The New Boy

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Seventeen year old Abbi is the kind of girl who sticks to curfew, listens to her parents, and keeps her legs crossed. But when a new boy moves in, she's gonna make some major changes to herself.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The New Boy

Submitted: October 23, 2010

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Submitted: October 23, 2010



"Absolutly not! My mom would kill me if she found this in my closet!" said Abbi in a red spagetti straped tank top and dark wash skinni jeans. " Come on! Its cute! Abbi, you really got to start acting like a teenager." replied her best friend Janie. " What do you mean? I am a teenager! Its just my mom gets really mad at me if I buy things like this." she looked down at herself. "I just wish she would trust me a little more." Abbi sighed. Why can't my mom just understand me? I want to scream at her "Im a Teenager!" I mean, I guess I can understand why she keeps me locked up like this. With the mistakes she made, who couldn't blame her. .but she shouldn't take it out on me. " You know Abbi, you can't just sit around like this for senior year. Take me for example. I date boys all the time. Does my mom care? Not really. All she cares about is that i don't have sex." she gave me a "My mom is cooler than your mom" look. " You know Janie. . your right." I said hopefully. I walked over to the mirror and stared. " Maybe. . maybe i will buy this." I placed my hands on my hips. "  I do like it. , " she laughed. " Thats my girl! Now lets go pay." We walked back to the register. " Mam, my friend would like to wear this out." The girl looked at me " Ok, fine." I handed her the cash and she gave me my change. " Have a great day. . " she said sarcasticaly. We walked out of the stoor, arms linked together. I felt great. Like, i could do anything. " Janie lets get some fries" I said pointing to a Burger King. " Whoa, new clothes and fries? Your bad to the bone!" Janie said.

We sat down, nibbling at a plate of fries with ketchup. Usually,  I didn't eat fried food, another one of my mom's stupid rules. " So, is this crazy behavior gonna last forever? Or do I have to miss this day forever?" Janie said, dipping her fry in ketchup." Hmm. . I don't know. . " Then I saw him. Tall, handsome,gorgeous black hair, blue eyes. Perfect. " What?" said Janie. She turned around and saw him too. " Who is he?" I asked breathless. " I don't know. . but I'd like to find out." I got angry " Oh no you don't.  I saw him first." I threw a plain fry at her. His eyes met my gaze, then we stared at each other. His friends stopped and looked at him. I quickly looked away. " Janie, I  have to get a makeover." she looked suprised. " What?" " Look at him! He looks like the head-football-player-who-dates-all-the-popular-girls-and -is-super-popular type!". She looked confused. " Well, if you want to get him, then you gotta act  popular. Its time for you to move on from the sports bra, and move up to the Cup." We both looked at each other and laughed. " Janie! I'm serious. I need your help to get the guy!" she put her hands up. " I know. . I know. . but first, i wasn't kidding about the bra thing. Lets go to Victoria Secret."

" Hello ladies. Im Jessica, can I help you?" said a girl with light brown hair and a smile that streched across her face. " Yes my friend needs to be measured." Janie said. " Well ok than follow me." She walked over to a dressing room. " Arms up." she told me. I raised my arms and she took a tape measurer and rapped it around my chest. It was kind of embarassing. " Ok your looking for a 32C". I didn't know what that was. I wore sports bras,  so this was all new. Janie raised an eyebrow. " Ok thank you". the lady walked away. " Wow miss chesty." she laughed. " It isn't that funny! Whats 32C?", I asked. " That means you got boobs." Janie laughed again. We went over to a rack of bras in different colors. I grabbed one white, grey, and hot pink. Janie grabbed a zebra print one and a silver one. " Ok, Janie I think this is good. . " We walked over to a dressing room. I took of my shirt and tried on the bras. " Ok, now put on your shirt". I did, and it made me look . . taller. . prettier. . boobier. I took of the bra and we went to the register. I ended up getting the white, zebra print, grey, and a skin toned one. I also got some pink sweatpants that said Pink across the butt, a Grey lacy tanktop, a few tubes of lip gloss, some new underwear, and a matching pink hoodie like the pants. The pink bags were being carried on my arms. I couldn't believe what I just bought. What if my mom found these things? " Janie, are you sure this is ok? How do I hide it from my mom?" She didn't look at me. " Easy, just tell her. say something like, mom i got some new stuff for school." I wish my mom was like that, but i wasn't that easy. " What if she wants to see the stuff?" " Just show her. Tell her you want to be treated like a teenager."  Janie only knew the adivce for brave me. . not for  . .this me..

We browsed around in a few more stoors, and purchased some clothes and makeup. After that we headed to the car. " Abbi, Im so proud of you. I mean,  you didn't let anything stop you. You get it? You need to act like that with your mom." Janie said proudly as she drove down the road. " Its not that easy with my mom though.  She always raised my to be a little angel . .you don't know how I feel about this..." She looked at me. "Your right. . I don't... but, what you did today. . im sure you can do with your mom. Just try." We rode down into my street. " Remember, don't be afraid just do it." she said. We  parked at my house. "Thanks Janie. .See you Tommorrow!"  With my arm without bags, I waved. Then i entered my house, Scared as ever.

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