The 1st Commandment

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A fictional terrorist novel based around one mans actions and how his elaborate plan of creating a new threat failed. It is based around a character simply known as Darren and gives you an insight into how the most simplist of all his plots has led to a sudden change of plans.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The 1st Commandment

Submitted: December 11, 2009

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Submitted: December 11, 2009



The 1st Commandment
Part 1: Welcome to My World
Life is made up of simple choices...some wish to follow, others disobey. Overall it’s an individual effort which shall determine if you are worthy to pass Gods test. The mark scheme is apparently written in books but no one knows the true answer...or the fact if there is one. We go by belief, if there is no true meaning and we chose not to believe it’s because we are afraid of the prospect that life is pointless...a fluke in time. However if there is a meaning and we don’t believe we face the consequences of going to hell. The world is made up of two sets of people, the believers and non believers but who’s to say who’s right. There is no answer just a hidden war which rages on, only in the last decade has this conflict erupted into our lives. 9/11, 7/7, these attacks were either done by the believers on the non believers. Who’s to say which category from the section the attackers were from, for all we know there is no evidence stating that 9/11 was in fact carried out by Muslim terrorists, it may have been your atheist next door neighbour who wants the world to fear something.
This is where Darren fits in...He’s in fact a terrorist. He doesn’t fight for a cause or purpose just plainly to get his word out. Terrorist attacks are now blamed on the Muslim people so he will get away with it...all he must do is put the right pictures in the right time and date and bingo...another battle emerges.
“And where are you heading Mr Flinch?” the airport receptionist asked closing Darren’s passport.
He was a complex man...full of mystery, but that doesn’t change the fact he’s a fully born killer. He simply stuttered “London” in his gruff London accent before continuing the boarding process. He had planned this for several months now using one Muslim man as the victim.
This man’s name is Mustafa Marrow, a man suspected to be linked with terrorist organisations. Darren had to use years of tracking this one man through contacts and a series of spying missions to organise this attack.
Marrow has been tricked over the past several months to attend fake business meeting which Darren has organised. With a fake identity known as ‘Mr Frank’ Darren has manipulated this man into believing he is signing up for a 3 year course in London away from Iraq to study Quantum Physics at Oxford University. Darren has used the same plan four times on different people from different cultures and this was set to be his last. He tried to get the Muslim people on the bad side of the media since the 7/7 bombings but has failed. The race seems to be too smart and out casted from the world to be used in a plot...but now it was the time.
A set of multiple explosions will detonate thanks to a person who is in on the attack. A baggage loader will plant a bomb into the plane after having Marrows finger prints printed onto the bomb. Its structure makes carbon dating simple so the target will be found and taken out...Marrow. His identity is now exposed to the MI5 as suspected terrorist, this means they know he is in this airport. The bag which will hold the bomb was checked in through Marrows name and passport due to quick hacking of the airport system and ticket machine, after all who checks their tickets if given by airport staff from direct orders from a multi billionaire.
Marrows plane was due to board at 9:30 am but due to a slight business problem conjured up by Darren his bags are going first. Darren stated that he take important documents about the business, which were fake, through baggage control and onto the plane. Now a worried Marrow is waiting frustratingly for the news of his documents. Once the bomb is found and his actions which were recorded on CCTV are also found it will appear as if he wanted to blow himself up on the plane after the explosion.
Darren’s plan was now floorless as Marrow will take a plane at 11:00 which is the exact time of the bombs detonation. Darren was sat in the airport waiting for the moment MI5 agents raid the airport and arrest Marrow, an innocent man wanting his big break...Iraq will have a new terrorist unleashed into the minds of the public.
The time edged closer to 11:00 and the anticipation grew ever stronger. Marrow was now being calmed down by the police who had jeopardised his chances of being innocent. The police thought he was restless, CCTV will prove it and the bomb with his finger prints, bag, flight to London and terrorism suspicion now makes him the perfect candidate for Darren’s elaborate plan.
The time struck 11:00 and Marrow was being left behind so all passengers could enter the plane he was now supposed to be boarding. The high security made it impossible for him to run away and as Darren steered his head to the left he recognised one of the men standing at a cafe with four other blokes...MI5 agents. They were spying on Marrow and anytime now they will get a call over a plane which suddenly blew up somewhere over West Asia departing from the very terminal Marrow was now being escorted through. They knew he was a threat and Darren could see it in the way they stared at him being pushed through the terminal. He slyly veered away from the agent’s sight to not get caught at the scene of the crime which would inevitably arouse suspicion and questions about his presence.
The man Darren recognised was a former worker for him and his plots but after trying to put the Turkish on the terrorism map he betrayed Darren and has now been searching for him since. However due to the fact Darren’s identity is constantly changing and a lie as well as his appearance no one knows he exists...he has been gone from the face of the Earth for years now working in the shadows of the world and its secret organisations.
Soon the team moved out and began to run for the tunnel. Screaming was heard in the distance before gun shots were fired. Then the body of an Iraqi soldier dropped from the distance within the tunnel before the agents and Marrow appeared heavily armed. Darren stared at Marrow as he lifted up his pistol and took aim at Darren’s head.
How?! Darren thought. The sheer thought that this plan was the most simplest and floorless was now put aside as he stared blankly into the barrel of Marrows gun. Something must have gone wrong somewhere within the plan. He began searching through the memories of the entire set up trying to point out the precise moment he gave too much away...which had to be too little. Suddenly Marrows barrel exploded and an overwhelming pain launched itself through Darren’s heart. His eyes flickered as the smiling culprit began shooting civilians with his new friends. Darren was dead; the plot had failed as well as his plan. He wanted to frame the Muslims from Iraq once more but now they will appear as heroes alongside British agents...they had taken down the world’s most notorious terrorist who was still in action, but how? The answers are only obtainable through Darren’s mind, actions and so called friends...this is how the story goes.....
Part 2: 9/11 Disaster (Coming Soon)

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