Magical Mischief and Mindless Moves

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Weeping Angels

Submitted: February 04, 2012

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Submitted: February 04, 2012




A few weeks later, the whole school is starting to get in the Halloween theme. Jack O’ Lanterns have replaced the floating candles and there are more bats than ever. Halloween itself is just a few days left and everyone is talking about the annual Halloween dance. A thing more strange is, I haven’t seen Peeves in ages. Normally, he’s in his upper best around Halloween, but this year… It’s almost like he disappeared. Though I know he hasn’t, because there are still a lot of kids bothered by his jokes. Lotte also haven’t seen him in a  while. It ‘s all quite odd, because, in this time of the year, he always hangs around, asking us or the twins to help with his pranks.
Anyway, it’s the Wednesday before Halloween and I have the first two hours off. Lotte is in Biology class right now, and the twins normally would have Math’s, but professor Vector canceled it for a beta-congress. I’m walking through the corridors, followed by my dear Pyrite. Well, in fact, it’s more the other way around; Pyrite is having the time of her life trying to catch bats, while I follow her tail.
At the end of the corridor on the ground floor (what is basically the piece leading to the auditorium) I suddenly hear strange noises. Not like the strange, Halloween noises I’ve been hearing the whole past week, but more like someone, or something, walking on his toes on a weird way. I turn around the corner and look at two big weeping angel statues, probably standing there as Halloween decorations. I listen again, but the strange noise is gone. The only thing I hear right now is Pyrite chasing a few bats. I turn around to look at her, and there’s the noise again. I immediately turn back around, and I scare the hell out of myself. The two angels have moved and are now a few meters away from me.
“Whoa, that are some brilliant effects.” I say loudly, even though there’s no one around. Maybe that’s where the strange noise comes from, the moving of these two objects. Pyrite is done with the chasing and sits down next to me, gazing at the two angels. I turn around and walk back. I should get my stuff for History class. I notice I’m not being followed. I stop and look back. “Pyrite, are you coming?” It takes a few seconds, but there she is. We walk downstairs, Pyrite stopping sometimes to look back up.

I walk through the locker room to my own locker, where I keep my school stuff when not needed. It are big, American lockers, splitting the wall in two. I have the upper locker, with Chantal’s locker beneath mine. I open it to grab my bag and a notebook and pen, and when I close it, I hear voices whispering. I would almost start to think I’m getting paranoid, with the angel statues and now this, though I see someone in the corner. I walk towards the person and see that it’s not one person, but two persons and a ghost. And to be more precisely, Fred, George and Peeves.
“I don’t think we should do it like that, but in a different way.” I hear Fred say.
“Well, like… Okay, I don’t know, but I just think we shouldn’t do it your way, Peeves. That joke is just not funny.”
“Oh, someone has some strange feeli… Oh hi, Becky.”
“Hi, Peeves, I was already wondering what happened. I mean, I haven’t seen you in ages.” Peeves looks nervous, that’s weird.
“Yep, and talking about it, I have to go.” And with a pop, Peeves leaves.
“Where was that about? You three are planning a joke?” I ask the twins.
“Yes. Well, sorta. It’s… It’s complicated.” Fred says.
“Yeah, like the ‘girl stuff’ you and Lotte talked about…” George continues. The girl stuff… That was weeks ago. What’s really going on here?
“Anyway, we also have to go. P.E. class.” And without any more words, they follow Peeves’ example and leave.

