Chapter 1: Parents , Siblings , and EVIL cats.

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January 1st 2009

10:00 Well hello there my little munchkins. And how are you today? My name is Maddie Jones. Well actually its Madeline Grace Cecilia Jones – Smith. But lets just stick with Maddie Jones. Agreed? Good. Well to start things off im 13 years old, and my mother is forcing me to write a diary because apparently I have an attitude problem , and her stupid yoga buddies told her it might help. I don’t know why i’m writing as if someone is reading , after all it is a PRIVATE diary. So yes , James , is you are here reading it now. Leave , and i will not cause you any emotional or physical pain my dearest brother. So yes. Im a typical teen , and thats all i’m going to write now , because my cat is chewing my toes , and if I don’t get him off soon , I will have no toes. Stupid Flea bag. His name is Tuffy.

10:50 Just managed to get the little furry s**t off my toes. Cooor that hurt! Ouch , Ouch and thrice OUCH. And also merde. 11:06 I think i’ll just take a little lie down now in this calm and relaxed house. YEAH RIGHT. My darling little sister Kayleigh has just leaped into my room and hit me in the nose with a mr potatoe head. Charming. Now she is demanding I read her and ‘penny potato’ the transsexual Mr. Potato head the 3 quacking ducks. It’s terribly sad really. 3 Scottish ducks in kilts (yes they are in kilts!) Walk around a farm asking every single animal if they are its mum. I’m sure a duck looks NOTHING like a horse. But there we have it. Child book writers are loons.

11:08 I’m now reading the stupid ducky book , because my sister thumped me in the stomach , ran to the mum and told her I yelled at her! When did that happen? ARGH. Once upon a time there were three little ducks. The three little ducks wore 3 little kilts and .... BLAH BLAH BLAH. I’ve got to stop writing because Kayleigh says i’m not putting in enough effort to my reading , and also she is hitting me. And it hurts.

1:30 Mum managed to finally persuade Kayleigh out from her ‘nest’ (underneath my bed) with some cookies and a ball of yarn. I don’t even want to know what goes on in that child’s mind.

1:32 Kayleigh has brought the yarn and cookies into ‘the nest’ again. She is chewing the yarn and throwing cookies at me. Why? She wants me in her nest but I’m staying up on the bed where i’m safe from hairy cookies and yarn.

7:00 Granddad took us out for a meal. Yay. Not. Chuckie cheese is not suitable for a 13 year old maturing girl. Worst part of the evening? I was pulled up on stage by a dancing bear and forced against my will into doing the Macarena. And my crush was there. Fabulous. At least his parents are as lame as mine I guess. So maybe he will forget about it?

7:05 We could have a cute couple name or somthing! Hmmm .. Tyler Payne and Madiee Jones ... ? What could we have. Ooohh Teddie? Myler? Maddie Payne <3 ... M.J for T.P <3 I like it. I think Teddie would be our couple name. It’s official.

9:46 Well facebook has now officially bored me , so i’m back here. I think i’ll have an early night. Test tomorrow. Oh joy of joy unbounded. In other words ... pants. Night ... ZzZzZzZZzzzzzZzZZzzzzz....

9:52 There is a 6 year old little girl sucking my elbow. I can’t even get her off. Shes asleep ( I hope ). Her little front teeth are sinking into my skin! BumBumBummedyOUCH! I guess I will wake up with a sore elbow. Night -.- .

Submitted: August 07, 2010

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