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I wanted to look as normal as possible, in that month I got my drivers permit, and Uncle Sam let me drive his Tahoe, tall, black, sexy as hell to school from now on. That meant I didn’t have to leave for school until after they left for work. Since I knew my parents had already let the school know I was coming back today I knew I had to. Plus it was the last day for our three day weekend so if it was too much to handle I didn’t have to go back Tuesday. That year I was a cat, or I would say a drunken cat. I wore s short black dress, but still in dress code, with all black high top Converse, fishnet stalking and of course kitty ears, I lost the tail because my butt was so big the tail stood straight out. In that month I had dealt with a lot of shit emotionally, I dyed my hair dark brown, which looked bomb, and I pierced my septum. I took four shots before driving to school, and once I parked I took five more; and put the rest of the bottle of rum in my backpack.

Tia didn’t even know I was coming back today, seeing her in her witch costume for far away was so refreshing. I ran up behind her and smacked her butt, out way of greeting each other. She turned around and freaked out big time she was so glad to see me there, in my cute ass costume. I gave her some shots before first period. I was talking shots between classes, avoiding teachers and other people who would rat on me. By the time the lunch bell rung I was really drunk. There was a bunch of food places right across the street from school, so we decided we would go to Taco Bell for lunch. We ordered our food and headed back to eat on the benches in front of them school. When we sat down my heart jumped, there was Rex and his biker gang and Adam was walking towards me. I remembered everything he said perfectly.

“Tommi, can I talk to you.”

I didn’t have to say anything, thank god for my best friend, “No! Adam you can’t talk to her don’t you know what you put her through, she’s never talking to your or any of your biker bitches again!” That was drunk Tia, yelling.

“Tia, it’s okay, I’ll talk to him, but right here what do you want Adam?” As I said it I could feel myself holding back tears.

“Look, I’m so sorry Tom, I love you I tried to stop you from going, and I even tried to make you leave when you got there.” Those memories flashed through my head.

“Why didn’t you just tell me before we went? Why didn’t you warn me or something, you say you love me but you’re just a piece of shit like the rest of your friends?” I realized I was yelling and crying.

When I looked around Tia was just staring at me with her big blue eyes, same with Adam he had tears in his eyes, and when I looked around some more I seen Rex was walking towards us, when I seen him I just remember yelling at Tia to get her shit and lets go. Seeing Rex terrified me, just having those thoughts in my head, knowing that he used to be one of Adam’s hot friends, and now… He was an enemy, a street dude that I didn’t want to know. When I looked back Adam was walking into school and Rex turned around and walked back towards his gang. All that went through my mind was that Rex set us up, and Adam didn’t try hard enough to stop him.


The holiday season passed, thanksgiving Tia always spent with us because he parents were too high to eat anything. I was baked off my ass and ate almost everything, Christmas passed by and I was drunk. Holidays were always the worst for me, even before the biker incident. Lily was three when she died, and even though my birth parents were so high they didn’t even care I spent each holiday with Lily by my side. It was always me and her, I missed her so much, and I was pissed at my birth parents for taking her away from me. Through the whole holiday season I decided to wear Lily’s ‘L’ necklace. After the holidays passed it was back to the same old’ thing. Skipping school, only going for like two days a week. Finally it was summer. Summer was crazy.

The first three weeks of summer my parents took me and Tia to Hawaii, it was the most fun we’ve had in so long. We didn’t drink or smoke the whole time we were there. Well, we drank a little bit the nights my parents went out me and Tia would sneak out and ask the older guys if they had beer. Most of the time they said yes. Other than some of those nights we spent those weeks sober, actually acting like sixteen year olds. Once we got back for a week we stayed inside and were stoned eating likes everything in the house. After that we went back to partying and being drunk. It was almost my seventeenth birthday, Tia tuned seventeen back in May. This year for my birthday I wanted to do something big, I wanted to do something outrageous. Since my birthday was on the first day or school again, me and Tia decided to wait till the weekend to really have fun. We ditched the first day again like always and went through the week drunk. I remember seeing Adam every day I was there and wanting to cry every time. He looked even sexier this year, his dad had got him a motorcycle finally and he and all the seniors was the new biker gang. His bike was so beautiful. It killed me because I remember him always promising to drive me on the back once he got it, now he had a girlfriend, an actually labeled girlfriend, her name was Tess. She didn’t drink and she didn’t smoke, she was a total goody-goody. Made me wonder how they met, I mean Adam didn’t always drink or party but he wasn’t a good kid that’s for sure.

Finally it was the big day. We decided to skip school and go get our hair and nails done, then head to San Francisco; there was a huge party going on and we definitely had to be there. When we stepped for our hair, I just dyed mine black, I cut it a few inches and gave it layers. It looked so hot. Tia’s hair finally grew some but she put extensions in, her hair was now my length and bleach blonde, I admit, she looked hot with it! Especially with her blue eyes it looked natural. When it came to our nails I went with long coffin shaped nails, all tan with red sparkles. Tia’s were super long black cat claws, now details aren’t important to some people but I remember this because it was the last normal day I had. Ever.

We went home and got ready, I wore Lily’s ‘L’ necklace, with a red mini pencil skirt and a white bra top with sparkly pumps. My makeup was super sparkly and fierce, like a stripper. Tia, with her new look, wore dark jeans with rips all the way up and down her legs and a black bra top and with sparkly pumps. We looked bomb, we took off around eight for Frisco, and we hot boxed all the way there. When we got there we parked down the street and walked up the block. We got a little bit smarter about our party ways, but obviously not enough. When we got to the hill where the party was everyone was there people from out school, old ass people, tons of half naked girls; and there I saw, Rex, and his whole gang. It was bigger now, tons of old men, and Adam with everyone from his gang at school. Their gang was huge, took up almost the whole hill. Tia turned to look at me to see if I was okay, I told her I’m fine and let’s go party.

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