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Sam Davis is unaware that he is the prophecised ruler of a power that can destroy the three worlds of the mortals, median and wizards.

with the help of Piper a troublesome flirt can Sam overcome the evil working against him and maybe even love?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Beginning

Submitted: April 03, 2009

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Submitted: April 03, 2009



Chapter 1
The summer night air was still and calm over the surrounding city as the people slept and dreamed. They dreamed of new power, of wealth and love but always of happiness. Isn’t that what we all dream of? Happiness? The city of Median was no different and yet something was disrupting the calm night air.
It was the sound of footsteps as they echoed throughout the still streets. Shadows flashed, created by the balls of light that floated in the air, the sound of laboured breathing and swearing filled the night as a dark figure ran this way and that.

He dashed through the gaps between the tall buildings that towered over ever living thing. The white bricks glowed softly, a calming light that was meant to comfort those that needed it but now when it was needed the most it became eerie and dangerous. The swoosh of robes seemed loud as the now silent figure looked over his shoulder to make sure he wasn’t being followed for in his coat pocket lay the source of enormous power. Power that no human could ever imagine by themselves. It had the ability to destroy worlds in the blink of an eye and yet it was the most ordinary of objects.

The dark man sighed in relief as he realised he was safe. He stepped from the shadows that had protected him and glanced nervously around once more. He turned on his heel and started to walk down the empty street. The package in his left pocket weighed heavily on him. The duty he was entrusted with was an honour for any in this world or any other.

His trained and careful eyes roamed the streets, searching for any signs of movement and yet was reassured by the gun in his pocket and the years of training he had received. Every hour of hard work and back breaking training had come down to this. The dark stranger had come top in his class and this was why he was chosen for this most important of tasks.

A footstep echoed from far behind him and the dark man froze as he listened with all his might, waiting for a sign that he had heard correctly. When nothing happened he continued walking, the feeling of safety from before had vanished in a split second.His breathing was speeding up and his heart rate increasing as feelings of fear and panic gripped him tightly, winding around his heart, threatening to betray him with their power and strength.

It was when a shadow flashed at the corner of his eye that he froze yet again and turned with speed, wiping the gun from his inside pocket, pointing it towards the empty street.Yet he wasn’t fooled. This was nothing more than a came to these creatures. A chance to have some sport, get some prey. The life of an innocent was nothing to them, nothing but a candle they needed to snuff out. It was made worse by the fact that they knew nothing of the power he was holding in his coat pocket.
Another shadow flashed at the corner of his eye and spinning quickly he found himself face to face with the thing it’s self. They were the product of an experiment gone wrong by the One and Only. Strange twisted creatures that knew nothing of love or happiness. They were pure evil and their hearts as black as the claws hanging by their sides.

It was a monster more than 7 feet tall. It was the general shape of a human but its features were as twisted as its soul. Its body was grotesque and out of shape. Stretched and thin with a mouth that ran from ear to ear filled with four rows of yellow stained, razor teeth. It had one eye in its fore head and the other near its ear; both were a dirty white colour with no pupils.

The man shuddered and the monster lifted its head and sniffed the air through the two slits it had for nostrils. The man backed up as image after image of suffering entered his head. Things that had happened to others but not to him. It was how the monster could see its victims- through their fear.
Gripping his head the man fell to his knees screaming in pain as he felt everything again and again. The monsters mouth wriggled into a smirk like shape and it paced foreword it’s long black claws scrapping the cobble stoned street. It’s breathing loud and as it stopped in front of the crouching man a barking sound escaped its lips, a laugh that sent shudders down the defenceless man.

The man lifted his head suddenly and extended his hand where a ball of light sat ready and waiting without thinking he threw it at the creature and watched with hope as the light attached to the skin and blue streams of light spread over its skin, until it was nothing but a blur of light.

The creature’s screams of pain screeched through the air and destroyed the peaceful silence. Windows cracked and smashed in protest of the high pitch and the man covered his ears as the ringing sent shock wave after shock wave through his skull, destroying his hearing and his sight as his brain shut down.
When the creature finally exploded his hearing returned along with his sight but the man knew it was too late as a black claw hissed through the air and straight through his back. Killing him instantly.

Another scream echoed through the night air but this did not belong to any monster. This belonged to a median as he jumped from the near by building and landed without fault on his feet. His hair a blazing red and his black eyes snapping as he glared at the creature in front of him and the body of his dead friend.

The air hissed and crackled around him as he called all his power to his hands, allowing the rage he so rarely felt overcome every fibre of his being, his need for revenge driving a way common sense as the shimmering blue light grew in his palm. With a throw he tossed it straight into the face of the creature and watched with satisfaction as it screamed and howled in pain before it too exploded.When rage finally subsided the stranger ran to the bleeding corpse that lay collapsed on the cobbles.

