Chapter 22: If Only Us... Chapter 22

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Life continued for Virginia and me.  We attended dinners at our parent’s and friend’s houses, went shopping downtown, and continued to make very quiet love.  I went back to my job at the PAO where I was given extra duties and a small raise in pay.  Virginia began to get more babysitting jobs also which brought in even more money.  We opened savings and checking accounts at the base bank with an eye towards saving as much as we could.  We were going to need it very shortly.

Virginia began to revel in being pregnant.  Her eyes would shine every time someone new noticed it and stopped to chat.  All summer long she grew larger in both stomach and breasts.  Her second visit to the gynecologist set the date for our baby to be born very close to Christmas in December.  She had become pregnant in mid-March so December it would be.

We had to modify our lovemaking when she became too large.  We did a lot of spooning with me behind her, but she found out that she could lie behind me and reach over to hold me easily.

I had to be very careful with her breasts as they became more sensitive as they expanded with milk.  She bought a special bra that had thick pads to absorb leakage.

September arrived and we entered our final year of high school.  Special rules were enacted to let us have most of our classes together and gym was waived in Virginia’s case as being too strenuous.  I began to coach the boys’ soccer team on weekends.  Coach seemed impressed by my abilities to motivate the team and asked me if I would come to all the weekend games.  I told him I would be happy to unless Virginia needed me for something.

We won our first seven matches.  Gerald played very well in his new position and exhibited none of his prior tendencies to be a hot dog.  He would fake the defense out, pass adroitly to another forward, and let him make the score.  I made sure he got credit for assists – and there were a lot.

For Halloween, Virginia and her two moms made her a pumpkin costume.  She lowered it over her head and let it rest on her shoulders with two straps.  From the neck down she ballooned out and back to be tight around her knees.  It was perfect to hide her swollen belly.  I dressed as a farmer complete with straw hat, pitchfork, and bibbed denim jeans.  We won first prize.  I was difficult to dance with her, but we made it more of a comedy routine than a dance.  Everyone howled at our antics on the dance floor.

By Thanksgiving, Virginia was really getting discouraged.  When asked how long she’d been pregnant she started responding with answer like ‘three years’.  Her back began to hurt and I spent many a night sitting up with her and rubbing it until she drifted off to an uneasy sleep.

Dinner that Thanksgiving held special blessings for both our families for the life ready to come forth from Virginia.  Neither of our families were especially religious but a pre-dinner prayer brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

We started December with relief.  Virginia sighed one evening that it would soon be over.  I held her in my arms, kissed the tip of her nose, and told her she would do fine.  I had done a lot of reassuring over the last couple of months, but never tired of it.

On December seventeenth Virginia and I were sitting in the back of our Civics class when she leaned towards me and grimaced.  She began massaging her stomach with tears in her eyes.  She was in pain.  The scrape of my chair as I got up to kneel beside her caught the ear of the instructor who was writing on the chalkboard.  When she turned around, she stopped talking and rushed back to us.  Virginia was doubled over and gasping for air.  She nodded to my question of her being in pain but whispered that she was beginning to feel better.  Soon, she was sitting up and the entire class relaxed a bit.  We wrote down our homework assignment and then the bell rang ending the period.

Virginia went into the girl’s room while I waited outside.  Mr. Espana passed by, slowed, and then stopped.  Just as he opened his mouth to say something there was a shriek from within the girl’s room.  Two girls ran out yelling that Virginia had cried out from a stall.  After making sure there was nobody else in the restroom, and asking one of the girls to keep others out, Arlo and I rushed inside.

Virginia was on her knees hugging her stomach.  There was an odorous fluid on the floor under her.  Her water had broken.  Arlo helped her to her feet carefully while I used a great amount of paper towels to clean her legs up.  When I finished, he turned to me with a huge smile.

“You’d better call the office and tell them to send an ambulance over Tom.  She’s going into labor.  You’re about to become a father.”

My eyes teared up with joy as I rushed out and grabbed the first person I came to.  I told him to get to the office and have them call the hospital for an ambulance and tell them that someone was ready to give birth right NOW!

He shot down the hall along with several others that heard my instructions.  Fortunately, Wayne happened by and when I told him he did his best to calm me down.  I was in full-tilt panic mode.

“Tom!  Dammit!  You’re not going to help her by going nuts here.  Calm down!  Deep breathing, guy!”

I took several breaths and held each one until my heart stopped thumping in my chest.  My face regained some color and I thanked him.  More and more kids were arriving at the scene and Wayne informed them what was happening.  When I went back into the rest room, several girls followed me in.  Among them was Cleo, a rock-steady influence if there ever was one.

