Shreiks in the night

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6 cats from each Clan, whether it be queen, warrior, apprentice, leader or medicene cat from TunderClan, ShadowClan, SkyClan, RiverClan, and DarkClan are entered as tributes in the annual Warrior Games. What makes this bloody story different from any other? Duh, I am different cat, having my own uniqueness, but thats not the point. My name is Fadingspirit, and this is MY story. Well, as they say, "Welcome to the Warrior Games, and may the odds be in your favour..."

P.S. Other POV's are included:3

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Shreiks in the night

Submitted: March 13, 2013

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Submitted: March 13, 2013



Petalfall, RiverClan, Queen:

StarClan forbid, wherever they are...

The morning dragged on, a thin drizzle damping  everyones fur as they waited for their fates.

"Welcome, Clans..." Brokenstar sneered.

Thistclaws mottled pelt flashed as he rushed to the middle of the clearing, six piles of stones crowding over him. 

"Six cats from each clan will be drawn, traslating into fourty-two worthless cats." Tigerstar cackled, a fading Mapleshade snickering beside him.

"Now l wll draw out the cats," 

He stuffed a white paw into the pile and set six stones out in front of him.

"From WindClan, is Sedgepaw, Whitear, and Leafstorm for the females, and Fallowpaw, Gorgethroat, and Flintspark." 

One by one, various lithe colours sped to the middle and sat in a huddling group. Thistleclaw had already picked out ThunderClans new tributes.

"Females for ThunderClan is Dappledleaf, oh a medicene cat... interesting. Cliffpaw, and Tuftyear." A tortiseshell, white-gray tabby, and dark brown tabby made their own shivering group six badgerlengths from WindClan.

"And Rivetpaw, Adderbite, and Greenminnow."

Three grayish toms joinef the she-cats.

  "For DarkClan is," He drew out six more syones. 


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