Ring thy bells

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - what the hell?????

Submitted: August 05, 2013

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Submitted: August 05, 2013



Snoring lightly, Ridge was enjoying his dreams and a peaceful sleep. The room was nice and well furnished, visible dully in the few strands of gold coming through the half shut window. Suddenly a noise echoed through the whole street. Ridge saved himself from falling off the bed. The noise didn’t come again but Ridge heard a babble of voices coming from the street. He got up from the bed deciding to check out what the hell was happening at.. Umm 5 in the morning, he thought, looking at the clock.

Ridge, 28 years old, good looking, hard working, sweet, friendly and charismatic, was a doctor, an M.D. medicine. He worked in the city hospital and earned enough to live lavishly. He lived alone in a temporary house in college campus (his own house was under construction). He was friendly with everyone; he did not have any best friend/ girl friend but was quite fond of Mr. Nicholas Will, who was a professor in the college, they spent their evenings together chatting over tea, discussing topics of debates and sharing thoughts. Though he was happy and contended, but it was not easy for him to attain this happy state. He was brought up in a humble way. In his hometown, his family was not so rich in terms of money but the wealthiest in terms of love. They were a good, happy family, he, his mother-father, and his beautiful little sister Rose. He and Rose were always the best of friends, and they always did well in studies. He did his medical through scholarships and now was able to send good amount to his family each month. Though his sister was also earning as a lawyer in their town only (about this he was damn proud), but he chose to be away to get a better pay, get a huge house, and make his family shift in this big town with him. Now his parents were glad as their children have become successful and were happy. So this was the story of Ridge till now..

Cursing and muttering, he looked out through the window, having decided to give his neighbors a piece of his mind, if they were the ones bellowing and babbling like lunatics. WHAT THE HELL? He was struck dumb by what he saw, the whole town seems to have lost its mind or ‘human beingness’, they were moaning about the streets, roaming like dumb mules, their faces and clothes soaked in something red, which Ridge with horror realized was blood. They were writhing, biting each other, half eaten corpses were lying around, and some were nibbling at them also. Once in a few minutes someone would shout “time has come to set the soul free”.

Ridge felt like puking, he rubbed his eyes, punched himself thinking he would wake up from the nightmare but nothing of that sort happened. Shutting the window he heard someone thud loudly at the front door. He was thankful to God that he always locked his doors and windows before going to bed, as he knew who was there banging the front door. His brain has entered ‘the paralyzed’ mode. He drank a few glasses of water and washed his face, trying to clear his mind and think rationally. He came back and sat on his bed, first of all what the ‘#%*&^#***@$$’, what am I supposed to do? He thought, I can’t stay here, they will find a way through the windows or something, what had happened to all of them?  Some disease?  Mental retardation? Radiation? In one night? Impossible! All of them are shouting and screaming. Mom, dad, are they all right? Rose? Ohhh no!

He ran towards his cell, frantically calling his mom…. No ring.. What? He looked at his phone, no signal, he moaned in horror. What does it mean? “I should leave at once.” He said determined. He freshened up, got ready, took out his travel bag, and packed his stuff along with food water and a few.. safety equipments, his favorite M27 with loads of ammo and his father’s old sword. He thanked God for the moment when his dad decided that safety is must and sent a sulking Ridge to learn self defense, he remembered his lessons fully. He sat on his desk and waited till the ‘moaning monsters’ cleared. He was sweaty with anxiety. His mind has not yet registered the full extent of what had happened. He looked out of the window. The street was clear, picked up his keys and went towards the front door, just before going out he looked back, the idea crossed his mind that maybe, and he might never be able to get back into this house in which he has spent 5 years of his life. With this last look he moved on, closed the door, locked it and jumped on his bike. Kicking the engine to life he stared his uncertain journey towards his hometown.

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