Cleo took charge and helped Virginia sit down in one of the chairs along the wall.  She pulled her feet out so that she could lay back a little to ease pressure on her stomach.

Cleo turned to us and waved her hand towards the door.  “Now, you guys get the hell out of here.  Nina and I can manage until the medics get here.  Go on!  Get out!”

We got.  Outside even more kids were hovering around the door.  Arlo and I cleared a path so that the medical team could get through when they got here.  A thin wail announced their arrival and soon two guys and a female doctor ran down the hall.  The guys were pushing a gurney.

“Where is she?”  The doctor asked.

I pointed to the open door and she went inside.  Her voice floated out and she called for the two guys to bring the gurney.  I followed them in.  With great care, they lifted Virginia and put her on the gurney, tucked her in under a blanket, and put two straps across her to steady her for the trip to the ambulance.

The doctor established I was the father and told me to follow her.  Arlo clapped me on the shoulder, gave me a big smile, and said that he’d personally take care of the red tape so I could leave school now.  I grabbed his hand and shook it heartily before racing out of the room and down the hall.

We arrived at the hospital seven minutes later.  Virginia was rushed inside and whisked away out of sight.  I was directed to go sit in the ‘dad’s lounge’.  The duty nurse told me that there were telephones I could use to call anyone I needed to call.  I reached the lounge and picked up the phone.  It was just before three in the afternoon so our dad’s would be at work – call the moms first, dummy, or there would be hell to pay.

A nurse interrupted my train of thought and told me that Virginia was resting quietly now, and her contractions were about ten minutes apart.  Plenty of time.

I called her mom first.  She gave a big squeal, dropped the phone, and picked it up only to drop it again.  She finally recovered enough to stammer that she’d be right over.  I told her not to hurry because the doc said Virginia’s pains were ten minutes apart.  She practically shouted that that could change very fast because she’d done the very same thing.

I called my mom and gave her the news.  She took it with a little more aplomb, but stammered a little when she said she’d be over too.  Two down, two to go.

Her dad was out in the motor pool yard somewhere and a very earnest sergeant told me he would run and find him.  I gave him the phone number to call me back.  My dad was giving a briefing to the bosses of the fighter wing and wouldn’t be free for at least an hour.  Lieutenant Thompson, Ron, to whom I had talked to many times, told me he would pass the word just as soon as he came out of the conference room.  I hung up and started walking in circles.  A perfect cartoon expectant father.  All I needed was three cigarettes burning: one in each hand and one in my mouth.

My mom blew through the door ten minutes later with Virginia’s mom running a close second.  They threw their arms around me and we had a good cry for a few minutes.  Then they tried to divert my attentions with trivial stuff.  I worried, and worried some more.

The phone rang and I jumped a foot.  My mom answered it and mouthed ‘your dad’ to me as she talked into the phone.  She looked annoyed, but softened up when he said he’d be over in about half an hour.  Ten minutes later Bear arrived in breathless haste.

“How is she?  What’s happening?  Any news yet?  Come on, someone; talk to me!”

“Well, give me a minute, Dad,” I said.  “She’s off over there in one of the labor rooms according to a very nice nurse that comes in here every half hour or so.  She’s about due right now in fact.  She’ll have news.”

“Well, I hope so.  Damn, I’m a bundle of nerves now so I can imagine what you feel like,” he said to me.

“I’ve lost most of my nervousness now, Bear.  It’s been replaced with more adrenaline than I can handle.  I’m actually sleepy right now from it.”

We all sat down on various pieces of furniture and figuratively gnawed our fingernails.  The squeak of the swinging door and the bang as it hit the backstop startled us.  The nurse arrived and said that Virginia wanted to see me – just me.  I stood and followed her into the inner sanctum.

Virginia was lying back on a huge pillow with an IV tube in her arm hooked to a plastic bag on a stand.  The nurse assured me it was standard procedure to add fluids.  A small machine over on the table next to her had an oscilloscope pattern on it with what was unmistakably a heartbeat.  The nurse followed my gaze and said quietly that this was my baby’s heartbeat.  I watched its rapid rise and fall with tears in my eyes.


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Sleepy from adrenaline?

Huh. I don't think that's ever happened to me before. Omg the baby though!!!!!

Thu, December 5th, 2013 5:39pm


When the adrenaline rush wears off, a person can get very sleepy - or just plain worn out. It has to do with how the muscles were at high tension and then begin to relax. Good comment though.

Thu, December 5th, 2013 10:57am

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