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Tia was my best friend, and she had been since I was 9. She knows everything that has happened to me and my family, including Lily. Her parents were just like my birth one, but not as bad they hadn’t killed her siblings or anything but they were never there either. She had shoulder length brown hair cut into an A-line. She had blue eyes. She dressed just like me with her tummy always showing. She had her septum pierced and it looked bomb. I hopped off the bus and we walked the opposite way of the school, everyone always starred at us and gave us dirty looks. We didn’t care though. We walked around the corner and down a block until we reached the path way into the creek. Once we were deep enough into the creek were strangers wouldn’t see us we busted everything out. I was in charge of the pipe and the weed, and she was in charge of the alcohol. I had a mini pipe that was rainbow; it was the cutest thing ever! I asked Tia what she has brought to get us drunk today and she had the usual, vodka. This time it was a gallon though, so I knew she had to of stolen it because the bottles her mom would buy to her get her off her back was never bigger than a fifth. We sat in the creek and smoked and drank until we were getting dizzy. Then we would walk around town all day. You would think the cops would ever stop of or something, but we never went to school and there were always so many college people downtown they couldn’t tell us apart from them anyway.

We managed to make it across town to the mall and once we were there, the real fun began. We met up with our usual group of stoners; there was Eddie, Liam, David, Mike, Tina, and Fey. Fey was dating Eddie but always mad because Eddie would hit on Tia. Tina was the only other girl I was close to in my life, she was 20 and at the time I didn’t notice that she didn’t really have a life. None of us did... Anyway we show up completely shit faced and Tia goes and sits right next to Eddie, she never told me I knew she wanted to sleep with him so bad. We all hung out and walked around yelling at sober people giving us dirty looks. We always stole from the mall, my parents gave me money every week, I got twenty dollars; but I always saved it for weed so I never had money to spend. We should steal clothes and shoes, and jewelry, anything we could really. Even if we didn’t want it. Today it was my birthday so I splurged. I got myself a cute skimpy dress and red high heels, I got tons of new eyes shadows and lipsticks. Tia even stole me for perfume from Victoria Secret. She loved me. It was now 11:30 and lunch was at 12:30 and I knew the bus ride took about 30 minutes plus some walking so me and Tia left to the bus to head back to school. I don’t know what happened that day but it only took thirty minutes and we were back at school, so we went and smoked some more and took 3 more shots before walking to campus.

The bell rang and everybody swarmed the parking lot looking for their cars to go get lunch, or to hot box, or whatever they were doing. Adam hung out with all the seniors with motorcycles. As me and Tia got closer Adam walked up to me, he covered my eyes and said “Hold on drunkie”. Funny, I used to think those words were cute. When he let go of my eyes all the boys had their bikes together connecting a banner that said “Happy Birthday Tommi”.  It was the cutest thing ever. I made out with Adam and then gave all the guys a hug, none of them used to say anything about me being drunk I always wondered why. Tia ran up and gave them all hugs, and stood next to Rex, he was the coolest of the gang I guess you could say. He definitely looked like he should have already been out of high school, he was buff as hell. He had a Mohawk slicked back with red gel, brown eyes and a big tattoo on his arm. He looked like he was 30 or something. You know I have a tattoo, on my butt cheek; me and Tia got each other’s lips. Like best friend tattoos. Anyway. Tia loved Rex ever since she first seen him last year but he never gave her a chance. He said it was because she was too young. We hangout with them for lunch and they smoked us out. After that I don’t really remember much, I just remember waiting for the bus. When it finally got there Tia left for home and I got on and walked all the way to the back, I was so drunk I was literally falling off the seat almost. All the guys got on and just looked over their seat at me calling me names that I forget, now. Probably something like drunkie, whore, or something else cliché. Adam got on and sat me up and sat next to me, he always had food for me. He gave me some bread, like French bread or something, all I know is when I got home I felt so much better. At least fifty percent sober. Lucky for me my parents didn’t get home until eight. Well that was Uncle Sam, aunt Shannon got home at nine-thirty.

“Where’s the birthday girl at?” Uncle same came shouting through the door, by then I had showered and cleaned up and the smell of the alcohol was pretty much gone. “How was school dear, did you have a great first day?”

I hated lying to them but it was hard to lie to Uncle Sam’s face, because his eyes were always so honest. “I didn’t go to school today Uncle Sam, I hung out with Tia instead. I’m sorry”

I remember him just staring at me, disappointed. “At least you told me the truth; we’ll let this one slide past Aunt Shannon. Here I got you a present today open it”

It was a medium sized box wrapped in light pink paper, my favorite color, and a big yellow bow. I opened it and it was the newest iPhone. I hadn’t had a phone for five months since I broke my old one and Uncle Sam yelled I was never getting a phone again. “Oh my god! No way! The new iPhone, you didn’t I love it, thank you dad!” I gave him the biggest hug, I never noticed but when I was really excited or appreciative or just happy I called him dad. I don’t know why I just did. He laughed and I set it up and we sat in the living room waiting for Aunt Shannon, while I was texting Tia and Adam and anybody else whose number I memorized. When Aunt Shannon came through the door she had sixteen balloons, all pink and another medium sized box attached to them.

“Happy birthday baby!”

“Thank you!” I said and I opened my present, it was three iPhone cases, one was pink, the other one was pink with bunny ears and the top and the last one was black with a shooting star surrounded by the night sky. We ate dinner, and talked about school this year and we had cake and ice cream. They had gotten me three more boxed and each of them had clothes in it. Nothing I would ever wear, but if I did some DIY on them I would. Then that made me excited about all the stuff I had gotten from the mall today. It was the perfect cover up because they knew I had money so they would never think I stole any of it.

Now, this is just the beginning next I’m going to tell you guys about what happened when I went to a biker party dressed like a 21 year old hooker. It was the scariest night in my life, something that changed me forever. You just have to keep reading.

Submitted: September 01, 2015

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