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"The ball will start in one hour so here's your dress" he said while taking out from his closet a black , strapless dress that flowed to the ankles in an elegant mixture with a a V neck line that exposed a bit more cleavage then expected and the last he took out a make-up bag and left it on a desk after he left the dress on the bed.

"Uhm...thank you Master ." i said while my eyes gazed to the beautifull dress for a moment picturing it only on myself and dancing all night with it , a thought that made me smile .

"I'll be back here in an hour to pick you up . Be ready by then " his voice disrupted my thoughts and i glanced towards him with a gentle nod , not really responding with words but by gesture .

He turned away and left the room rather in an elegant , chesire cat manner which made me look after him , after that flaming red hair and sculpted body which was the last of what i saw of him before he closed the door after him . Cocky bastard , i thought and smirked for in a way firstly i thought that i would be raped in the best case scenario and yet i was wrong and secondly because it seemed he did get my attention with a personality that didn't quite fit to the first days i knew him . Was he different? i asked myself .... was he not a killer? i let out a frustrated sound before slowly slipping the uniform off my body and looking inside the room . Dark and seductive colours of red and black dominated it with leather that seemed to make the dust fear of settling upon it and a combined mixture of classic and extravangant in it . Working the underwear off slowly i walked to the bathroom in a sashay with the pictures of more then being a slave now but a person who enjoys the ball and nothing more . The bathroom was huge and spotless with a tub that was indeed large and made me trully eager to dive in it more then lay relaxed . With a huge strain remembering that i had an hour and nothing more i managed to fill the tub with water and foam , foam that smelled of vanilla and white roses . The luke warm water drove away any tension from my body as i enjoyed the bath and then quickly dried myself with a fluffy towel . Slipping out quickly i took a black , strapless bra to put unederneath and lace panties before slipping the dress on slowly . Satin flowed across my ivory flesh that made me purr in the moment yet knowing that i couldn't zipp it so i turned and slowly put on the make up . Pale red lipstick with black eyes liner and mascara were quickly put up yet meticulously as my eyes seemed big like my lips and as i put on the heels i heard the door open with Andrew coming in .

"You look nice for a human" were his first words as he saw him with almost a smug at the sight and stood there watching .

"Thank you Master" i said overcamed with a sudden blush for being called at least nice from his point of view where almost anyone of his kind looked more then stunning .

"Let me help you with that " he came to my back and put a hand on my shoulder and with the other pulled up the zipper . He laned against my neck taking in deep breaths and tickling my skin making my heart beat faster and planting kisses that drove my stomach in a continuos battle with the strange butterflies that overcomed it .

I turned around staring him in the eyes telling him that we should go in wich he totally agreed , for my sake . We went downstairs into the ballroom wich was filled with people now that stopped to stare at me liking their lips and fangs . My blood seemed to smell good , i thought knowing their intentions and followed Andrew to the top of the table in which he sat on the chair and i just glanced before being pushed down in his lap with an annoyed gaze yet to show that i was a pet or slave and not someone of importance . Next to us was a redhead that looked so beautifull and with overly exposed flesh hanging from her cleavage in her sluttish look . She only seemed to want to get closer to Andrew and i only seemed for a moment to feel overwhelmed by the vamkpires that were in there and slowly lean against Andrew's chest not realising in the moment .

"So what's her name ?" the husky voice of the redhead seemed to have asked Andrew a question yet she didn't even take a quick glance for me which mostly annoyed me and made my tongue speak before i could shut up

"I'm not invisible you know , you could have asked me . "I said harshly to her and gripped the edge of the table with the chalices of blood there .

"slave , be respectfull to her or else" Andrew said in a threatening voice that left me to wonder back to his words when he promised me that i would have pain filled punishments .

" Whever" i said not wanting him to think that i would back down but whimpered feeling his strong grip on my thigh , a grip with a promise to deal with me later .

I kept looking at all the people who were swaing on the dancefloor waiting for someone , I didn't care if he was a vampire , to come and ask me to dance with him but mostly to be away from the thought of something bad that would happen later . While I was lost in my thoughts someone picked my arm and made me jump up a bit . It was the blonde guy from before who already asked Andrew if he could dance with me and he approved . I let him follow the lead while I was already lost in his eyes and a world where nobody could distract me while we were swinging but it did , when the song changed and it was overcomed by a slow song where I layed my head on his shoulder and danced for a while .

"So , I see you love to dance ." he said in a lazy voice that brought a smile upon my lips as my eyes slowly made their way up to his .

"I do " i said with a soft voice as i glanced into those cyan blue eyes eventhough i wasn't usually allowed too but for now i enjoyed the moment of being able too .

"What's your name? " he asked as he saw me staring yet did nothing about tit but only chuckled a bit and made me blush more .

"Julie " i replied and looked away a bit embarassed by the sight as my gaze saw Catherine in a glee with her partener for they looked so happy toghther both of them.

"My name is Craven " his words brought me back and i smiled with a cocky grin before lifting up slowly on my toes on the heels to whisper in his ear

"I know "

Altough it was a simple conversation wich I didn't pay much attention being just lost in thoughts it sprinkled a little joy on my face and then he lead me to my sit , I mean Andrew's lap who didn't even bother to look if it was me who was sitting on his lap . The night ended and Andrew took me to his room where he stretched his bones in bed and just stared at me while I sat on the edge of the bed lost in the thought of dancing . He started to caress my shoulders , then my back until he got to the zipper wich he pulled down making me jump up and back away till I was with my back against the wall and my face full of fear at what he wanted to do with me . He sat up and walked towards me with eyes full of lust till he was a few centimetres away and pulled me into a rough kiss, bruising my soft lips with his hands squezzing my behind , the flesh and the slight quivers of pleasure . Icouldn't let it happen , i just couldn't so i slapped him on the face in return and tried to pull away but he caught my wrist , jerking it till my back hit the wall again . He was angry and i was ... i was full of fear of him in that moment .

" I wanted to make it as less painfull but now, after how disrespectfull you were . I'm going to make it so painfull that you'll not be able to move after ." he said with a snake's tone that left his venom to burn on my skin while he took some handcuffs and shoved me quickly on the bed.

"No , I didn't mean to , Master , please" i pleaded with tear , glistening eyes before yelping as he handcuffed each hand to the bedposts and left me there to pull and struggle for a few minutes.

"Stop begging it's no use " were his cruel words that he spoke after while he started making his way back towards me and the bed .

He stripped me out of the beautifull , black dress and ripped the underwear bra and underwear off me like they were nothing leaving rose marks on my ivory flesh while i tried to kick at him to stay back away from me with useless cries before i felt the first bite . It was so fast and on the moment i felt my fire growing , the arousal only to be replaced with pain as his canines dug more in the flensh and left marks of blood upon it . His hands travelled across my lithe form , squeezing the flesh roughly in his palms only to make my whimpers more of pain as he continued his botes lower and lower , filling me only with the blood trail;ing from them and the pain he inflicted with each one . As his hands came to my thighs he parted them instantly amnd looked up with a smirk before positioning himself for a deep and painfull penetration . One that i felt tear my inside and the warm liquid of blood while my eyes were full of tears and black , smeared liner upon them. Before he even climaxed , i already lost again consciusness while weeping and from the lack of blood .

Submitted: July 13, 2008

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