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Daniel Sky was an ordinary guy until he is kidnapped by an unknown species. Follow Daniel as he fights to uncover the mysteries of his past and future, whilst trying to save the world from the Caedies.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Mindstrider (Prologue & Chapter 1)

Submitted: July 21, 2012

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Submitted: July 21, 2012




My Prologue

Hello, my name is Daniel Sky and I am 16 years old. I currently live in London, England. My story is long and you are just about to find why. Since, about, 6 months ago I was an orphan, my Mother passed in child birth and Dad was caught in the cross fire between gun men and police at a bank robbery.

I used to live in the shadow of something which I never knew existed but now I’m under the spotlight.

I lived a pretty ordinary life, before. I went to school, did my homework and went to bed. I had friends, enemies and a crush but all of that isn't important now, because I have bigger worries and duties to be worried about.

As you will later find out, I am not like any other human. To be honest, I’m not really a human at all but something entirely different- a Mindstrider.

And my duty is to save the world from the Caedum Homines

Chapter 1

The Beginning

I knew something was wrong; I was on my way to meet my friends, down at the river, but something in the middle of this dark, consuming forest didn’t feel quite right. I had made this journey, probably, hundreds of times before. But that time it felt different.

Snap! There it was- the noise. Snap, snap, snap, snap, snap- as if something was running through the trees. It was circling... circling me. I scanned the area but it was hard to see more than fifteen metres before the trees swallowed up the horizon. I made up made mind, in a heartbeat. Run.

I darted off towards the river, running as fast as I could possibly manage. I could hear “it” pursuing me, jumping from tree-top-to-tree-top. I could finally hear the gushing of the flowing water from the river, Safety.

I burst through the trees into open air, expecting to see the others. They were there, except they were bound and gagged- sitting back to back. They were surrounded by people. Wait- not people, but creatures. They had basic humanly features but their skin was bark coloured and scabby; their noses were more like snouts and had small, elf like ears. Some of them had small tuffs of hair or a few hairs sticking out but most of them had bold, egg shaped, scabby heads.

One turned and faced me. He cocked his head a little, looking curious.

“Leave them alone!” I shouted. He smiled- revealing his yellow and brown teeth- then released a sort of chuckle. “What’s so funny?” I asked cautiously.

“Daniel Sky?” He grunted,

“Yes... What do you want?” I was starting to get scared, “How do you know my name?”

“Hmm, this is very good.” He stepped forward, “Very good indeed.”

“What’s so good about me? I’m just Daniel, Daniel Sky.” I found myself retreating, arms outstretched feeling behind me.

“You see Daniel; we have been looking for you for quite a while,”

“Go on,” I murmured.

“And... Now we’ve found you. So you see, Daniel Sky, you are going to have to come with us.” He chuckled and that’s when I reacted, I spun around and darted off in the other direction- towards the Forest. I probably made ten paces when something fell from the tree, in front of me and blocked my path. Another creature blocked my path, but this one was smaller and obviously quicker. This must have been what chased me towards the river. He was about my size. I wasn’t going to give myself up- I was going to fight.

The creature lunged towards me; I dodged out to the left, brought up my knee which smashed into its ribs with a bone crunching crack. He keeled over and crumpled onto the floor. The others advanced, they were bigger than the one I just faced and I knew I couldn’t take them all on. How many were there? Six. I could take maybe three or four of them but defiantly couldn’t take six.

The last thing I knew was a searing pain in the back of my head; it must have been the small creature. I saw was my best friend, Max, look at me in horror as I fell. Then I hit the floor and my vision went blurry, I blacked out.

The next thing I knew I was in a small, concrete cell; three metres by three metres and no means of escape. Twice a day the creatures came in with bread and water, maybe some chicken. When I first arrived I thought about making a break for it however I had no idea how to get out and there were two guards outside my door; armed with axes. I had no idea how long I’d be there but I knew that I had to find a way to escape.

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