of skirt and nylons she disappeared into our room and began humming as she undressed.  I realized it was the tune the band organ was playing in the square in Amsterdam.  I closed my eyes and listened.  She would start and stop at irregular intervals as she took off clothes.  The closet door rumbled and I heard her unhook her robe from the hanger.

She reappeared at the arch of the living room with her hair down, her makeup scrubbed off, and her robe belted around her waist.

“Give me five minutes and then bring your scrub brush.”

“I’ll count the seconds; three-hundred, two-ninety-nine, two-ninety eight….”

She snickered and walked away.  She didn’t hear me when I skipped from two hundred to one hundred and fifty.  She had gone by then into the bathroom where I heard the water flowing into the tub.  My imagination ran wild and I had a vivid mind’s eye view of her slipping into a hot tub filled with bubbles.  I’d seen that before, in Paris, and every time the thought replayed I reacted predictably.  Suddenly, my pants seemed a bit tight.

I glanced at my watch and saw that I had yet another ninety seconds.  More than enough time to do some undressing of my own.  I rose, walked swiftly to our room, and stripped.  My own robe was the one she’d given me in Paris.  It was soft, clingy, and she said I looked very sexy in it.  She also told me that she’d better be the only one that saw me in it too.  I belted it up and went down the hall to tap on the bathroom door.

“Who is it?”  She called.  “And what’s the password?”

Ah, she was in a playful mood.  That always got my attention.  When she got that way, we almost always had a very good night of intimacy.

“It is I, my love.  The one who loves you.  The password is ‘horny’.”

“Ah, which lover might that be?  And how horny?”

“The one who has wedded and bedded you.  Very much so.”

“Password accepted.  Advance, and be recognized.”

I slipped the door open and saw that she had candles lit at the four corners of the tub.  She was lying back with bubbles barely hiding her breasts.  The scent of strawberries wafted towards me.  I can never smell strawberries now without thinking of our very first bath together in Paris.  She’d found the powder in a drawer the very first day and used a little almost every following day.  She’d even tasted of strawberries.

“Oh, God, you’re beautiful Virginia.  Every time I see you I fall deeper in love with you.”  I said as I knelt beside the tub.

“Take that robe off and sit with me.”

In a flash, I doffed the robe and carefully slipped into the tub at the opposite end from her.  I eased my legs down beside her hips and she lifted her legs so that they fell across my thighs.  Then she scooted towards me until out hips were scant inches from each other.

“Hi there.”

“Hi there, yourself.”

She and I bent forward and kissed.  A deeply satisfying kiss with no urgency but a promise of things to come.  Her arms went around my neck and she pulled until her head fell into the hollow of my neck.  She kissed my earlobe.  She know what that does to me; and it did.

She sighed deeply and the candles guttered with her breath.  Her skin took on a honey-colored glow in the yellow light from them.  Multiple miniature flames dance in her eyes as I looked from one to the other.

“I love you with all my heart.”  She whispered.

“And I you, my wife.  The water is getting cool, and the bed will warm quickly.  Let me scrub your back and then we’ll dry each other off.”

She carefully turned her back to me and I slipped the hand brush strap over my knuckles.  Up her rib cage, across her shoulders, and down the other side I went.  She bent over to offer her entire back to me.  Little knobs of vertebra rose slightly and I leaned forward to kiss each one.  She groaned and told me that we’d never get out of the tub if I kept doing that.  I continued scrubbing.

As I ran that brush over her back, I scooted a bit closer until I was pressed against her from behind.  She giggled softly.

“Patience, my love, patience.”

“Hmmmm,” I responded.

She announced that her back was well scrubbed and that we should get out.  I steadied her hips as she rose and put a leg over the edge of the tub.  As she did, my hand slipped a little and flitted across her belly.  She turned back to look at me and blew me a kiss before wrapping up in a huge fluffy towel.  Then she wrapped a smaller towel like a turban around her hair and left the bathroom.

I let the water out, dried off, and threw my robe around my shoulders.  Giving the tub a final rinse, I went into our bedroom to find her under the covers with her arms held out to me.

“Our first night in our room.  Come make love to me.”

I needed no second invitation for that at all so I pulled my robe off, turned out the overhead light, and slid into bed next to her.  The only illumination was one candle on her nightstand.  It cast deep shadows as Virginia moved closer to me and put her head in the hollow of my shoulder.  Her leg slid over mine and trapped me against my stomach.  She nibbled on my ear and pressed her breasts into my rib cage.

“Our first time, in our own bed, as husband and wife.  We seem to keep on doing firsts don’t we?”

“Mmm-umm,” I replied, kissing the tips of her fingers as they idly stroked my cheeks and chin.  “I am so ready tonight for some reason.  Maybe it’s the strawberries, do you think?”

“I could be, or maybe it’s just the relaxation of having our own space instead of having to find it.  Mmmm, you’re certainly ready, that’s for sure,” She said, rubbing her knee up and down my stomach – and below.  “Let’s take this nice and slow; we have all night.”

I turned partly towards her and put a kiss on a rib.  She hummed deep in her throat.

“Oh, that feels so very good.  I’m very sensitive right now.  Every touch you make sets off sparks.”

“They’re meant to, my love.  Tonight is for you,” I said softly, my palm resting on her hip.

With slow, carefully orchestrated strokes we made love.  Her breasts became firmer against my chest and her nipples reduced to hard points lost among the few chest hairs I had.  She pulled her head upwards against my neck and gave me an open-mouthed kiss on my throat.  I bent my head and received her next kiss with open mouth.  Our tongues and our warm breath intertwined as we continued in our lover’s embrace.

“You do excite me each and every time, my love.  We are so right for each other.  We fit together like hand and glove; your hand and my glove.”  She sighed to me.

As I rolled off to the side, she rolled to face away from me.  I moved to spoon her.  I draped my arm across her rib cage and cupped a breast very carefully as she took me inside.

“Hmmmmm, you do know how to please me don’t you?”  She said softly.

“I certainly hope so.  We’re going to be together for a long time.”

We drifted off into a very satisfied sleep.  I was barely aware of her breathing changing from post-coital rapid to deep sleep slowness before I fell asleep myself.  My last conscious thought was that of the fragrance of strawberries from her soft hair against my nose.


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