The Girl on the Flyer

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Chapter 20 (v.1)

Submitted: December 29, 2010

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Submitted: December 29, 2010




“ ok honey, this is the living room. When you were little you would always fall asleep on the couch. Your father would have to carry you up the stairs.”
( they smiled as we walked across the hall)
“ this is the kitchen. I remember once, you tried to climb the fridge. That was pretty scary.”
The kitchen was very big. I took pictures of everything.
 (we walked some more and down a hall)
“ this is the dining room, we only eat here on special occasions.”
( I could see mom was having flash backs.)
Mom and dad showed me some bathrooms, and a morni 
Then , we went upstairs. It felt right being there. The rugs, the walls, it all felt normal.
“ lets start with the guest room”
We walked left and opened a door.
“ Erica, this is where your sister Deborah sleeps. She usually sleeps here, or she sleeps at college.
( mom sighed)
The room was lime green. It had a bed with a purple confuter. She had some study books on the bed next to a laptop. It was a typical teen room.
( we approached a big door and then went in.)
“ and this is my room. You would always climb into the bed and say mommy! Monsters!”
( she giggled)
The room was royal red. I could tell the bed was a king size. The red and gold blankets were perfectly made. It really looked like a parents room.
( Dad winced)
“this is the real guest room.’
(she giggled)
“ we are usually the part of the family that has everyone over. I hope you don’t mind noise.”

( she giggled again)

It had baby blue walls that made it look cozy. The queen bed had green blankets that were folded at the end of it.

( she got excited and walked swiftly to another door)

“ and this, is your room.”

( she opened the door very slowly.)

“ whoa! This is perfect!”

The room was neon purple, blue, and green. The bed was queen sized with purple and green blankets. It was a really big room and it even had a hammock! I walked around the bed that centered the room and saw a purple couch and a large TV.

 “ mom, dad this is perfect! I love it !”

( I went to hug them)

“ Erica I’m glad you like it.”

( a garage door opened and I ran down stairs)

“ Sweetie wait for us!”

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