The Trip to Beginnings

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After what was thought to be true love breaks, what's left?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Trip to Beginnings

Submitted: September 17, 2013

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Submitted: September 17, 2013



The Day

My knee perpetually bounced underneath my desk. Twenty minutes until exams and the school year was over. Jessie glared at me, she hated it when my knee bounced. Twenty-five minutes and I would be with Tyler, but not a minute sooner or else I'd seem too eager. Time ticked by slowly if you were waiting on it to go faster. Unless you weren't, then it flew by. Example: the poor saps still taking the exam, they were panicking. Mrs. Harrison loomed over her glasses at the clock on her desk, she repeated the time aloud to her class. I spent fifteen minutes in la-la land where I played out what was going to happen in my head. I then brought out a pen and drew a star on the outside of my wrist, where I intended on getting my tattoo. Five minutes called Mrs.Harrison. The rest of the time went by quickly.

The bell finally rand and I whipped through the throngs of happy freshmen only stopping at the bathroom where I switched into my new bra and thong. I primped for a good three minutes before Jessie caught me off guard. She looked me up and down, letting out a sigh.

"Today's 'the day' then?" she asked, crossing her arms.

"How could you tell?" I asked back.

"Well the way you were acting just now and you suddenly have boobs." she pointed out.

I pouted a bit before she said, "You look hot just make you really want to do this."

I grabbed her by the shoulders and looked her in the eye. "Jessie, I really want to do this."

"I want all details tomorrow," she caved.

I hugged her and left the building. I was two minutes late for being fashionably late. He was leaning on the hood of his car, glancing at his watch. He wore a white t-shirt with the sleeves and collar blue and jeans. Sexy as always.

"There's my girl!" Tyler said opening his arms for me.

I giggled and slid into his arms. Comforting and warm, as expected.

"Shall we get going?" he asked wiggling his eyebrows at me.

I smiled, "we shall."

They went straight for the pier without a stop for snacks like usual.

"How does it feel to be a senior?" Tyler asked using his fist as a microphone and putting it up to my mouth.

"I feel so old! How did you do it?" I asked, referring to when he graduated two years ago.

"I had someone very special to ease the pain." he answered dramatically.

"Who might that have been?" I probed, even without asking i knew who he meant. He took my hand in his and glanced over at me smiling, "You," he whispered. It was the perfect note to end on. We had arrived at the pier. He slid closer to me, my heartbeat picked up. His first kisses were sweet but asIi turned to him more they became hungrier. I motioned to the backseat where he was already climbing. I couldn't get there fast enough as I slid my shoes off, tossing them into the front seat. Tyler locked the car and smiled at me. Moments later he was searching for the clasp on my bra. I panted and told him it was in the front. He pulled back, looking confused and surprised as he undid it.

"I like it in the front much better," he growled into my ear.

Later I made him buy me ice cream. We'd fogged up all the windows and I was hot. Also I couldn't find my thong, so he owed me. That was the beginning of summer and all good things come to an end. Our relationship just happened to be one of them.

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