Nikaitor's Chosen

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“My lord. I do need to warn you about the precautions you will have to take with her.” Nikaitor let out a sigh and I shivered while he leans away from me, but tightens his hold on my neck. “Gentle, My lord. That must always be your first thought when you are with your chosen human." the doctor reminds him, before looking to me, “Jade Warren, have you shared your body with a male before?” Nikaitor didn’t seem to like the question. He promptly- but carefully slid from beneath me to stand in front of me. He almost seemed to be guarding me.
I swallow and feel my face heating again, “No.”

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter I

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Chapter I

"Jade!" My father yelled up the stairs. "Get down here now. We have to go." I shove my clothes into the bag and take off down the stairs two at a time.

"I'm ready." I say but my father is watching the TV. "Dad? What's going on?" I drop my bag and go to his side. "Dad.. What's wrong with his teeth.. and his skin?" I ask referring to the deeply green colored man with sharp fanged teeth on TV.

"He isn't human, Jade. He's one of them." My dad's voice doesn't shake, but I swallow painfully.

"You mean he's an alien? One of the Others" I stand there for a moment looking over these strange new creatures. "They.. They don't look much different then us. Just more.. dangerous. Why is everyone running? Why can't we figure out what they want?"

"We have. Jade.. You know how the male gene is fading from the world right? How there are more women then there are men." My dad asks.

"Yes," I remember our Chemistry class and the weird facts that our teacher would blurt out- thinking that would get our attention.

"Well, from what they're leader has told us, they had been suffering the same problem. They've done some research."

"What kind of research?" I ask as chills begin to spread up my arms.

"It's the males that hold the sex of the baby. We knew that. But, well, their Males produce more male when they are with their females, and with our females they produce equal amounts of each. It's a fifty - fifty shot with humans; compared to the twenty eight - seventy two shot they have with their own females. They don't know why, or how. It's just how our chemicals mix, I suppose. They want to take young healthy, able women and-"

"And impregnate them." I finish for him, my father nods and I see his fists clench. "Dad," He stops and sighs, "What ages are they looking for?"

"Any woman from 18 to 28."

I feel fear hit me hard as I state the obvious, "So.. they'll take me?"

"Yes, that's why we have to hide you." He goes to his closet and pulls out one of his sweaters and a baseball cap. "Put it on and let's go."

My father and I get in the car and the 'abandoned' town wasn't as abandoned as we'd thought. There is just a giant traffic jam on all the exits.

"Shit! Dad, they're not letting anyone out." I whimper and fall back against the seat. Before my dad can maneuver out of the traffic an officer knocks on the driver's side window. My dad and I both cringe.

Dad threw me a meaningful glance and I knew I wouldn't talk. Not unless they ask me a direct question.

"Hello, sir. I'm going to need both of your names." I saw him glance down at a list- a list of all the residence of our town. I pull off the hat and let my blond pony tail fall out of the hat.

"My name is Jade. Jade Warren. I've just turned 18." I whisper. the guy nods and checks the list.

"And you are her father?" The man asks.

"I am." My father sounds defeated. "I'm Charles Warren."

"I need to take your daughter with me. She's going to have a check-up. To see if she is.."

"Able to get knocked up." I mutter.

"I was going to say healthy." My father's face darkened a little, but squeezed my hand.

"Can my dad come with me." I ask, unsure if I would ever see him again and hoping I wouldn't have to release his hand.

"Yes. There are other parents waiting in a waiting room for their daughters until we have to take you to the meeting spot in your state. The Others come to pick up the females they want." he sighs, "Sir, if you pull ahead, we have parking for you."

"Thank you." My dad says to the man. He nods and waves us into the other lane that was originally for cars going into town rather then out.


"Dad?" I ask while waiting for a doctor to call my name.

"Yes, baby?"

"I'm scared." I confess.

"Me too." Dad says back.

"I love you, dad." I tell him, and before he can reply my name is called. My dad gets up, but the woman tells him he can't come back with me. The woman also tells us to say good-bye. My dad hugs me tightly and I fight back tears.

"Love you, too, Baby. We'll see each other again. Somehow, some way." He kisses my cheek, then before I'm lead away he reaches into his pocket and puts his heavy silver cross necklace over my head. It dangles over my chest and I quickly scoop it up to put it under my shirt.

