The Girl on the Flyer

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Chapter 19 (v.1)

Submitted: December 29, 2010

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Submitted: December 29, 2010




( I suddenly got excited)
‘ Mom, Dad, what's the house like?”
(Mom laughed)
“ Oh Erica don’t worry I promise, you will love it. You have your own room , a balcony with stairs that lead to the beach, and even your own bathroom! We didn’t do anything to your room at all but we can change it if your not happy with it”
( I smiled because for once, I had parents. Parents that actually didn’t spoil me. It sounds weird but Rose and Justin only spoiled me because they didn’t care about me.)
‘ Mom , that sounds great."

When we walked outside I couldn’t believe it. There was a fancy sports car that luckily I took a picture of. I couldn’t imagine having better parents than the ones I have right now.

“ Dad, I noticed you had a new brand of I-phone. How did you get it? There not suppose to be shipped to stores for three months.”

( he pulled it out. It was long, black and skinny.)

“ Sweetie, I work for the company that tests products. But how do you know about them?”

( I was kind of glad that he asked.)

‘ Well I have been saving money to buy something's that I want. The new I-phone is one of them.”  

( he laughed, and tried to keep his eyes on the road)
“ Erica, I can get you one from the company for free.”
Whoa. Dad was cool. I never pictured him like this at all. Maybe a workaholic dad but I never thought dad’s could be cool. We then turned into a large driveway. I took a glance that became a stare at my house. That thing was huge. It looked like at least four stories. Not including the top that looked like an attic. I could here the ocean from the car.
( I opened the door and ran out)
“ Erica wait for your dad and me!’
( Mom and dad hurried after me)
“ Honey, you can unlock the door for the first time”


Unlocking the door felt like opening a new life. I hadn't felt like I did today sense I realized that I had found real parents. The door jingled as I turned it very slowly. I has to be very cautious, I mean it was the first time opening the door of my real house. As I put my hand on the polished gold knob I held my breath. Then, very slowly I opened the door.
“ Whoa!”
( my jaw fell open)
“ This, this is perfect! No , better that I imagined! I cant believe this!”
( I heard mom and dad laugh)
“ Erica, I think its time to give you the grand tour.”
( now I defiantly heard dad laugh.)

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