Chapter 26: If Only Us... Chapter 26

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Romance

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Ten days later, after Virginia had seen her Gynecologist again, she came home that afternoon all smiles.  I had just arrived from work and was greeted by her in a diaphanous nightgown, unbound hair to her shoulders, and a big glass of wine.  I knew I wouldn’t get much sleep tonight.

She sidled up to me, set the wine glass down on a table in front of me, and wrapped her arms around my waist.  When she planted a huge kiss on my neck, adding just enough suction to at least leave a faint red mark, I dropped my briefcase on the floor and hugged her back.

“To what do I owe this honor, fair lady?”

“Come, my knight, take up your lance and make love to me in yon bower.”

“Yon bower?  We have a bower?”

“You idiot!  You can be so exasperating sometimes.”  She said, but with a very coquettish smile and a wink.

“Oh!  You mean…”

“Yes!  She said I was all better now.  She did advise care and tenderness though.  She wanted to see me back in three months – not three days.”

For an answer, I slipped one arm behind her legs and the other under her arms and picked her up.

“Pick up the glass, wench, and let us hie to our bower.”

She giggled mightily as I carried her to the bedroom.  As I passed Marie’s room, I glanced in and then turned to wrinkle my brow in a nonverbal question at Virginia.

“She’s over at your parent’s place tonight.  We have the house all to ourselves.  All.  To.  Ourselves.”  She repeated with a slow wink.

I gave a mock groan and faked dropping her.  She squealed with delight and clung to my neck in a grip of iron.  I laid her down carefully on top of the bed and took a good look in the dim light shining through the shades from a streetlight across the road.  She was wearing absolutely nothing but that very sheer night cover and a black velvet ribbon around her neck; the one with the fake diamond at her throat.  My eyes began to leak at the sheer beauty of her body.

She had spent untold hours toning it back up after childbirth and now, a couple of months after Marie had been born; she was even more buff than before.  I bent forward and kissed her just below the diamond at her neck, lingered a moment, and then began kissing downward into the valley between her breasts.  As I watched, her ‘excitement indicators’ began to come alive.

The coverlet was fastened with three simple bow ties across her chest and stomach.  I toyed with the top knot, pulled at it, stopped, and then pulled some more.  She moaned when I finally tugged the knot so that it slipped open.  I moved to the second knot.

“”Oh, don’t tease me, Tom!  It’s been way too long since we’ve made love.  Come on out and play.”

She reached down and rubbed her palm on the front of my pants.  I groaned softly and took a moment to unfasten my shirt, slip it off my shoulders, and drop it on the floor.  She lost no time bringing her fingers up to run them across my chest and giggled as I began to react the same as her.  My breath caught in my throat.

“Ahh, Baby.  You know what that does to me.”

“I do, and I’ll keep it up until you’re lying here naked next to me.”

“Oh, I’m ready for you but the question is: are you ready for me?”

“The doc gave me full marks and told me I had no restrictions other than to just take it easy the first few times.”

“That’s going to be a bit difficult to do, Honey.  I don’t know if I can control myself.  I could go off at any time.”

“Well, as long as you go off inside me I’ll be very happy.  I even brought you something to go off into.”  She held up a whole string of ten condoms and let them cascade downward from her hand.

“Oh, lordy, Honey!  I can see I’m in for a hell of a night.”

“That you are, Doll.  That you are.  Now take off those pants and get into bed right now!”

“I obey.”  I said, whipping my pants off and yanking down my underwear.

I swiftly untied the third knot and her coverlet fell open.  Her breasts pointed downwards as she bent over.  I reached out and ran my palms over their swell.  She moaned with delight as I put my arm across her back and pushed gently on her shoulder to make her lie flat.  She tossed her head enough so that her hair spread out to almost cover the softness of the pillow beneath her.  I just lay there for a moment and watched her breasts rise and fall with her breathing.  When she asked me what I was doing I told her I was just drinking her in.  Then I bent and touched the tip of my tongue to one of her nipples and flicked it.  She sighed deeply and offered the other one by holding it up to my lips.

“Kiss this one too.  It’s lonely.”

“I see, and obey milady.”

I began kissing and running my tongue lightly across the expanse of her chest.  With each traverse, I kissed harder and lingered just a little longer at each end point.  A tiny bit of milk, part of her supply for Marie, appeared which I licked up with my tongue.

“Ummm, tasty.”  I said, smacking my lips.  “No wonder Marie is growing like a weed.”

“She takes after you.  I think she’ll be tall.”

“We’ll certainly have to warn her about boys who do…this… then.”  I said, sliding my hand further down her taut belly.

“Oh, damn.  I’ve missed that so much it’s like it was the very first time you ever touched me down there.”

“I’m going to do a little more than touch you down there tonight though,” I said as I bent down and stuck my tongue into her navel.

She screeched and her stomach jumped reflexively.  I kissed here again but a bit lower.  She hummed deep in her throat and put her arms behind her head so she could watch me.  I began a series of gentle kisses aimed in the general direction of the vee of her thighs.  I was in no hurry.  I kissed the very spot where they had taken three stitches.


“Have I hurt you?”  I asked, stricken.

“Oh, nooo.  Kiss me there again.  If anything, I am even more sensitive than before.”

I resumed random kisses.  She squirmed under my touch and sucked in a huge breath only to let it out in an extended hiss through clenched teeth.

“Oh, God!  Oh God!  I feel it.  I can feel it.  No pain, no pain at all; just pleasure.”

I maintained my ministrations until she succumbed to internal pressures and gave herself fully to the moment.

 “Oh, no more; no more.”  She gasped.  “This was supposed to be your night.”

“And it will be my love.”

Swiftly donning our agreed protection, we arranged ourselves in a classic pose and continued.  It was indeed my turn for pleasure.  We went slowly, with me checking often to see if I’d hurt her.  Suddenly, my long-awaited release took place.  Virginia matched me, pressure against pressure, until we both lay side by side gasping for breath.

 “Oh, goodness!  You’ve been denied much too long, my love.  That stops right now.  We are back in business!”

“Music to my ears, Honey.”

“I am so very satisfied, and so very sleepy.  Finish your wine and lie next to me.”

I reached for the wine, finished the last of it, and set the glass down on the table.  She held the covers open for me and I lay down on my back.  She snuggled up against me, threw a leg over my hips, and kissed the hollow of my neck.

“Oh, I do love you so very much.”

“And I love you even more, mother of my child.”

“Mmmm.  I’m so very glad we made that decision.  It seems so long ago.”

“In our past now.  Not to be forgotten, but to be cherished.”

“You always know just what to say that makes me go all gooey inside.”

“Hmmm.  I aim to please.”  I said softly into her hair as I planted a kiss on the top of her head.

We drifted off slowly to sleep.


Submitted: July 14, 2013

© Copyright 2022 B Douglas Slack. All rights reserved.


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It seems, from this story as well as "You Only Love Twice", you're very interested in role-play.

Fri, December 6th, 2013 3:18pm


It's a fun thing to do. We've been doing it for a long time (over 50 years).

Fri, December 6th, 2013 7:30am

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