The Accidental Mate

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Gone

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Submitted: June 02, 2010



CHAPTER 15: Gone

Kaden's POV.

"Grace, Just- please just stop for a second." I begged, trying to talk through the painful lump forming in my throat.

--- She can't leave, How am I suppose to even form words when the only thing I want to do is drop o my knees and cling to her legs? ---

She pulled out a pair of jeans. Her shoulders were shaking.

--- She is crying and it's all my fault, because I can't fucking concentrate on words while she's packing... While I'm watching her leave me. ---

She zipped up her bag and pulled a sweater on over my wife beater.

--- This is a nightmare. I'm gonna wake up any moment. --- I willed myself to believe it, but I knew dreams- no matter how depressing- could never hurt this bad. She had the ability to kill me and she was using it. I couldn't take a deep breath afraid I'd whimper at the pain tearing through me.

As she came to walk past me I caught her, wrist. "Don't," was all i could say. But deep down I knew I was too late, I didn't let go of her hand, knowing it was my life line. Now that I'd had her how the hell was I suppose to be without her?

--- Tell her, just explain it to her. I can't mark you yet because it would give me the ability to get you pregnant. --- And although I wanted her to conceive my pups, I didn't want them now, I knew she didn't either.  --- Tell her, --- my mind begged again.

I hung on every one of her heart beats trying to calm myself enough to explain. Grace, cleared her throat.

"I'll see you around." Her voice broke. And she slipped her hand from mine. I was frozen. I couldn't move to stop her again. I was broken. Then I heard the front door click shut. I slid down with my back against the door way, my legs couldn't hold my body any more... I cried.

Grace's POV

I left, the apartment room anyway. I didn't make it any farther then the stairs. I sat down and cried. My face buried between my knees trying to get the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach to go away.

I wanted so very much to run back inside and tell him I didn't care that he didn't love me. That He could keep me as long as he wanted, but that would only make it worse. I'm doing the right thing. But then why does it feel so wrong? Once I rubbed my eyes free of the tears, I texted Abby.

To Abby:
Come get me. Plz I rlly need u. It's important.

I closed my phone and let the silent sobs shake through my body. My phone vibrated. A shot of excitedness shot through me was it Kaden?

From Abby: Where r u? What's wrong?

I texted her back, giving her Kaden's Address, then wrote;
Plz hurry.

Less then 10 minutes I heard Abby's voice calling my name up the stairs. She came around the corner and saw me, I know I must have looked terrible. I felt terrible.
I couldn't breath, it was like Kaden had kept everything I need to live with him through those doors.

What would happen when I actually left the building? Would it get worse? Could it get any worse then this? Could I live through it if it did?

"C'mon Grace, You're gonna come home with me." Abby whispered and pulled me to my feet and helped me down the stairs.

Is this how mom felt when dad died? Was it worse? Could it be worse? At Least she knew dad loved her back... That was better... right?

The whole way to Mine and Abby's 'apartment' I was caught between, wishing I would just die to thinking I was already dying.

I got out of the car and looked up at the 'Apartment'. It was really just the tree house my dad had built for me. But he'd put some old furniture up there. It was more like a mini house in a tree then a Tree house. It had widows and screens, and dad had put battery operated lanterns that gave off a surprising amount of light.

I crawled up after dropping my bag in the 'elevator'. It was really a basket to put our things in with a rope tied to the top of the tree house so we could haul our thing s up once we were up. I didn't say anything to Abby I just curled up on the couch and closed my eyes, willing away all the pain. My phone Vibrated I looked to see it was a ext from my mother. I ignored it. I didn't need her shit right now, I had enough of my own problems.

I closed my eyes and let myself drift away... to happier days. days with my dad. Days I was never alone.

"Grace, Grace, Time to get up." A voice whispered into my ear. This voice was deep, and unfamiliar. I was suddenly terrified and defensive. Chills ran up my spine, my wolf's senses seeming to catch the danger. The danger whispering in my ear. I jumped up and over the couch when a strong pair of arms caught me from behind.

I screamed.

"Let me go! Who the hell are you?" I yelled.

"You don't have to worry about that, Grace."

"Grace! Grace, what's going on?" Abby asked.

"Don't! Let her go! She has nothing to do with this." I begged,not even knowing what role I played in this situation.

I felt my phone in my pocket.

--- If only I can get their eyes off me for a few minutes, but who would I text for help? Would Mom be sober enough to understand? Would she even Answer? --- I was lost. Even though there was an odd thought that kept recurring in my head, one word.

--- Kaden.---

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