my life as reina m ubillos ch 2

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its part 2 to my story

Chapter 1 (v.1) - my life as reina m ubillos ch 2

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reina was begining to grow she was 2 years old and she had alot of cats that she loved alot she would sleep with them but, when the cats would have there babies she would take there of them sing them a song called," gotcoos". reina would also squish them to death till there eyes poped out and she would take them bath in a bucket that had cold water the babies died because they freeze to death. reina was also know as a cat killer at the age of two. one day her mother mars was getting ready to go to a school dance with her sisters, Izzy and Fran. they could find reian they didnt know where she went.

they got worried and ended up calling the cops to find her. well they found reina under the car asleep with her cats. it was scary for mars because she thought something happen to her daughter but, she was ok and safe with her cats it was funny and reina was to in love with her cats. that she would even eat there cat food but, hey she didnt no what she was doing she was still a baby who love her cats.

time went by as she turned four years old she started to go to pre school at califorina elemarty. she had fun learning and meeting new kids her age. mars and ali where going to get marry in september but, ali had to put himsefl together because he was doing drugs that mest him up, so he ended up going to a menshome that helped him out alot. after he was done there he would get marry. wwell he did finished and got married to mars they had a beautiful wedding her sisters and brothers came out in her wedding and friends did to. reina held her mother dress for her and she was happy as can be because her mother and father got married and they look cute.

then, after the wedding reception they had there party at mars mothers house and every body was having a good time laughting, drinking,dancing and mars and ali was as happy can be with reina in there arms. i was daddy little girl. reina love her dad so much that she would always want to be with him and just be there where ever he went reina would go.

reina lived happy with here mother and fathers after a while now reina turned five and was starting kindergarder at sunset elemerty. the school was close to her house so it was easier for every one. reina grandma took her to school every day and got her ready. reina and mars lived with alis parents and sister. sometimes my grandma would help mars out with reina. like for school and when mars would go to work but, my other grandma would also take care of me for a while a was the only child.

one day at school there was this kid who was a bully and he threw pencials at me annd my teacher she was such a sweet heart and was a good teacher. this bully would bully me when he can and call me mean names. the day reina went crying home to her mother was the day that mars went straight to the pencapal and told her what was going on with reina but, that day the bullie got excpiled for fighting and throwing books at kids. then mars had news for reina and she said," reina im going to have another baby". reina was happy and excited. a while past and mars found out that she was having a boy she named him Joseph A ubillos. mars was happy that she was going to have another baby and plus a boy. reina was a little jelous that her mom was going to have another baby but , mars told reina that even thought she was having another baby that she was always going to love me and nothingh would ever change. mars was like 8 month already and at her moms house they threw her a baby shower. she got aalot of stuff for the baby and reina helped her open evey thing. reina was still trying to understand that her mom was having a new baby but, she was happy to have a baby brother. mars was ready to have joe so we took her to the hospital every one was there and it was september 1th joseph ubillos was born a big baby boy. reina and ali where happy and so was every body i had a baby brother.fran who is mars sister also had a baby but a girl reina was happy beczause she had a brother and baby cousin even though she had her twin couin sonia who was 4 years old she was happy to have all her family there. mars wen home after 3 day of being in the hospital and reina was waiting there with her dog reble she was happy to have her brother joseph come home and he mother it was a good day.

reina had a dog name reble that she would play with it was her best freind and since joseph was to little to play she had her dog but, there was a problem her grandmaother and anunt didnt like her big dog because it would be a mean, rina said, "no hes not he might be big but hes playfull". they didnt care they had a plan to get rid of him because he would tare up everything one day reinas grandmother and anunt got ridnof reble reina was sad and mad crying because they took her best friend away form her just like that. her parents tryed everything but, they had it pland alis sister was so evil that she didnt care who she hurt and reina was only 5 years old.

