The Girl on the Flyer

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Chapter 21 (v.1)

Submitted: December 29, 2010

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Submitted: December 29, 2010



( Deborah came into the house and when she saw me, her mouth dropped)

“ Oh my god! Erica! Its really you!”

“ Yes! Its me!”

( she hugged me and started to cry)

“ oh my god! This is not happening!”  

“ I know! I cant believe it ether!”
(she turned to face mom)
“ wait, have you guys told her?”
( I got confused)
“Tell me what? Mom, Dad, what's going on?
(Dad spoke)
“Well honey, your mother and I are . .divorced.”
“ Oh. Ok…”
Mom and dad? Divorced? Well after talking and dinner, Deborah took me to her room and gave me a makeover.
“ Sis, I'm so 

She put some black eye shadow on me

“ I am to. This is going to be great!”

‘ You know, I really missesd you. I  got really depressed, stayed in my room, I just wanted my sister back”

Deborah sounded sad. Well, who wouldn’t be? Your sister taken from your life forever.

(Chapter Will Continue)

P.s., Please don't write hateful comments, I KNOW that this is a bad copy, its a rough draft. I copied it all from microsoft powerpoint, so I get it! Its not the best thing ever! I AM trying to make it better, but for now I'm just getting it all down

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