The RoadWay Inn

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Chapter 20 (v.1) - In To The Darkness

Submitted: December 15, 2010

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Submitted: December 15, 2010



“What the heck...first we couldn’t see the contents of the damn file and as a sweet addition, we can’t even see where the heck we are and how are we gonna get where they have kept Ashley and Joe...” I groaned.

“DAMN!” Jessica screamed and slammed the torch on the floor...


It switched on...we looked at each other for a few seconds to wait if the torch was going to be turned off again...but it kept lit...I quickly grabbed it from the floor and encircled the torch around three of us because I desperately wanted to look around and find the way that would lead us to Ashley and Joe as the file could be looked at later on...

We were in a wide tunnel that had air ducts at close distances which were the reason why we were able to breathe in a distance there were few rooms side by side and then there was a glass door at the end...

“Guys, lets move...lets check what’s in those rooms” Jessica said.

“Yeah...” Joshua added and we all rushed towards the we reached to the rooms we had to stop because those rooms had little glass windows and if there was someone inside he could see us...

“Let me peek in...both of you stay here...” Joshua said.

“Alright” I added.

Joshua moved forward and carefully peeked into one room’s window then in others...there were total of 4 rooms...2 on right and two at left...after checking those rooms from the windows he came back...

“fellas...there isn’t enough light in the rooms but i could see huge cages in these rooms...plenty of wild animals are kept in there...some serious **** is going on in here...nobody keep such animals as pets in secret places like this...”Joshua whispered.

“Which animals?” Jessica asked with fear.

“Cold-blooded vertebrate of the classReptilia such as Crocodiles, reptile alligators, crocodiles, and snakes...and this is not all...there is a polar bear in one of the big rooms too...”

“What!!! A polar bear??? I and Jessica screamed together.

“Yeah...” He answered.

“Do you have any idea what you just said? Polar bear is a White bear of Arctic regions...what a polar bear is doing here? How did they bring him here...and why? You sure you saw a polar bear joshua”

“Yeah man...I’m may take a look yourself...there’s no human around here so you can easily check it out...”

“Sure I will...” and I checked the rooms one by one...Joshua was right...

“You saw what Joshua said?” Jessica asked.

“Yeah...he’s right...this place is creepy...who knew our stay at this hotel of only one night will bring all these obscure mysteries that are hard to believe as a reality...two of our beloved friends are in extreme danger as we have been trying out to find joe for half of the night and now our search has been extended to get Ashley too....” I said with emotions driven voice.

Suddenly we heard heavy foot the same time the torch died...

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