"Good-bye, daddy." I tell him, leaning forward and kissing his cheek. I follow the elder woman into a room. The doctor is already waiting for me. When he turns to me, I jump back. He's one of them. His skin is light, but tinted with a shade of green.

"I'm Dr. Kilo. Just relax." I hear, but he isn't moving his mouth. His Golden eyes burn into me. The last thing I hear is the doctor telling me to rest. Then my world fades to black.


When I open my eyes I hear voices, but not any thing I can understand.

"Please," I try to call out, but my voice is only a whisper. The voices turn to silence then and I let my head fall to the side when I hear a similar plea beside me.

Beside me is a woman, who looks only a little older then me. She is restrained as well. Her dark hair is sticking to her face from her sweating. She's been awake longer then me.

Once my head stops spinning I realize that there are at least fifty females all restrained in this room side by side and in several lines. I don't try to fight the restraints on my wrists and ankles. They won't leave us like this for very long. They don't want to damage us, I comfort myself with the thought.

It seems as though only minutes later the metal walls surrounding the room slide back. They reveal only more women. I drop my head, what if this is the group of females who aren't healthy? Will they dispose of us?

But before I can stray on the subject I hear more of the sliding noise that was made when the walls slid open. Then the sound of quiet steps filled the giant room. The room was suddenly silent. I bite my lip and try to hold as still as possible.

It was about a half hour later when I spotted three lighter skinned males- almost the shade of a and the doctor with them at the beginning of my line.

The three were at least 6 feet tall. They examined the females and made their way down the line.

When they got to me I made sure to keep my head down, but as I saw the first pair of brown heavy duty boots stand in front of me I felt my fear peak. The other two males passed him and he stayed there. Just standing in front of me for a moment, until I felt him touch my hair- petting me. His other hand raised from his side and caught my chin to raise it up for his inspection. His eyes were black, but his features were very similar- if not identical- to that of humans’.

His hand that was petting my hair stopped to run up the back of my arm which was turned up because of the way I'd been tied.

"What's are you called?"

"My name?" I ask, my voice shakes a little, but I'm still not sure how he can communicate without using his mouth.

He nods, "Jade Warren." I whisper.

"Doc, I've chosen." He stares at me, but shakes his head no. I look away from his eyes and see that the doctor is looking at the light skinned male in front of me, tilting his head. "No Doc. I do not need to finish searching. She is small, but by placing her here she has passed the tests. She is able to breed. Correct?"

The doctor nods and I look back to the man in front of me. They were talking with their minds, I realize. The light green skinned male in front of me pulls his hands from me and presses a button located above my tied hands, far enough out of reach, but easily accessible for him. He taps the button and then continues to tap some sort of rhythm, almost like he is typing.

The restraints suddenly release and I drop. Before I can fall to my knees the male catches me and catches my arm.

"Are you damaged?" he asks.

"No. Just stiff from being up there so long." I whimper, but clear my throat.

"I am called Nikaitor. You will come with me, Jade Warren." He drags me behind him to a door before tapping out another rhythm.

"What are you doing?" I ask.

He pauses before answering, "I am confirming my identity... Come see." He pulls me beside him and I'm surprised to see that it's like some sort of touch screen hologram. I can't make out the symbols he touches, but they are squiggles and lines with dots.

"What are those signs?"

"They are our.. written language." He seems to be trying to explain it in away I will understand.

"So, it's like your alphabet?"

"Yes," He nods and seems.. excited that I understand.

"Will I see my father again?" I ask quietly, unsure if I want to hear his answer.

"That depends on you." He shrugs his wide shoulders and pulls me along. "Come. You have to be marked and set with an implant. It is not my intent to harm you." He answers looking slightly put out.

"Yes, and thank you for that."

"Well.. I suppose, you are welcome." He replies with an odd look before continuing into another room. This one had a bed- much like a hospital bed.

The Doctor spotted him and sank into a deep bow- of course, since the doctor wasn't touching me I had no way of knowing what he was communicating.

"Rise. This is the female I've chosen. I want her marked and fitted for an implant." The doctor jumped up nodding enthusiastically.

