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A young woman wakes up with a stranger in her bed. But she thinks it's only a dream.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - 5 senses

Submitted: March 26, 2014

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Submitted: March 26, 2014




The morning I woke up it was quiet my window was open and the light reflect off my walls. The scent of weed and noodles hit me as my eyes caught up with the pair of Jordan's across the room by the door. Where was this coming from I didn't smoke and I didn't wear Jordan's. I heard loud snore from the right side, my eyes followed the noise and there was a tall skinny boy in my bed. He was shirt less and bird chested. I was lost of words. I knew this was a dream because why in the hell is it a boy in my bed. So the words came across my mind I thought hey it's a dream might as well take advantage of it. I touch his arm where I saw a tattoo I then felt the blood flow through his arm. I thought about kissing him but what if someone who saw me kiss my pillow because it was all a dream. I did it anyways I felt the softness of his lips surprising since my lips where 5 licks away from being concrete.

He woke up his eyes where greenish brown. Hey you I see you slept good huh he said looking at my body. I followed his eyes as they examined me. I had nothing on nada; not a damn thing. I thought to myself I'm liking this dream. My ears vibrate when I heard the sound of the old bed screech as he got up with his sexy body, I felt my cheeks blush as my eyes where below his belt. I didn't want to interrupt the dream by asking if we slept together because everything added up. So what's your name mystery guy I asked. Ha very funny babe I'm about to hit the showers. Babe I said in my head I knew the expression on my face was probably excited a boyfriend. I heard kids in the background and followed by a knock on the door. I rushed off the bed getting caught up in the sheet that covered my secrets and I fell to the ground. Hold on I got to get dress I yelled to the unfamiliar voice at the door. I was hoping it was my parents because I didn't want them to know I was having sex even if it was a dream. Mama Adam hit me I heard from the door. As the dresser drawer opened I saw boxers and Nike socks. Instantly I checked the other drawers. Wait why were mystery guys clothes in my drawer. I saw a black shirt with the words Creativity written across with the different color scheme across it. They shirt covered my perfectly sitting breast. The shirt was long enough to cover my secrets but I still didn't know who was at the door. My eyes came across a closet and I walked toward the double doors. As I opened the doors I realized that I was in a room but hey this Is not my house. The room smelt like a closet like fresh new shoes and fabric softener.

I walked into the room my fingers ran across the wall and I begin to see shoes all types of shoes and colorful clothes is this my closet. I grabbed a pair of yellow shorts and put them on. I rushed out the closet. Where I begin to feel like on those actors in a AXE commercial. I saw the mystery guy with a towel raped around his waist walking to the door. The door where the unfamiliar voices were coming from. No don't go out there it's some kids out there I said hearing drops of water hitting the floor, from his chest. The kids up he said he changed direction and went toward another door in the room. This room has gotten bigger in matter of seconds when did that door get there. I opened the door and seconds later I felt pressure against my legs. The words mama escaped the little boys mouth. The little girl grabbed my hand pulling me out of the room. Wait know this dream is getting to far I wanted to be with mystery guy. A smear hit my eyes I was confused to where this smear was coming from. My hand then had a ring on my finger and it was on the wedding finger. The little girl had led me into the kitchen it was a big kitchen compared to something aired on Extreme home makeover edition. It looked like who ever designed this kitchen had some talent. On the bar was another little boy who looked about 7 at the bar eating cereal. Hi mama he said looking dead at me but that didn't stop me from looking around the room. Hi you I said. Okay this Is a crazy dream it's about time for me to wake up. I tried the thing that I usually do to wake up from a dream but it wasn't working. So I went old fashion I slapped myself. The little kids starting laughing. Can you make me some cereal mama the little girl said. I walked with her and i walked into that mystery guy. Hey the kids eat yet he said. You know these kids I asked he didn't say anything maybe because the kids where laughing, the little girl said mama was hitting herself. He looked at me and smiled. Daddy these are your kids I said out loud.

Damn I wanted to wake up. I kept slapping myself but the feeling start to get intense. I then saw mystery guy walk to me. Babe you good he asked me. I wanted to ignore that question. No dude that I slept with last night but who the fuck are you and why are your kids here. The tingling feeling came in my stomach. Man why did I marry your crazy ass he said laughing letting go of my arm. How about pancakes and eggs for breakfast mystery guy said. Before my hands and brain could catch up mystery was in the hall way looking at me with his impressive brown eyes that he didn't have a few seconds ago. As much as I would love to stay and chill with your family but I have to get home. He stood and looked at me with this smirk on his face. Okay so your'e going to sit there and smile at me how did I get her last night ?

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