The New Helsing

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On the outside Helsing Enterprises seems like a successful multi-billion dollar company, but on the inside it harbours a dark secret; Helsing Enterprises is the largest Vampire hunting corporation in the World. Only a hand few of people know about their hidden agenda but, essentially, they are the reason you are still alive today. Matt Van Helsing, the latest in the line of famous Vampire hunters, as well as having to deal with being the son of the CEO of the World's biggest organisation, has to deal with his destiny to become the World's best Vampire slayer.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The New Helsing

Submitted: March 04, 2013

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Submitted: March 04, 2013




Chapter 1

Matt was destined to hunt vampires, it was in his blood, and tonight was finally the night. He pulled his up his hood, trying to tackle the harsh winter wind as he quickened his pace down the deserted city street.

He checked his phone, 10:57, three minutes until the deal. He navigated through the phone’s menu and opened a file named “TARGET_001”; and a mug shot of a man’s face appeared on the screen. The man had stringy, dirty blonde hair and a mousy face; there was bold lettering below it, it read“ALEXANDER ACROS”. Beneath that it read “LEVEL 1 NO.1873”, no further information was needed. Earlier that day Matt had been briefed by the Board of the organisation: find the target and stake him through the heart. Matt put his phone back into his jeans pocket and hurried on.

Matt stopped at the entrance of the alley. He could hear the booming music from the nightclub across the alleyway, he re-checked his phone, he saw 10:59 click over to 11:00, he bit his lip nervously and knew it was time. He gripped the straps on his backpack and turned into the alley.

Alexander was already waiting nervously for him. He stood before an open doorway, lights flashing and music booming from inside. Alexander saw Matt approaching and met him halfway.

 “You got the gear?” Matt asked, going along with the drug deal cover story that the Board equipped him with.

“Yes, my friend.” Alexander replied as he twitched and glanced over his shoulder. His accent was unmistakably Romanian. Matt tensed as Alexander reached into his jacket pocket but relaxed when he pulled out the product: an air tight bag full of cocaine. “One bag, just as you asked, now give me the money.”

It was then that Matt reached backwards and pulled a wooden stake out of his backpack. It took a moment for Alexander to realise what was happenin; he spun around, faster than most humans and tried to flee. Matt grabbed his shoulder and turned him back around but Alexander used the momentum to release a vicious left hand blow to Matt’s jaw. Matt flew of his feet and spun in the air before landing on his back. Before Matt could blink, Alexander was on top of him. Alexander bared his teeth and they grew into inch long fangs; he hissed before plunging his head towards Matt’s neck. Matt spun over and threw Alexander off him but Alexander was on his feet, in a crouching stance, in an instant.

“I should have known, I could smell you from before I could see you, slayer! I’m going to enjoy ripping your throat out!”

Matt rolled and picked up the wooden stake just as Alexander leaped towards him; Matt exploded upwards and drove the stake deep into Alexander’s heart. Alexander burst into ash and Matt landed on the ground, embers showered down on him.

Matt straightened himself out, readjusted backpack and jacket and pulled out his phone; he dialled a number and spoke into the phone “Alexander Acros, number 1873, status: terminated,” and then he hung up, put in his earphones and strided out of the alleyway.

After a while Matt looked up at the London skyline and saw Helsing Tower, the highest and grandest out of any of the skyscrapers in London. Helsing Enterprises was the World’s biggest company, with businesses dominating every market from the music industry to the travel industry. However Helsing Enterprises hid a dark secret, only known by the Queen, Prime Minister and a handful of other important figures across the globe. Helsing Enterprises ran the largest Vampire hunting operation of the Planet; and Matt Van Helsing was the latest in the long line of the most famous Vampire Hunters in history.


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