The first break just started, but I already walk upstairs to the History classroom. Lotte, Kayleigh and Simone are already there.
“Hey guys, you are early.”
“Yes, well, same for you.” Kayleigh says. I smile. 
“I wonder what we’re going to do today, and where we’re going.”
In the next few minutes, more students come standing in front of the classroom. Like always, because no-one wants to miss a spectacular class by the Doctor.
“Good morning class.” Following the students, the Doctor comes walking to the classroom and opens the door.
“What are we going to do today, Doctor?” Kayleigh and Rose ask at the same time. Both girls are always together in History class, probably because they both have a crush on the teacher.  “
Ah, well, I’m about to tell you that. First, take a seat.” A few students, who already walk towards the big blue box in the corner, turn around disappointed. “Now, today, we are going to 1600. We have another appointment with William Shakespeare. Who’s excited?” Almost everyone raises both hands and everybody starts talking. The Doctor jumps on a table and screams: “Fingers on lips!” Everyone is immediately quiet and follows the Doctor’s example, who slowly puts a finger on his lips.
“Nine.” Everybody looks around. “What?” Kayleigh seems not to understand it.
“I’m sorry, what did you just say?” The Doctor walks towards Kayleigh and Rose.
“I said nothing.”
“No, I heard you say something. A number. Why did you say that?”
“I didn’t say a number. I said nothi… eight. Nothing.” Kayleigh hears the word she just said, that didn’t belong in the sentence.
“You are counting down. That’s impossible. Have you seen a Weeping Angel?” “
“There are two angel statues at the auditorium.” I say. The Doctor looks at me for a second, but turns back around to Kayleigh.
“Have you seen these statues?”
“Uhm, yes.”
“Okay then. Close your eyes and don’t open them until I say so. Now, change of plans, class. We are going on a Weeping Angel hunt.”
“Yes, Amy.” The Doctor points at the ginger girl who raised her hand.
“What exactly is a Weeping Angel?”
“Ah,yes, very good question, Amy. Weeping Angels are very old creatures, probably as old as the universe, and no-one knows where they come from. Well… Anyway, it’s a very long story. More important right now is how to avoid their attack.”
“Attack? I thought they were statues.”
“Rory, Rory, do you ever listen? They are an alien race, I just told you that.”
“Anyway,” The Doctor continues, ignoring Rory.  “when you see a Weeping Angel, don’t blink. Don’t ever blink. Blink and you’re dead. Weeping Angels move the moment you close your eyes, and will send you back in time.” So that’s why I heard them moving when I turned around. “You see, they feed themselves with the energy of the years you would have lived in the future.”
“So, they don’t kill you?”
“Yes, Martha, they don’t kill you. Well, they kill you nicely. When send back to the past, you can just go on with living your life. However, it is also possible that they need a body, and then they will kill you. They mostly do that by snapping your neck, but in this case, they have plant an image in Kayleigh’s brain. Well… Kayleigh, have you looked straight into their eyes?”
“I guess.” Kayleigh answers, still with her eyes closed.
“Okay, they have plant an image in your brain. Right now you’re like a time bomb. Don’t worry, just keep your eyes closed and they won’t infect you.”
“Infect me how? A time bomb? Doctor, I don’t understand.”
“That which holds the image of an angel becomes itself an angel. Now, we are going to make sure that you won’t get infected. Otherwise we could always try to make them look at each other.”“What happens then?” the blond girl next to Kayleigh asks.
“Good question, Rose. When two angels look at each other, they will be trapped in stone forever. That’s why they cover their eyes when frozen. Okay, any more questions?” He looks around.  “Good. I’m going to need a few of you to help me. The rest is going to make sure they won’t infect Kayleigh. Let’s see, who wants to help. Okay, Amy, you’re in. Take Rory with you.” Amy stands up, but Rory protests. I raise my hand, and next to me I see Lotte doing the same. “Okay, anyone? Right, Becky, Lotte, you’re in too. Martha, you too. Rose, you’re sure you don’t want to stay with Kayleigh?”
“No, I want to help.”
“Okay. Mickey, Draco, you two are also in. I think that’s enough.” There are still two girls with raised hands.
“Sir? Sir? Sir?”
“Yes, Lauren?”
“Can I ask you a question, sir?”
“Yes, Lauren, you can, if you stop your ‘bovvering’ act right here.”
“Okay, deal. But why can’t I come, sir?”
“Same for me, here.” Mels says, stretching her hands behind her head.
“Do you want an honest answer?” The Doctor answers.
“Okay, well, I find you very annoying and I think it’s better if you stay here because you would probably get into trouble.” The Doctor walks as quickly as possible out of the room, followed by us. Behind us, I can hear Lauren yell her usual ‘bovvered’ Shakespeare act.
“Sir! Ammist I bovvered?”
“Oi, you can’t leave me here with these two!” Kayleigh yells.
“You still got me.”
“Thanks, Mone.”
“I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry.” The Doctor yells back.

We walk downstairs to the auditorium. The Doctor hasn’t told us what we have to do yet, but I guess we’re with such a big group because of the blinking. We walk around the corner, and now the nine of us look at the two statues that have appeared to be two Weeping Angels. There’s one on the right side of the place and one on the left side.
“Okay, I need you all to stand in between the Angels.  Four of you have to look to the angel on the right side, the other four have to look to the angel on the left side. Then in one exact minute, I need you all to close your eyes and duck. Okay? No questions right now, I’ll answer them later. One minute, count down. Starting… Now!” Even though I have no idea what’s happening, I start to count down. The Doctor runs away.
“What in the world? He’s just leaving us behind in company of some creepy aliens.”“Shh, Mickey, count down. 55. 54.” Rose says.
And so we stand for a minute, not blinking and looking at the Angels. When the minutes passes, we all yell: “Now!” I close my eyes and duck. The next second I hear the moving of the angels, and a vworping noise.
“Okay, everyone, you can open your eyes again. Watch your head.” the trusted voice of the Doctor says. I open my eyes. We’re in the TARDIS, the two angels facing each other.“They’re stone, for real now. They’ve looked each other in the eyes the moment you guys ducked.” I walk a bit aside before I stretch my back, or else I would have hurt my head against an Angel while standing up.
“So, Doctor, is Kayleigh alright now?” I ask, hoping it to be true.
“Not yet. We first have to get rid of these statues.”
“But they aren’t real Angels anymore.”
“That is true, Rose.”
“So… We can just move the TARDIS and leave them somewhere in a garden?”
“That is possible, Mickey, but that’s still a bit dangerous. I have a better plan, and that should be worked out by now.” The Doctor looks at a screen and the next moment there’s a knocking at the door. He runs to the door and opens it. “Good morning, professor. So sorry I had to bother you with this.”
“That’s okay, Doctor. Now, your student said something about Weeping Angels?” Professor McGonagall walks in and looks at the two statues. “What do I have to do?”
“Well, they need to disappear, though just leaving them somewhere someplace is not an option.”
“I see.” The rather severe-looking woman grabs her wand from her cloak and says:  “Evanesco.” The next moment both angels have vanished. Professor McGonagall turns the Doctor. “Anything else, Doctor?”

“Okay, Kayleigh, you can open your eyes.” We follow the Doctor back into the classroom. Kayleigh opens her eyes with a sigh of relief.
“Thank God. Lauren kept on asking me if she looked bovvered.”
“Is Kayleigh alright now? She’s not turning into a Weeping Angel, is she?”
“No, she won’t. The Angels are gone.” The Doctor answers a worried Simone. “Now, the real question is, how were they able to get inside the building?”

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