Crazy Romance

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Blaine Is confused about what she wantes. David is the dark thrilling and mysterious stranger. Chandler is the childhood friend. Who will she choose.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Crazy Romance

Submitted: March 04, 2013

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Submitted: March 04, 2013



Chapter 1

Every time I saw Chandler I fell a little more in love with him. Eyes that were twin shimmering pools of blue and when I looked into them I felt like he could see my soul. There were two dimples right on each side of his mouth so that when he smiled at me I would smile back. When he stood in the doorway waiting I felt like it was just the two of us in the whole world. But then I saw Clara come up behind him and wrap her arms around him.

All my dreams were shattered. When he kissed her I turned away so I wouldn’t have to see them. There were tears in my eyes threatening to fall. A guy comes in and takes the seat next to me which I was saving for Chandler. I felt a tap on my shoulder, so I turned too look at him. He extended his hand toward me. “ Hi I’m David and I am new to this school. Is there anything I should know about the teacher.” I looked at him through a haze of tears.

“Um hi David I am Blaine. The teacher is an old crone who can hardly hear or see but she knows a lot about history so thats why I’m here. What about you, where did you come from and why did you take Honors World History III?”

“I’m from Ashland Nebraska, I took this class because I love history and too learn. What’s your next class?” As it turned out we had the next three classes together including lunch.

David was waiting for me at my locker when I got there. After my books were in my locker I grabbed my keys. Being Sophomores we could finally go out for lunch. “So David where do you want to go to lunch?” We walked out the front door. I liked to flaunt the fact that I had the hot new guy at my side. My car was parked in the senior section and when david saw it he went a little crazy. “Thats your car!! The Guardian Angel Mustang is like the must have car.
“Thanks I bought with money that I have saved up since first grade.”

“ You were getting paid in first grade?”
“ Lemonade Stands”
“Right of course.” I pressed the unlock button on my keys and the doors slid up. David practically screamed.
“The inside is a lot better than the outside, David, so are you coming or not?”

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