My Jesse: A Story of Unconditional Love

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: May 11, 2009

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Submitted: May 11, 2009



It was in recent years that they found themselves with all the time in the world to spend together, whether they wanted to or not. They were forced into the same classes, running by the same unique schedules five days a week; everywhere she was he seemed to be there. She had all the chances to watch him and study him, to be near him… and so she did. She studied the way his hands moved, the way he held his pencil, all his little habits, everything little detail she could notice but still, she knew nothing about him. He never answered questions about himself but it didn’t matter as much that she knew nothing about him, although it often disheartened her…she knew him well enough to understand him.
During their freshman year of high-school she rarely had the chance to meet new people or make new friends to replace those who went to different high schools. It was that year that she needed him the most. She was often lonely and had no one to talk to, nowhere to be…but he was always there. In some mornings waiting for classes, he would miraculously drift over to her instead of running away. He stood, hovering above her, never sitting beside her and said hi to her on those mornings, sometimes mumbling her name as well, all of which sounded much too sweet for her coming from his lips. She savored it… it was all she needed. She smiled at him each time and learned to keep her talking to a minimum, later responding with a brief good morning back.
They didn’t need to speak, the brief seconds were too special for her to break with useless talking. He was silent and thoughtful and chronically bored and although she never told him, She had stopped wanting him to talk so much. All she wanted was his presence…it felt right to be near him and she understood everything she needed to know without a word. There he was every other day and before she knew it she was waking up just to have that time with him. It was the only time they were ever alone together partially by choice. She never asked him why he stood there and uncharacteristically left him alone…she was afraid he wouldn’t come back.
At lunch she sat across from him, watching him eat almost the exact same lunch he packed almost everyday for at least two years. She giggled every time as he tore the “crust” off his peanut butter sandwich, which was really the whole outer half of it…as if it was the funniest, cutest thing…and to her, it probably was. He always smelled faintly of peanut butter after. Although she wasn’t fond of it, or liked it before, when she noticed that, the smell of peanut butter made her smile as if it were the sweetest smell in the world.
In class they sat relatively near each other. Even she did not mean for it to be that way and knowing him, he probably just didn’t have anywhere better to sit. She tried to make it much less painful for him to be forced to sit near her, keeping her talking and harassing to a minimum. They rarely talked to each other but she was always happy with him there, never wishing it were someone she could talk to and at the very least she could always focus. And so it was until school ended for the year.
In all the years she had known him, she had seen him one time over any of her summer breaks…she never thought of anyone from school during that time, having different friends and hobbies to think about but she always thought about him, bringing out that photographic memory at least once. It was only natural for him to be gone during the summer, it was just a much needed rest from each other. She never doubted that he would be there each year and aside from the very first year, that he would be exactly the same as when she left him, give a few inches of height and hair. So she left him that year with a simple goodbye, having attempted a hug earlier, expecting and accepting the almost brutal rejection and bodily impalement she got in return with an all too bright smile. She was completely unaware that it would be the last time she would see her baby.

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