Adils Ketilson #2

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Adils Ketilson #2

Submitted: December 18, 2012

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Submitted: December 18, 2012



Adils Ketilson watched the eagle dive down into the river and snatch up a large trout. His boots were soaked with morning dew as he walked back to the cabin after four long days of hunting. It was a successful hunt. He managed to shoot two deer; one smaller doe, and a large buck.

He needed to settle down for the winter, so he would take any meat he could get. He might even have to trade with the natives before the first snowfall. The natives found in this land were not a very nice people, and they did not take a liking to strangers, but Adils had been on this land for almost a decade and they had become friends.

Game up here in the north was not scarce, but the terrain was unforgiving. One wrong step could leave you with a broken leg, and Adils could not afford that. He needed to find the forest of life soon to save his uncle, Sven who had become terribly ill. It was said that a fruit from the forest of life could cure a sick man, and could even bring back the dead.

Adils climbed up to the highest point of the valley where his cabin was located, and then stopped to soak up the sun. His armor shined as the rays of sun reached out to touch it. The view was beautiful. He looked out over the valley, which was filled with forests of white trees, and pines. The lake reflected the hill Adils was standing upon, and it was beautiful. Everything was beautiful here.

Adils’ cabin was not much of a cabin, just a shelter. It was about fifteen meters wide, and fifteen meters long. In the middle of it was a hole for a fire pit. And at the base of the cabin was a small opening, just big enough for Adils to fit through. This would have to last him the winter.

After Adils had set out the venison to dry into jerky he decided to try his luck at fishing down in the river. He grabbed his bow, and three arrows, and then headed out.

The part of the river where he was fishing was only about a foot deep, if that. It was not moving hardly at all, and there was plenty of fish. Within just a few minutes he had gotten five fish. As he was going for a sixth he heard a low, but blood curdling growl that came from behind him.

Slowly, he turned around. As he turned he brought the bow up to his chest and drew it back, an arrow knocked. When he saw what it was that had made the growling noise his heart stopped.

The bear stood eight feet high on its hind legs, and was covered with matted brown fur. Its claws were as long as Adils’ hands, and its teeth looked as if they could easily bite the leg off of a cow.

The bear growled once more, and then let its front legs fall to the ground, making the whole earth shake. Adils then wished he were back home with his uncle and friends from the village.

Then, a sudden feeling of pure hatred washed over him. He was not going to let a savage beast like this stop him from curing his uncle’s illness. He stood, bow drawn back, ready for a fight. But the bear just stood there and stared, his lips curled showing off his huge white teeth.

What seemed like hours later, the bear let out a snort, then, as if disappointed, turned away and trudged back into the woods. Only when the bear was completely out of sight did Adils let out his breath. He decided that five fish was enough for the day and headed back up to the cabin.

That night Adils could not help thinking about his home across the sea. He came over here to this new land over fourteen years ago with his uncle after his parents were murdered. Sven was the only family Adils had left, and he thought it would be a good learning experience for the boy if he came over with him to the new land.

Adils missed his parents, but there was nothing he could do. They were gone.

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