as time goes by quick joseph was getting big and reina was getting older. reina was still in elemerty but, in third grade she found out that she had a learning disabilty she didnt unerstood anything reina couldnt even read good or write. reina had a little help in math she would cheat on her mulitpulcation because she didnt understood them and they would laught at her so she told a frind to help her who had rsp also with her and he did so she moved up on her time tables. kids at scool would tell reina that (RSP) stand for retard stupid people. reina got upset and sad that she didnt want to go to school know more she had terouble with kids because thay didnt under stand what she had and they made her think she was retard because reina didnt even know what was going on even if she had help there.

reina made a lie to her mother because she watched this movie called,"jeeper creeper", she said, mom i dont want to go to school im scared of jeeper creeper mom". and she told me it wasnt real but i would cry and i had special help form a teacher at school but that wasnt the real reason i was scared at kids who would make fun of me. reina would always have problems and had no friends that were true but, her mother would help her out and made her strong to deal with them at school. it was going to be tough but mars help me and was always there for reina.

reina was 8 years old and joseph was 3 years old when there mother was pergnet again with another boy and they named him Joshua A Ubillos mars had a thing with js so she wanted to name her boys with the letter j. reina was probaarly get use to her brother now her mom is having another one. reina said," oh man mom another one again". mom said," oh yes my dear another one". but, reina was happy and couldnt wait for another new baby to come.

reina had a big family and she was happy and still trying to get over all the stuff that had happen at school even though it was her for reina she still made it threw. in 3rd grade she had a wondeful teacher she would help reina out and loved her alot she was reinas favitor teacher.

reina was now in fourth grade was getting hard for me in school i still didnt understand thing and reinas mom was pergnet again with another boy and she named him Jacob A Ubillos. i was the only girl still i wanted a sister and mars was trying to get pergnet so she can have a girl but she had boys . reina loved all her brothers so much.

time went bye and reina was in fifth she started to like boys but her crush didnt like her and reina thought something was wrong with her. she still neede spechial help because she was in (rsp) for learning disabilty. she also begon to get drama with girls. there was this girl who start of as a new girl and i was her first frind when she came but as we got into fifth i was nothing to her she just use me because she was alone and she made a big deal and said i stold her boyfriend when i didnt do nothing she just didnt like me so we both ended up getting in trouble and the prencpal said we were fighting over a guy when she was making fun of me she was mean and evil. reina was scared of this girl because she said her cousin was going to kick my but. what a mean girl she was and she got everything she wanted like reina did. reina told her to just leave her alone but the girl name elina was very mean and didnt want to stop being friend so she would bring things and give them to me to be her friend. so the end of the year was coming and it was my last day of school and i was going to be a 6th grader how scary was that for reina. but she enjoyed her years in elemtery she loved all her teachers but her spechial teacher was her 3rd grade teacher she will never forget her at all.

reina summer was begining and she was going to go to summer school at sparks middle school. reina was scared neveous she didnt know what to expected new kids new friends and more boys and more drama. when reina first went to sparks for summer school she met these two girls who where nice and also look mean but they new alot and i didnt so it was nice to no girls who new alot more then i did. so summer school was great met new friends and learned alot. so 6th grade was going to start i was nevouse and i still had rsp class to get more help but reading out lound made it hard for me because i could read the words rite that some kids would laught so i would want to read out lound i tryed to stay away from reading but if they called me i had no choice to but to read even if they laught but, hey reina made alot of friends and a cute boy that she liked but he didnt know. reina had crushes but they didnt like her back. it was hard for reina because she wanted to know why these boys didnt like her but she new iwas because they thiught she was ugly and they where mean to her. out of know where there where these mean girls who thought own the school they where nice to me at first but then they didnt like me my sixth grade was ok i had good times and bad and i learn alot and i had great teachers. and i had alot of good friends.

my summer was coming and i was happy because i was going to be with my family and enjoy it my nina july spolied me and my brothers even joseph and joshua there ninas was fran, and herry and then lara and mike. they would spoil all of us. this summer we got a new dog we named him raco. another big dog so my grandma and evil anut can throw him away agian. reinas summer are always fun mars and ali takes them to theme parks and get them what they want. reina was growing up fast and wasnt going to be twele for long she was going to be thirdteen in 2005.

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