“Harry, HARRY!” he screamed the name over and over again but when no reply came the bright red hair turned black with grief and the stranger gently lifted the dead body of his friend and lover into his arms.

Setting off at a run the stranger ran as fast as he could for two reasons. One to get to their destination as soon as possible and the other to try and run off the stress and grief. Killing the creature had not satisfied his sense of revenge and he knew that nothing probably would. It was impossible.
He skidded to a halt next to a white brick building identically to those around him and yet it was different to those that looked closer. It had the slight blur to it that came from sorcery. A spell to conceal and hide. One that when you looked at the building something somewhere else needed your attention more. Only those that knew where it was could find it.

Setting the body down the stranger lifted his palm and counted across three bricks before placing his hand flat against it. The brick glowed white before turning green as it scanned his hand print and accepted it. The wall moved back then to the left showing a door that known without permission could enter.

Picking up the body gently the stranger walked into the darkness before the door shut again and he had no choice but to go forward. With each steps lights turned on and followed his path. Soft blue lights that sensed the sadness and pain radiating from the being walking past and the sense of death.
Corridors twisted this way and that, almost impossible to find the way you want to go but the stranger walked with confidence down each corridor twisting this way and that and gripping the fading body of his lover in his arms. Knowing he only had a little time left.
Picking up the pace he started to run and top speed yet again and sighed in relief when a mahogany door appeared in front of him with a glowing blue moon carved into the wooden frame. He burst through the door and didn’t even glance at the room full of people before heading straight through to the door at the opposite side of the room.

Shoving it open he placed the body of his friend of the large table in the centre of the white room and raised his eyes to the old man sitting in the chair at the other end.

“He’s dead, Brana. The Inconnue got him. Came at him from behind. I…was too…late. I couldn’t HELP HIM!” the stranger screamed at Brana across the table before he collapsed onto the floor.

“Piper, there was nothing you could do. He wanted to do it, even when you disapproved of it.” Brana spoke softly.

His grey hair was mused and his blue eyes were dull and sad as he stared at the body of the young boy on the table even as he faded before his eyes.

“Did he finish the job?” Brana asked.

“Is that all you can think about? He’s dead!

“Of course I know that Piper but this is more important than Harry, you or even me. this is to save all three worlds. If he failed we’re all dead. Do you understand that Piper? This is for the greater cause than just your feelings for Harry.”

“Well, of course you’d say that! You never liked the relationship I had with your nephew. You never did.”

“For God’s sake Piper. Listen to yourself! Listen to how selfish you are sounding! Now get a grip!” Brana yelled at him as he walked towards the dead body of his nephew. It was barely there any more. Only a small glimmer of it and his clothes were left.

It was true however what Piper was saying. Brana hadn’t been very accepting of the two men’s relationship not because it was two men but more because Brana got the feeling that it was more one sided. Harry loved Piper more than life itself however Brana didn’t get the same vibe from Piper.
Brana sighed and placed his hand on Harry’s head before bending down and kissing his forehead. Straightening up he reached his hand inside of Harry’s pockets and with a sigh of relief pulled out the small package that Harry had died trying to get back here.

Opening the package Brana tipped the contents upside down. A small silver and gold bangle dropped into his open palm. This was what his nephew had died over. This small bangle, a bangle that held the utmost power, one that destroyed worlds. Before his eyes Brana watched as the bangle glowed a brilliant white and changed its shape to that of a ring.

“It’s started, hasn’t it?” Piper asked softly as he watched Harry’s body disappear altogether and all that was left where his clothes.

“Just as it was prophesized. It has changed shape to fit its new owner. Yet it is no-one in this room.” Brana mused thoughtfully.

“It is a male however. The ring isn’t that of a female. So what now?” Piper asked as he stared at the ring still in Brana’s open palm.

“We find the owner. Or to be more specific, you find the owner.”

Piper’s face dropped, his whole body went limp. He thought his part in this was over. He was wrong.

“Why me?”

“The prophecy. The one who will find him will lose a loved one and gain one. He will be saved and yet will save. You have lost a loved one.”

“But how in God’s name am I meant to find this person? It’s impossible. It could be anyone in the three worlds.” Piper asked as he threw his hands in the air in despair.

“Wrong. He’s a mortal.” Brana said as he walked towards the small silver bell sitting by the window sill. Lifting it he rang it softly before setting it back down once more.

“How do you know?”

“When it changed shape it went white.”

Piper waited for him to say more but when Brana kept quiet he prompted, “And?”

“If it was to be a Median it would have glowed blue as is our signature colour, a wizard red and a mortal white.”

“I see.” Piper sighed and rubbed his eyes warily. He knew that the information was meant to help but out of the three worlds the mortal one was the largest. It would be next to impossible to find the one mortal needed. The one the power had chosen and yet he knew he had to.

The fate of the three worlds now lay in the hands of a mortal, but who exactly was the question?

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