His Headphones-

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

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Submitted: June 27, 2010



Before Terra or I could even register what was happening we hear laughter from behind us. Someone touches my shoulder and I can hear really obnoxious laughter in my ear.
"Hahahaha.... Dustin. What did i tell you about flirting with girls? it only causes trouble. And plus your my boyfriend! How could you do this to me!" The person leaning on my shoulder started to cry dramatically.
The women Dustin ran into walked by glaring at him as he stared at her apologetically. She looked really pissed off, if i were him i would have told her that it was more her fault then his, She had full view of where she was walking.
The women turned her head, and Dustin turned and faced his Boy friend?!
I couldn't help but laugh. So much was going on and i was so confused, not to mention I’m still embarrassed by Dustin's comment.
Terra was shell-shocked. She just stood there taking it all in.
"I'm not your boyfriend Alex."His faced was stern all of sudden as 'Alex' left my shoulder and skipped, I'm not kidding, he SKIPPED to Dustin and wrapped his hands around his arm.
"Haha, stop lying," Alex started, then added to me, "This guy right here, he's such a kidder..." Terra started to laugh and i could tell Dustin wasn't enjoying this scenario as much as she was. I must look so confused right now.
"God damn it! Alex really?" Dustin's voice became angry and his face, stern. I know he was being serious, but it just looked so forced. I started giggling just as Terra stopped. She looked really scared, like Dustin was going to rip her head off. This is so ridiculous, my brave friend is scared shitless and a guy i just met is making me pee myself! Haha.....
Dustin just kind of stares at me and i stop giggling. But the small smile never leaves my face. i look at Terra and she still looks scared, but she just lifts her hand up like she doesn't have a care in the world and her face lightens up. She looks at me like she has no idea what's happening and she brushes it off her shoulder.
Everything kind of happens at once, first I see Dustin push his friend's hand away, then i see him whispering to him. It's really weird and Terra tries to walk away and i try to follow her, but some guy I didn't even know was there grabs my shoulders and i turn around and he's like six feet tall. He really isn't that scary, he is dressed in skinny jeans and an open vest making him look like good company, but his height intimidates me and I just stay there.
The guy has a deep voice and he asks me to wait for Dustin, so i do. Terra comes back and grabs my arm and we kind of stand there as this tall guy pulls Alex from Dustin and walks away. Leaving Dustin standing across the Mall corridor. Watching his, I guess his friends, walk away.
Terra, the most courageous person I know, starts the conversation, "Uh, What was that all about?"
When Dustin looks up at us he looks disheveled. "I'm not gay, first off. Those are just my friends. They always do things like that, Alex is NOT my boyfriend. He just does things like that to piss me off. I'm sorry." The small smirk and hair flip he added after talking made the whole situation okay, and Terra and I kind of sighed and accepted it.
"Let's get a move on this shall we?" With as little as effort as possible I started our trek out of the mall. Oddly enough, I wasn't behind Terra and Dustin, but I slipped comfortably between them.
"You know what i just realized?"
"No, Headphones, I don't." What the hell, after calling me 'Adorable', which is humiliating on it's own, he continues to call me by this ungodly nickname?
"Stop calling her Headphones. Go on Cyndy." I love Terra. She can read my mind.
"Thank you Terra, I just realized that Dustin is basically the authority figure put in charge of throwing us out of the mall." I tried to say this without smirking so Dustin couldn't see my plan. But of course I fail and Terra picked up on the mischievous grin on my face.
"Yea... Dustin is, isn't he? I hardly got to do any shopping today too... What a waste."
We both turned to look at Dustin, Terra using her puppy dog eyes, and me puffing out my lower lip.
"Yeah well, too bad about that, I guess you guys should have been noisy after finishing your shopping." Dustin saw right through our plan. He put his hands in his pockets and started to walk in front of us. Trying to whistle.
How does he not know how to whistle. Isn't it like something you have to learn how to do before you leave childhood? A right of the playground?
I continued to think of other "Rights of the Play Ground", But was interrupted by Terra's elbow in my side.
"Cyndy! Don't you really want to just stop in this one store to get jeans? For a quick second so this day wasn't a total bust?" Of course i did. We actually came here today to get dresses for the "Welcome Back" party after the dance at school. Unfortunately school starts in less than two weeks and the dance is in less than three. The party is to be held shortly after the dance, at some kid's house. I really need a dress for this party because our group of friends are going in Goth themed pretty in pink attire and I'll be left out if i don’t come in costume.
"Yea that would be nice... I really need a dress for the party." We were practically on or knees begging Dustin to let us go in. But he still ignored us.
"Please Dustin! It will only be a second! you can come in with us and make sure we don't dilly dally!" Terra is so weird. Who says dilly dally? Haha.... At least she's bargaining with him I was just going to beg until he let us look.
"Fine, but Headphones has to bring me, as her date, to this party." Before he even turned around i could hear the smile on his face.
"Hell no." I looked from Terra face, seeing her plotting my life for me, and then to Dustin's smirking face. I just met this guy so i keep on walking, hoping Terra will follow me and Dustin will just stay there. Watching me take my headphones out of my bag and placing them on my head. Leaving his flippy hair, and his weird gray eyes.
Well.. i guess they aren't weird... Why am i deffending him.. It's not like we're dating.
Why would anyone date someone who calls them Headphones?

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