He then looked at me then back to Nikaitor. "He would like you to lie on your back and relax." Nikaitor said as he picked me up and set me on the bed. Relax, that was a good one. I fight the urge to roll my eyes at his request.

"Nikaitor, I can't relax. I'm scared." I whisper to him.

"You are frightened? Of what? I have stated that I will not harm you." He looks seriously baffled.

"Because everything is forign. Because I can't hear him. Because I don't understand what is happening to me, that is what I'm afraid of." I feel my eyes burning with tears.

"You.." He stops again and looks over at the doctor before looking back to me. "You wish to ask questions?" He raises an eyebrow.

"Yes. And I want explanations."

"They will make you more at ease? The explanations?" Depending on the answer, I think wryly.

"Yes." I answer trying to calm myself down.

"What do you wish to be your first explanation, then?"

"What is the doctor going to do to me?" I ask.

"Our healer is going to implant a small device into the inner side of each of your ears. The device will allow you to hear my people as I do." I nod and sigh.

"Will it hurt?" I ask.

"No, our healer will give you a numbing injection. I told you, I wish you not to have any pain. I do not wish for you to be harmed. You have no need to worry over being harmed while I am around." He said then looked to the doctor.

"Did the explanations ease you?" He asks looking at me.

"Will I be awake?"


"And you are staying here with me? How long will it take?"

"I am staying here. It will only take..."

"What?" I feel my heart start racing.

"I am only trying to think of your peoples' way of speaking, so that you may understand. Calm yourself."

"Will it take an hour- Sixty minutes?"

"Less, I believe. We would already be out of the healing room if you'd cease your need for explanations."

"Oh, so it will only take a few minutes." He nods and steps forward to push gently at my shoulders so I lay back. Nikaitor walks to the free side of the bed.

"Look towards me, Jade Warren." The bed raises. As I turn my head to look at Nikaitor. I feel the doctor touch my ear with his finger. It feels wet like hair gel being spread onto my ear, I jump at the coolness of it. I'm surprised when Nikaitor begins to pet the curve of my neck. "Calm." He reminds soothingly.

"It's cold. That's all." I pause but then reach my hand up curling my fingers around his rough hand. He gives me a look. "Will you hold my hand?"

"Why?" He asks, trying to release my hand to pet my neck again.

"Because it will make me feel safer." I blurt tightening my hold on his hand.

"Humans tangle hands? Was it not a comfort to you for me to touch your neck?" His eyes lift from mine to look at my ear. Then he glances back down at me. Pulling his right hand from mine and resting it back on my neck, but he surprises me by also replacing his left hand in mine. "Hold very still now, Jade Warren."

I feel a pinch and tighten my hold on his hand, "Are you in pain?"

"No," I make sure to stay still. "Just a little pinch." His fingers stroke my neck.

"You felt your ear healing." The voice is different. I turn and see the doctor looking at me. "Will you turn her over now, My lord."

"Turn now. Will you be alright without tangling our hands?" I nod and roll over facing the doctor this time. Nikaitor keeps his hand on the curve of my neck continuing to stroke me gently. I didn’t jump at the chill, or the slight pinch this time.

“Now, I will give her your mark. Bare yourself, My lord.” Nikaitor gripped the back of my neck gently and pulled at me. Letting me know he wanted me to sit up. I reach up automatically for his free hand, but before I can get a good hold he pulls away and removes his shirt, by tugging at the left side of his black leather looking uniformed shirt.

But the shirts unfamiliar material soon loses it’s appeal. Instead my gaze is caught by Nikaitor’s body. His green tinted skin no longer seems misplaced, or even unhealthy. No, as I study him now he looks absolutely beautiful in the most manly way, of course.

“Jade Warren? Are your chemicals still balanced properly?”

“What? My chemicals balanced?” I question shaking myself out of my dazed state to look back to his face.

“Are your ears bothering you?”

“No.” I murmur biting my lip and looking down at my hands, but I suddenly feel Nikaitor’s big hand catch my chin.

“Tell me if you are in pain.”

“I am not. I promise. I was just... you shocked me when you removed your shirt.” Nikaitor looked down at his well defined chest and stomach then back to me. “I am sorry. I thought I resembled your males quite closely.”

“Oh, you do.. you, I guess I was just shocked at.. at-” I stop and feel my face heating.

