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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: June 27, 2010

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Submitted: June 27, 2010



The rest of the summer went by fast. And the first day of school was tomorrow. Last year I slept over Terra's house so this year we're both in my room. The walls are baby blue with white trimmings and the windows are big and open. It's windy today so the long white curtains are moving, when i was little I used to get scared and think there was a lady in a white dress haunting my room. Sometimes I still think that, but, right now the billowing curtains make the room look home-y.
Terra was lying on my shaggy white rug, flipping through hairstyle magazines. I love my rug, it's so soft and comfortable. But Terra ran into my room and fell over my bed to get to it first.
"O.k. So what are we doing tomorrow morning?"
"I don't know, I want to shower first so I'll get up at like 5 and then wake you up when I'm done."
"That's o.k., I'll wake up at 5 too, so I can get my clothes and bag ready..."Terra flipped the page in her magazine and popped her gum.
"Oh my god! Come here! Look how bad this girl's hair is! She has a beehive with curls coming out of the top!"
"Hahaha! It looks like her hair is throwing up!"
We continue to look through the pictures. When I look up at my t.v.I see that it's already 5 o'clock. My mom should be coming home anytime now. I'll call her and tell her to bring home some pizza. I hear the door open and some shuffling from the front hall into the kitchen.
"Hello Hello Hello!" My mom's overly-cheery voice was heard from the bottom of the steps. "Is there anyone up stairs? I have Chinese food!"
Terra's head popped up and I started to pile up the magazines.
I call to my mom, "Kay, We'll be there in a minute!"
"MMM! this looks so good! If you don’t get down here quickly I might just eat it all..."
It's probably physically impossible for her to do that. She always buys a lot of food. Well she always buys a lot of everything. Mostly because she wants to try it all. I have never known my mom to walk out of a store with only one item. She even buys new towel sets every month because she wants to see how they look in our bathrooms.
"There you girls are! Oh, Terra, dear, you have a stain on your shirt. Take it off after you eat, I'll bleach it for you."
"Sure thing Sam! What'd you get us? Terra calls my mom by her nickname, but she's like my mom's other daughter so my mom likes it. She isn't that strict on what people call her, but she likes it better when people she’s not close to call her Samantha Jean.
"Let's see! I have chicken dumplings, shrimp dumplings, beef dumplings, broccoli and chicken, eggrolls, eggrolls with no meat, fried rice, Shrimp tempura, vegetable tempura, white rice, steak hibachi and fried banana's for later." My mom sighed and looked around the room. She was probably making sure she didn't forget anything.
I don't think Terra even listened to my mom, she's just taking everything out of the bags and setting them on the table. I'll go get some plates and stuff. Maybe we have root beer left over from my mom's open house.
"Hahaha! Your mom is so funny Terra! You must tell her i said hi, I might stop by for a touch up later in the week. How's your brother adjusting to College? "
"I'll tell her, Oh he loves college life. He already has pictures of him and his new friends hanging around campus on face book. "
Going with her and Shean last week to settle him in was fun. He has a really hot roommate...
"Hey, what was that guy's name? The Life Guard thattook the single bed?" He was really hot. With dark hair, light blue eyes and tanned skin.
"Victor? He was so hot! Sam, you have to some up with us and see this guy. He's like a beach God!"
My mom blushed, " No, i could never do that, you girls have your fun fanning over the cute guys while i pay the bills." she laughed and got up with her plate, " Are you girls done?"
"Yea thanks"
"It's almost nine, Terra throw your shirt down and I'll clean it, you guys should start your nails."
I almost forgot that we didn't do anything in our routine yet.
Each year during our 'First Day of School Sleepover' we put nail polish on the fingers on one hand. And then do the other hand in the morning, we don't really remember why we started to do this but we've done it since fifth grade. the other tradition we have is looking up new make-up ideas for tomorrow on YouTube and trying out as many as we can. We didn't start that tradition until freshman year.
"Cyndy, we should choose our make-up first so our nail polish won't influence our decision."
Terra sounds like a Politian on television. I giggle to myself.
"What?" Terra sounds hurt and when I look at her, her eyes are big and her lips are tight.
"Nothing, you just sounded like you were running for president." her face smoothes out.
"oh, I guess i did. haha.I really want to do make-up though, i saw a video on this sick green shadowy cat-eye make-up and i really want to see how it looks on me!" it sounded like she was a kid begging for candy.
Terra looks better in light blue, though. Oh well.
"Sure. I'll go start up my laptop. Could you go get the other chair from the office?"
Neither of us have a car so we walk to a bus stop.
"There is a good side to walking to the bus stop, we get our daily dose of fresh air."
"Wow, Terra the terrible tells us her fact of the day.. and the crowd goes wild." I really hate being outside in the morning.
"Stop calling me that! .... Headphones." she smirks and sticks my tongue out at me.
i stared at her, i thought she forgot about that. she hardly mentioned it! I probably gasped. I haven't said anything but I've been thinking about Dustin since the mall. It's not because i like but because I'm worried about what will happen at the party. What if he doesn't flip his stupid hair in time and he steps on something important
"Fine, just don't call me that. You know i don't like doing things in the morning." I grumble and
The bus turned around the corner. It was a small yellow car when i first saw it, but as it crawled up the block I watched it grow. The small group of teenagers at the stop all turn and face the bus. A group of freshman get excited and it's really cute. I remember my first day at Wishman High. It actually started out a lot like this one. Just with my mom fussing over us a little more
I pull out my headphones from my backpack and plug them into my iPod. Terra gets out one of her new notebooks and doodles on the cover.
We're at school before either of us know it and we walk into the familiar building. Because we're juniors this year, we get to have lockers on the third floor. Yay. I can't believe Terra and I are even trying to walk up these steps. At least our first couple of classes are up there as well.

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