Were the drama never ends..

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Adrianna Damaris is an under privileged 16 year old girl from Missouri, she lives in the ruttiest trailer park with her mother,sister and cat Tiger. One day she gets discovered by a talent agent and her whole life turns around. Her life fills with drama and lies......

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Were the drama never ends..

Submitted: July 14, 2009

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Submitted: July 14, 2009



Chapter one .**This chapters kind of long and boring but I promise the next chapters will be much more exciting .**

"I'm not going to that miserable school tommorow, mom !",I yelled as I opened the fridge and scanned inside for my Key lime pie slice. "Yes you are unless cupid sticks an arrow up your ass and you date a rich guy,not happening?.. Okay then you are going to that 'miserable school'",She answered with airquotes. I gave her a look , "Mom your so weird"."You bet" she mouthed as she stared at me looking frantically for that pie. "Oh you must be looking for that pie, I ate it for breakfast." Mom said innocently, looking like she was ready for me to blow. "Mom...how...could...you",I said as I gave her a look of sheer disgust. She made me move to this trailer park and now she goes and eats my favorite thing in the world!? "Chill baby, it aint nothing but a thang, ill buy you one at quicky mart tommorow",She answered trying to be cool again. I guess she was kind of cool, she still went to clubs, she had numerous boy friends she was the perfect shopping buddy but then again it all is kind of weird to have a mom like that.
"Hey Adri",A familiar voice said from outside the tiny kitchen. "SARA!",I screamed causing my mom to cringe a bit. "ADRI BABY",Sara said as she ran up to me for a hug. Sara is my bestfriend in the whole world you know untill I moved a couple weeks ago. "Girl , I have a lot to tell you and OH I almost forget, Jaiden told me to give you this ",She said really fast as she handed me a small diamond encrusted bracelet, Jaiden was my old boyfriend but we decided long distance wasn't the best thing to do so we decided to end things. My eyes burst wide open and I gaped at it for a moment untill questions filled my mind. "How in eff did you get here?",I asked as I carefully put the bracelet down on the table causing my mom to run over and look at it. "Oh my dad dropped my off, he liked you better then the others",she said as she walked over to a pink door. "Is this your room Adri?",She asked as she looked around the small trailer. "Uh yea, um lets not go inside.. lets chill outside a bit", I said hestiantly, afraid she would laugh at how tiny it was. "Um okay?, How about we go to that cutesy restaraunt I saw while my dad drove me here?",She asked as she pleaded with her eyes. "Hun thats a bar", I said as I looked at her. "Oh shut up Adrianna I dont give a hoot if you two go bar hopping. I'll go too", My mom said as she ran to her room to get ready. There was no way to get out of it now, my mom wanted to go so we had to go . "Omg fabulous, did I ever tell you your mom is awesome !?",Sara asked as a gigantic dumb grin crossed her face. "Millions of times", I said as I sighed. "Ok lets go",My mom said as she walked out of her room in the tiniest dress and a high pair of heels, she was clutching the keys to her Saturn in her right hand and an id in her left. "Oh mom what about Casey?", I asked as I rememberd my 17 year old sister had tooken the cat to the vet. "I called her, she'll met us there", My mom said calmly as she walked outside in the sunshine. "Lets go", I said sighing as I walked out and joined my mom in the car.
We finally arrived after 10 minutes of sheer mayhem . Sara was singing loudly to a cheesy country song on the radio and mom was singing along too . It was murder to my ears, I should sue. "Mom everyones staring at you ", I said between clenched teeth. "Good", She said as she strutted into the bar and sat down next to some hot rich guy, as she started to chat him up , me and sara sat down near the exit of the place and started talking . Nothing real important just random babble. But that random babble stopped when someone pulled me by the arm dragged me to the stage. "What the eff!", I said as I tried to sqirum away from his grip. "Im going to get a bruise and your going to buy me ice mister!", I said as I looked at the crowd of people. I sighed in relief once he let go of my arm and looked up a big banner that said "Random Karaoke night" was streamed across the ceiling ."Just sing", He said as he whispered into my ear, I looked into the crowd and saw Kayla smiling at me . "Ugh."I groaned as I watched the people file onto the dance floor. Out of nowhere I grabbed a mike and pressed it too my lips then looked up at the screen. "Might as well try ", I said to myself as I waited anxiously for the music to play. Hannah Montana? I wondered as the introduction to Nobodys perfect blared through the many speakers surronding the place.
"Everybody makes mistakes"
"Every body has those days"
"Everybody knows what..what im talking 'bout"

I blurted as I did a little dance. I started to act like a pop princess, it was actually pretty fun and exciting, I could do this for a living . Why would they play hannah montana at a bar though ? I asked my self in my head as I did another lame dance. I looked out into the audie- uh I mean dance floor and saw my mom with a gigantic cheesy grin on her face. I actually smiled, I felt like something important like someone. Sadly my shimmying and singing came to an end and I was escorted of the stage to be rushed by a dozen people. "Ahh", I groaned as I was surronded by questioning drunk guys. "Move, move", One handsome guy said as he pushed through the crowd . "You little lady little have the potential to be a star.

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