The Girl on the Flyer

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Chapter 17 (v.1)

Submitted: December 29, 2010

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Submitted: December 29, 2010



The dialog of what happened:
( they walk in , go to the front desk. )
‘where is she?”
(lady points over to me, so I stand up)
“mom? Dad?”
(tears well up in all of are eyes)
(they run to me and give me the biggest hug of my life)
“ oh my god! Its really you!”
(we all cry )
“Oh Erica! I thought you were dead!”
( I get a little nervous)
“ wait, you thought I was dead? I don’t understa-
(mom cuts me off)
“oh honey its ok. Your ok. Everything will be ok.’
( Dad grabs my shoulders and looks me straight in the eyes)
“ Now sweetie, tell me, who took you away from us?”
(I feel nervous again“ There names are Justin and Rose Lilith.The address is five seven twoBrooklyn avenue. It’s a day and a half by bus.
( Dad gets out a fancy I-phone and makes a call)
Erica, what did these people tell you your name was?”
(mom looks concerned. )
“Bella Ana Lilith.”
(mom looks at my large suitcase)
“ you traveled by yourself?”
( I feel embarrassed. )
‘ Mom I had to find you.”
( I think she isalso embarrassed )
“ Oh well we will figure everything out, by the way I guess your wondering what your real name is.
( I smile)
“ Your actually Erica Marie Becca. But tell me, how did you find out about us?”
( Iwas hoping she would ask)
“ Well one day, Rose asked me to go get some groceries.When I was searching for the groceries I saw a missing flyer, and just figured everything out. Rose had stolen my real birth certificate so I found that, packed up all my things, and traveled to find you.
( dad gets off the phone)
“ Well, the police are on there way. They said that they will be here soon.
(he looks confused.)
“ Your father and I have to go take a blood test in the office. You know, just so the hospital knows were your real parents.
( a hospital lady takes them to another room)

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