The Helldivers

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The Helldivers begin on their journey to the planet of Koulou.

Chapter 2 (v.1) - The Scavenger

Submitted: March 11, 2013

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Submitted: March 11, 2013



Mason led us over to one of the buildings inside of the outpost. He set a folder full of papers labeled, Document E1, onto a table that was sitting in the middle of the room. He said, “Landers, I want you and your team to read over this document very carefully. Next Friday you are going to be flown back to the states and you will get a full briefing for this at the Pentagon. You guys don’t know it yet, but you four are probably the most important people in this world at this point.” With that he turned around and started for the door, but before he left he looked back and said, “Oh, and by the way, great job today.” Then he was gone.

When we got back to the base the cooks were serving real beef. At first I wondered where it had come from, but the Henderson told me exactly where the cooks had gotten hold of it. He said in his monotone voice, “There was a cow that got caught in a barbed wire fence up the hill a little ways. A couple of guys went up there and shot it, and then they dragged it down for the cooks to make beef stew.”

I asked him if the civilians would get mad that they shot one of their cows and he simply said, “Probably.” Then he continued to stuff his mouth with food like we never had the conversation. Henderson was a tall black man in his mid twenties. He never did say much of anything, and when he did say something it was usually just straightforward with no other details.

Sergeant Petterson was the complete opposite of Henderson, aside from the fact that their names rhymed. He was a short, but very muscular man also in his mid twenties. He always had his hair cut into a short Mohawk, the Mr. T style. He also had a scorpion tattooed on the side of his head. That badass feeling overcame you when you saw him, and he was very intimidating. However, once you got to know him he wasn’t so bad.

Finally, Landers was a born and bred leader. He was in his thirties, and was already a Captain. He just had that personality about him where if he told you to do something you did it no matter what. He was about six feet tall, and he had that look to him that meant all business.

“Tazz, Henderson! Get your asses over here! We’re gonna take a look at that document the general gave us.” Petterson called us in from a small, one room building that we used as an interrogation room for any Korean prisoners that we needed to get information from. Petterson was in charge of that, usually just looking at him would make the prisoners talk.

I got up and walked over there. Petterson was leaning against the wall to the left, and Landers was sitting in a chair studying the documents. He looked up and noticed we were there. He motioned for us to sit down and handed us each a packet of papers, including Petterson.

“Take a good hard look at this guys. This is serious stuff. I’ll let you guys look at this for a while; I’m gonna go get myself some food.” He slapped the papers down on the table and left. The other two began to read over the papers, I looked down at my own.

E1 1st deg. Classified

The purpose for creating the elite unit known as Helldivers is not to fight against the North Korean Army; it is much more than that. Scientists, as you know, had discovered the planet Koulou more than ten years ago, but they weren’t able to travel there until only just two years ago. When they got there they found a new type of metal called Hardonite that acts much like earth’s coal, but the difference is that this new metal burns much slower and does not let off as much Nitrogen Oxides; causing less pollution.

The only problem with this is that the scientists could not reach the large deposits of Hardonite to bring back to Earth because of a hostile alien race that fires upon any human they see. This alien race is humanoid in nature. They are estimated to weigh three hundred pounds on average. They have blue, scaly skin, and golden eyes. These creatures are a threat to us because they are superior to us in technology and are very dangerous.

E1’s job is to travel to Koulou and help the scientists get to the Hardonite, and protect them and the base from the hostile aliens at all costs.

Petterson and Henderson were already done reading by the time I had finished. “Wow,” Petterson began saying, “that is not what I was expecting at all.”

“Yeah, me either. I just hope to God they have got better equipment there than we’ve got here fighting the Koreans. I doubt our weapons would do any good against an alien that is farther in technology than we are.” Both of them nodded, their eyes locked to the floor the whole time.

I decided to hit the sack. It was only nine o’clock, but I was tired and we were leaving for D.C. in the morning. At that moment, a part of me wished that I had never signed up for this unit, but what did i have to look forward to back at home? Nothing, absolutly nothing. I was just like all of the other guys in our unit; this was the only place we belonged.

An officer led the four of us to a lecture room inside of the pentagon. We had arrived in D.C. early that morning. A man in a silk suit with glasses hanging down from his undershirt was standing in front of a holographic screen with a picture of a planet on it. I guessed that the picture was of Koulou. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. It looked like a lush paradise, not some desert planet like earth was becoming. The wierd thing about Koulou, though, was that it's Landmasses were a dark purple in color. I wondered to myself how that could happen, but I figured the man would explain everything so i sat down to listen.

When we all had sat down the man in front of the screen began his presentation. “This planet here is Koulou.” He said, pointing at the picture, “It is more than four light-years away, and has an atmospheric pressure of eleven point two. It has three moons called Arbiter, Haardysees, and Shum. It's moon Shum is almost identicle to earth aside from the fact that is much smaller than our planet."

“Our base, FOB Alcatraz, is on the Eastern side of the planet. On Earth that would be somewhere in the middle of the continent of Africa.” He pressed a button on the clicker and the picture changed from a planet to a picture of one of the aliens? It was massive with big, thick arms. Its legs looked as if they could be tree trunks. It was dressed in some kind of armor and was also holding a gun at its side.

“This is a brute. That’s what we call them. These brutes are what you four are going to be fighting once you get onto the planet.” The man pressed another button and the screen turned black. “That’s all we’ve got for you today boys. You will receive more additional information once you get onto the planet. Now your directions say that you are to go out to hangar fifteen, which is right outside the doors of the West wing, and board the ship. You leave for Koulou in fifteen minutes.”

With that we left the lecture hall and went out to the hangar. We were all nervous; nobody said a word on our way out. When we entered the hangar I saw the ship that would be flying us four light-years from home, and it was absolutely amazing! It looked to be about a quarter mile long, and a couple hundred feet tall. It was a dull white in color, and the word scavenger was written on the side of it.

Petterson was obviously amazed by the ship also. He let out a quiet, “Hooooly shit!” from under his breath. Suddenly stairs began to slowly unfold to the ground from under the ship.

We climbed up the stairs, Landers first, and entered the ship. It was dark at first, but then the lights flashed on revealing the inside of the ship.

Everything in there was white, even if there wasn’t much of anything. All there was in the ship were about four hundred tube type things that a single person could fit in. All of a sudden four of them opened, and a women’s voice started to speak.

“Hello, and welcome to the Scavenger shuttle. Step into the pods and strap yourselves in. We will begin our flight once everyone has been injected with Hydertoxin.”

What was that? Hydertoxin? Injection? I looked over at the other guys but, but they didn’t seem to be worried about it and were already getting themselves strapped into the pods.

“You comin’ Tazz?” Landers asked me when he finished strapping himself in.

“Yes, I’m sorry sir.” I replied to him, and walked into the pod. When I had strapped myself into the pod all of the doors closed, and a needle slowly came out from the side wall and injected me with something. I instantly fell asleep.


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