Zafira Master Vampire

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the new girl is hot and sexy all that a guy could ever dream about, but mistery lies behind her black eyes and will that end up killing me. should i take the risk and see where i end up.

im falling, and falling hard, scared and asking my self that will history repeat it self or will i finally get a douse of happiness.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Zafira Master Vampire

Submitted: March 19, 2011

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Submitted: March 19, 2011



“I’m going.”
“Why do you even want to go?” He asked, with a looks that said, ‘you’re crazy girlfriend’.
“I’ve never even gone to a school in my entire life.” I exclaimed defenselessly.
“Fine go, but one condition.” He eyed me wryly.
 “Oh, you are in no position to give me conditions” I said dryly not even bothering to turn around.
He sighed deeply and muttered something completely unintelligent, walked around the table trying to get my attention and when that didn’t work he sighed again, but more loudly,” oh just spit it out all ready” I told him before he tried anything else.
He sighed once more and looking start at my face, showing no fear, he said,” the condition is simple and you are going to apply or I’m going to call Zia and tell her what you’re up to, and we both know what she’ll say about the matter.”
Now it was my turn to sigh,” fine, what is your condition?” I said with a tint of anger in my voice.
“It’s simple really I’m going with you as protection.”
“What!” swearing my entire fortune that my face said nothing more than complete and utter shock. 
“Yes I’m going with you, nothing more and nothing less, got it?”
I quickly rearranged my facial features, took a deep breath and muttered a simple agreement.
School, high school to be precise is torture, complete and utter torture. I have always wonder what is the use of it, only good thing is that I will only have to suffer for two more years and freedom here I come.
“Caius, Caius are you even paying attention to me”
I shocked my head slightly, trying to clear it of all thoughts of freedom and tried to remember what Corrissa was talking about.”Sorry daydreaming, could you please repeat what you were saying, Hun?”
“I was saying that, I think it is a good idea for you to meet my parent. I mean we have been dating for nearly two months now so…” She left the sentence dangling, waiting for my reaction. That was my girlfriend, Corry as I like to call is clever, intelligent, has a great body, beautiful long blond hair, a soft but strong nose and semi-full lips. She shared those qualities with her two twin sisters but what really makes her look different are her ocean color eyes.
“Yah, maybe” I said, I care about Corry but she has never truly understood a part of me. Apart that has always been a mystery, even to me.
“Maybe! Caius don’t you want to get more serious, or am I something just to play with.” She said it with an even voice but under it I knew she was really angry and a maybe even a little hurt, but before he could answer Mr. Rocahum Tauld came into the classroom and called the class to order. I went to my seat on the other side of the class taking a quick glance at Corry and the moment I say her eyes I knew this conversation was far from over.
Usually Mr. Tauld always went to his desk, turned on his computer got out some papers, and then he would take attendance. Well, usually but today he waited until the class was silent and he had our complete and undivided attention.” Class before we start today I would like to introduce you to a new student that will be joining us. Zafira would you be so kind and come in?”
The moment she walked into the room, it became completely silent. She was gorges, tall not counting her high heel sandels, showing off her incredibly long legs with simple jean shorts and her black t-shirt with a low cut V neck line that showed of her breasts, tight, one sleeve. And her face was soft, but with an edge of hardness to it, her lips were sexually full and her nose was soft, her hair was black and wavy and it reached the edge of her calf, but the only thing stopping her from looking like a porcelain doll was her olive tune skin and her mysterious black smoky eyes.
I took my gaze of her for just a second and glanced around the room, I notice that I wasn’t the only guy appreciating the view and with that acknowledgment, a spark of jealousy flared up in me. I quickly shocked it off, there was no reason for me to feel jealous over her many new admires.
“Class this is Zafira De La Rovia.”
“Hello” She said with an accent that I was not able to identify.
The Mr. Tauld quickly murmured something in her ear and called me up front.” Caius you will be Ms. De La Rovia’s mentor, you know protocol.”
“Yes Mr. T.” I said quietly thinking how Corry will react to the news that I am obligated to be with the hot new girl for at least a month, secretly I didn’t care, not like I was ever going to tell her that, but I was actually glade that I got to talk to her before any other male got to her.
“What, “Corry yield the minute we got out of class, and I told her about my new assignment.” You didn’t think of saying no, or do you find her attractive?”
“You know what it is to be mentor, this is mayor and if I find her attractive, yes, but I only want you Core so calm down.”
“Whatever, its just a month I’ll survive.”
“Caio, Mr. Tauld says that I’m to be with you today, so where do we go next?”
Next to me Corry groan, and quietly said “Oh great she is foreign so that is two months you will have to be with her.” She said it quietly enough that the new girl couldn’t have heard it.
I gave her a quick peck , whispered into her ear,” see you at lunch, and don`t worry about a thing.” Turned around and left without another word to her.  

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