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Chapter 3 (v.1)

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Submitted: June 27, 2010



All i can hear is the music pounding through my ears. And as I walk away i watch as the people around continue their lives. I see them like a silent movie. The music in my ears their new soundtrack. Maybe something just happened to someone, and they will remember it for a long time, maybe they will think of how crowded the mall was... Maybe I can live on as a tiny part of their lives.
I'm almost out of the mall and Terra hasn't caught up to me yet. I hope she's not mad at me. I replay the incident in mind again, "Fine, but Headphones has to bring me, as her date, to this party." Who asks people they just met out on dates? He practically invited himself to a party we are going too! I'm glad I told him off.
Wait... Did i sound like an ass? Oh god! I did. Every time he thinks of me he'll think of an asshole who wouldn't give him a chance! He might be fun to bring to the party. And it wouldn't be a real date. Maybe I can go back and say sorry. So he'll think of me as a nice person. I should probably brush my hair... So he doesn't think I'm extremely hideous. No. Never mind, i don't care what he thinks about me. Let him think I’m a bitch! I'm doing this for myself. So i know that I'm a good person. But i can still brush my hair before i see him, taking off my headphones always makes it knotty
I find the nearest rest room and brush my light brown hair. It's so flat. I wish i had wavy hair, but i guess if i had it i would want straight hair again. After I brush my hair I give myself little pep talk.
"You know what Cyndy! You are an amazing person. You do not need to be nice to this guy, but he is oh so obviously delusion so, you might as well play along. And maybe it will be o.k. Maybe it will make you seem like a kinder person. This is just showing yourself that your awesome and you can take risks." pausing i look in the mirror and smirk. "Do it for charity!" I almost pump my fist into the air but someone walks into the bathroom and I don't want to look like more of a fool than i already do.
"Terra! Hey! Sorry I left, i was just......"
"Shocked I know, it's o.k., I got his number for you and told him the details of the party." of course Terra did. When didn't Terra do things like that?
"Oh..." I guess I'll try and play it cool. " Yea, o.k., that's nice... So why are you still here??" I could see her watching my every move. When is she going to realize I don't over react to things. And that I don't like this guy.
"Dustin let us off the hook and said that we could shop."
"Oh okay So.. I guess we should go shop then!"
We walked to Cinderella's, A very girly store. But it isn't that bad. There are pink tutus, corsets, skirts, shirts and dresses everywhere. It isn't very Goth but we're going to do some "alternations" to the things we buy here.
"Cyndy! This is so cute! You have to try this one on!"
"Uh... No thanks, I'm o.k." The only time Terra wants me to try something on that she found by herself is something that she actually wants.
"You haven't even turned around to look at it!"
" I can tell it's not for me... I'm psychic!" I laughed to myself as i sort through some tops neatly folded on a table.
"Fine whatever. I'll try it on!" Terra's voice was lower, but i could hear the raise in it as she walked away. I knew she wanted to buy it.
This is okay... But it's kind of sparkly.
I pick up a shirt made of shiny material to look at it, but low and behold it's a pant-suit and i drop it immediately. This store is really strange. Walking over to the dressing room to help Terra i skim the racks and tables of clothe. Not really paying attention.
"Cyndy! Are you out side? I need your opinion!"
"Yeah, I'm here which room are you in?" I see a foot pop out from under a door and I move toward. Terra opens the door and she's wearing a light pink camisole with white lace on the sides and back.The garment is nice but Terra looks uncomfortable.
"Can you help me lace the sides and back?"
After we have it all done up, she looks better, but not very excited. I love it. It's so.. fantastic. The bodice is simple, with lace crossed down the middle. The satin is being pulled from the stitch in the middle towards the sides, making little wrinkles. I even like the sweetheart neckline.
"Terra you have to get this. "
Standing in the small space with her as she turned from side to side in the mirror i could tell she didn't like it. Maybe she really did want me to try it on.
"I don't really like it but, I'll help you put it on."
I bought the camisole and Terra got a short hot pink dress with ruffles at the bottom. It was also strapless and I can only imagine what she's going to do to it.
"I'll have a lemonade, yeah, thank you."
"Terra, I think I should wear black skinny jeans and change the white lace to black shoe laces. Don't you think that would look good?"
"Here, thanks." She got her lemonade and we walked away from the stand, "That would look good, but you should keep the white laces because the white and light pink make you seem like, soft and smooth ‘cause your hair is light too. But for the party that would be really nice, we can give you pink extensions!"
"That would be really nice, does your mom have temporary black hair dye?"
"Black Hair dye is never temporary." Terra's mom owns a hair salon and can pretty much get us anything we want for our hair.
"Okay. What are you going to do to your dress?"
"We'll see... Let's go get supplies, you need new skinny jeans so we can mess with them if we want to." We get my skinny jeans and walk to a craft store. Thankfully Terra's Mom's hair salon is only a few blockas away so we go there and hang out for a while.
Oddly enough Terra doesn't bring up Dustin once. But when her mom drops us off at my house, she adds his number into my phone. And then quickly changes the subject, talking about her latest crush, and how she intends to seduce him.

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