But Nikaitor doesn’t let me hide for long. Again he catches my chin and makes me look up at him. “What shocked you, Jade Warren-”

“Call me Jade. Not Jade warren.”

He tilts his head, “You said your name was Jade Warren.”

“It is. My full name is Jade Marie Warren. But humans usually only use our first names.”

“My lord. Can I have your permission to speak?” The doctor asks.

“Yes. Speak.”

“My lord. I believe she is saying the formality between the two of you is un-needed. It is like you giving her permission to call you by your name and not your title.”

Nikaitor’s face suddenly lifts and he looks... happy. He even smiles. I spot his fangs and fell terror shoot through me again and in only seconds Nikaitor no longer looks happy. He is stepping back away from me with his hands raised in front of him.

“Calm. I mean you no harm, Jade.” He says with his mind no longer exposing his teeth.

“I know you won’t hurt me.” I take a few calming breaths. “I was just shocked again. I keep forgetting you’re not human.”

“I apologize that it frightens you.” He says.

“Me too. I’m sorry. I’m fine. It’s just something I have to get use to.” I step closer and he seems to steel himself. “Can I..” I ask, raising my hand palm up and reaching for his cheek. He leans slightly so I don’t have to reach so far.

“Do you think I look like your males?” He questions.

“Yes, well, not like any man I’ve seen in real life. Only in movies and magazines.”

“You are slightly different then females on my planet as well.”

“My lord, would you like to wait to mark her-”

“No. Mark her now.” Nikaitor says. The doctor nods and Nikaitor turns tugging me close to him. I watch as the doctor wraps a thing looking similar to a blood pressure wrap around his arm.

“What is that?” I question. Nikaitor smiles without showing his teeth this time and I feel bad that he has to hide part of who he is from me.

“It’s odd. Watching you speak with your mouth still.”

“Sorry. Habit.” I answer not saying the words aloud this time.

“It is acceptable. I can speak with my mouth as well, but it is not polite on my planet to do so.” He explains reaching up, without any thought to stroke his fingers down my throat.

“Sorry. Really, I’ll work on not doing it. I didn’t mean any-”

“I understand. I believe, I enjoy hearing your words. You humans pronounce things differently and you speak softer then we do when we speak aloud. Your aloud voice is pleasing to the ear as well as the mind.” He says his hand traveling up the back of my neck to tangle in the hair at the back of my skull and he tugs enough to make me gasp, only because I was not expecting it- not out of pain.

“Gently, my lord.” The doctor murmurs pulling the wrap away from Nikaitor’s muscular arm.

“Right.” He immediately releases his hold on my hair, “I apologize again for being rough with you.”

“You didn’t hurt me.” I promised.

“May I answer her question, My lord?”

“I asked a question?”

The doctor chuckles and points to the wrap, “This was copying his marks identically. It also makes a copy of the position it sets on his bones. It will embed his mark into your arm in the exact same position.” The doctor studies my arm. “With your skin color I suppose it will come out a dark purple rather than Nikaitor’s deep blue.”

“Are all of your skin colors different? I mean humans are and your skin is darker then Nikaitor’s.” I ask the doctor while he looks to Nikaitor.

Nikaitor steps over to me and lifts me easily and swiftly to the bed once again, but this time I am sitting in his lap on the bed. His hand curls around my neck and the inside of his fore-arm molds to my side.

“Our skin is much like humans except that the more we are in light our skin lightens, rather then darkens.” He answers and the doctor wraps the cloth around my arm.

“Will this hurt, Nikaitor?” His thumb strokes my vertebrae.

“It will be cool against your skin. Very cool. That is all. But you must stay extremely still.” His breath fanned out on my shoulder.

Boy, he wasn’t kidding. It felt like a stronger version of IcyHot. When the doctor pulled the cloth from my arm I looked down at the marks. It looked similar to a vine with leaves that swirled. And the doctor was right. My tattoo was a dark magenta, the same darkness as Nikaitor’s just a different color.

“It looks pretty.” I murmur, mostly to myself.

“It suits you well.” Nikaitor strokes gently at the skin under my jaw. I turn my head to look up at Nikaitor. He surprises me by rubbing his cheek against my neck and purring.

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