Chapter 25: If Only Us... Chapter 25

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Seven weeks later, neither Virginia nor I could stand it any longer.  It seemed as if every night and every morning I would wake up almost in pain.  She did her best to help me along, kissing and fondling, but that’s as far as she could go without feeling twinges of pain herself.  Sometimes I just took a cold shower, or went out for a walk; it seemed to help.

We were in bed one evening after putting Marie down for the night when Virginia rolled over to meet me as I sat on the edge of the bed.  She put her arms around me, kissed me in the middle of my back, and nuzzled my shoulder.  Ah, damn!  This was getting harder and harder (literally) to resist.

“Please, Honey.  Won’t you at least try?”  She said in a mock whine.

My resolve weakened, but didn’t evaporate.  “Nope.  I don’t want to rush things, Babe.  If we can wait the full length of time you’ll enjoy it much more.  I know I will because I won’t feel like I’m hurting you.”

“But you don’t hurt me.  At least not very much.”

“I know, but it’s the ‘not much’ that bothers me.”

“Okay, can we at least do some cuddling?”

I lay back and swung my legs under the covers.  She fluffed the big down comforter over the two of us and laid her head in the hollow of my shoulder.  She linked fingers with my hand, raised them to her lips, and kissed each of my knuckles.

“Oh, how I love you,” she whispered.  “You are so strong for me when you need to be and yet so very tender when we make love.  I pray we stay this way for the rest of our lives.”

“We will, Honey.  We will.  Now close those pretty eyes and go to sleep.”

“Tom, recite to me, please.”

“’How do I love you, let me count the ways…’”  I planned on reciting the entire poem, but by the time I got about halfway through, she was breathing softly and exhaling steadily across my chest.  She was asleep.

The next morning I awoke slowly from a vivid dream into the reality of Virginia gliding her fingers slowly and carefully up and down my thigh.  She had apparently been doing it for a while because I’d incorporated it into my dream: the part where I was reliving portions of our adventure in Paris – with touches from the Paris train.  Some of it was real, and some of it was fancy, but all of it caused the expected reaction for Virginia.

I opened my eyes, finally, to see her face only inches away from mine.  She blinked once, twice, and then kissed me tenderly.  All the while, she kept up stroking my thigh.

“Oh, did I wake you up?”  She smirked at me.

“You know damn well you did, you sneaky thing.”

She giggled, closed her hand around my erection and began to hum softly as she applied herself to her pleasant task.  I was so primed from the remnants of my dream that it seemed like just a few seconds before I groaned in climax.

“My goodness!  You have a lot stored up don’t you?”

“Fortunately, an infinite supply.  Thank you hardly addresses the pleasure you’ve given me, Babe.  It was greatly appreciated and I love you very much.”  I said, planting a kiss directly on the tip of her nose.

She wrinkled her nose at me and kissed me back.  It was one of those kisses that, if we didn’t terminate it soon, would grow into something much more serious.  I pulled my lips off hers, gasping for breath.

“Holy cow.  What was that all about?”

“Just that I love you – and we have seven days left of our imposed torture.”

“That long, eh?  Seems much longer than that.”

“Well, it certainly isn’t long now is it?”  She laughed, looking significantly below my waist.

“Oh, ha-ha and ho-ho.  It is to laugh.”  I said, quoting Daffy Duck.

“Oh, go take your shower, you nut!”  She said as she swing her feet up and planted them right on my rib cage.

I shot out of bed almost horizontally because her feet are probably the coldest thing on the planet.  I’ve spent many a night trying to warm them up but for some reason they just keep getting cold again.  I headed for the bathroom.


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I think every woman has that problem. Cold feet, that is. I know my hands and feet are often like blocks of ice, no matter how warm I am!

Fri, December 6th, 2013 3:08pm


I am quite the opposite. I often throw the covers off - which drives my wife nuts.

Fri, December 6th, 2013 7:15am

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