The Accidental Mate

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Only You

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Submitted: May 24, 2010



Just so you know, there is a sex scene in this chapter. I don't know if it's too soon for the characters... so leave me some comments let me know what you think. Thank you. Hope you enjoy Chapter 6!

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CHAPTER 6: Only You
I woke up first. I was snuggled into Kaden's side with his arm wrapped around my waist. I rolled carefully out of the makeshift bed & found a pile of clothes folded neatly with my cell on top of it.

---Maybe I wasn't the first one to wake up. ---
I picked up my phone and as soon as I did it vibrated. I ran to the back of the cave. And answered it.

"Hello?"I kept my voice low, casting a wary glance toward the opening leading to the 'Bedroom'.

"Where the hell are you?" Abby asked. I pulled off Kaden's T-shirt.

"Abby, Don't start with me." I hissed, gathering my bra and panties. "I've had a really bad morning, so far. And I don't need you adding to it. I think you've done enough already, you know this is your fault, right?"

"It's 4:22 am and you've been gone for 2 nights and one day- that you've slept through, obviously. So technically there hasn't been a morning yet." Abby dismissed."Besides you deserve everything you get for running off like that."

"You know why I ran. I didn't mean to get a guy. EVER. You ruined that for me! And what the hell are you doing calling my cell at 4:30 in the morning?"

"Why the hell are you answering?"

I froze. "Um... I asked you first."

"Oh very mature, Grace," Abby drawled. "If you must know, I'm calling your phone to find out where you are in the middle of the night since you never went to our 'apartment'" She said referring to our secret meeting spot.

"How do you know I'm not at our 'Apartment'? Where else would I go?"

"If your at our apartment why don't you roll over so you can meet Stephen, My soon to be mate."

"I can't believe you brought a man to our apartment to have sex with him."

"I brought someone for you too!"

"Oh, my god! Do you realize how creepy that is? I told you about that place so we could get away from men and you bring two there!"

I risked taking my eyes off the entrance to the 'bed room' and pushed the boxers off and pulled my panties up to my hips. Then hid behind a plastic bin. Sitting with my knees pulled tight to my chest with my pants and tank between them.

"Okay, think we need to communicate little better here, Abby. I'm mated now remember? I didn't run away because I thought my iron was on! I'm sorry I disappointed you." I snapped.

"You know this is the best thing for you... in the long run. I told you you'd get a mate, like it or not."

"Abby, We're getting into the realm of weird again. This is sex we're talking about. 'Like it or not' seems a little harsh?" I could almost hear Abby's jaw clench.

"You know what I meant, Grace. You will like having a mate if you just cooperate and give it a chance. Now come to the apartment!"

"While there's some strange man probably sitting on our couch naked wanting to get it on with me? I'd rather not."

"Max will wait all week of he has to, he's very anxious to meet you. And what else are you planning to do? I know where you live and the others all know I'll kill them if they harbor you."

"So now I'm a fugitive?" shifted to sit on my knees.
Abby swore in exasperation.

"For your information," I informed her, "I was on my way to the 'apartment' when you called,but there's no way I'm going there now. As soon as I sneak out of here-" A large masculine hand reached down and plucked the cell from my hand, powering it down, and tossing it onto the bin she was hiding beside.

"I'm afraid you aren't leaving anytime soon. I'm not nearly finished with you yet."
The sound of the rich, gravelly voice froze me in place. On my knees between the plastic bin a the cave wall. I hadn't even heard him come in, let alone heard him cross the room. I looked up and found myself staring at the fly of his blue jeans- which was unfastened. I swallowed hard and tried to pretend my legs hadn't gone all liquid. I clutched my clothes to my chest and yanked my gaze away from his groin, dragging It up over his well muscled and beautiful chest. That did nothing for the liquid problem. In fact, it only compounded it. I could feel my body softening and growing damp.

---Damn thing doesn't know what's good for it! ---

When my eyes finally made it as high as his face, I saw the look of amusement there and stiffened.

"That was rude. I was talking to someone."

He folded his arms across his chest and gave me a stern look. "You were planning on leaving without saying good-bye. I consider that pretty rude."
The challenge of maintaining my dignity while wearing lingerie underwear and kneeling at the feet of a gorgeous Alpha werewolf made me fidgety.
It also made me lie terribly.

"I never planned on not saying good-bye. I was just going to-"

" 'Sneak out of here' yes, I heard."

I was thoroughly sick of staring up at him, but until figured out how to cover myself completely, I decided to stay put. " 'Sneak' is just an expression."

He laughed. "Which means to move stealthily in an attempt to avoid detection." He prowled a step closer me. I scooted all the way back against the cave wall. "That sounds pretty rude to me, Gracie."

I stopped fidgeting. "What'd you call me?"

"Gracie. Why did you prefer just Grace now? Or did you change your name?"

I ignored his sarcasm. "Only my friends call me Gracie." I said. "You're not my friend."

"You're right. I'm not you're friend I'm your Mate! And-" he cut himself off. "Wait a minute; what the hell am I doing? This is completely not the point. The point is that you're not going anywhere right now."

"You cant keep me here." I said stupidly.

"Wanna bet?"

I jumped up and ran I made it to the 'bed room' before he grabbed me by my upper arms and tossed me over onto the bed. I didn't have a chance to scramble away before he leapt at me. At that point, I had 200 pounds of grinning werewolf lying on top of me, making it impossible. Either way, he had me trapped.

I stared up at him defiantly.

"You were saying?"He taunted.

"Fine, poor choice of words. You can obviously keep me wherever you want, but it's still illegal and immoral. And really cruel."

He shrugged. "What can I say? I'm a werewolf. Haven't you heard? We're monsters."

"We are not."I retorted wriggling beneath him. "So if you're all done showing off and acting all big and bad, would you mind getting the hell off me now?"

My wiggling brought my hips up against the pronounced swelling of his erection, concealed by his jeans, and he growled softly, his eyes grew aroused.

"As a matter a fact, I would." He said, lowering his head to kiss the corner of my pouting lips. "I think I like it right here."

My body traitorous body responded that it liked him there, too. In fact, it would like him even more if he took off his damn jeans and shifted his hips to the left just a tad, But my mind had the good sense to be outraged and indignant. If only it weren't also struck temporarily dumb by the heavy masculine, hot, sexy, dominant feel of him.

I swallowed hard.

He traced the movement with his tongue, which made me swallow again, which he chuckled at quietly and traced it again, and I figured I had maybe 5 more seconds of this before he reduced me to a quivering mass of goo.

I cleared my throat but moaned when the sound made him stutter his tongue against the sensitive skin. My hands pressed against his shoulders, and I mustered one last coherent protest.

"Um... I really have to be going. I have things to do."

Hey, I said it was coherent not smart.

He chuckled and reached up to lock both my wrists in one of his big hands. Then he used his tongue to investigate the hollow at the base of my throat and my collarbone.

"At 4:30 in the morning? I don't think so."

"Maybe I'm an early riser."

He laughed. "I know I am. Wanna see?" He ground his erection against me and grinned suggestively

I Inhaled a gulp of air before letting it come out as a whimper. "N-no!" I practically screamed.

He chuckled. "Liar."

I felt the blush in my cheeks. "What I want is for you to let me go."



"Yes. Why do you want me to let you go?" He looked down at me with his deep brown eyes, and I suddenly couldn't remember Why I'd felt so determined to leave. And he certainly wasn't helping me at all by rubbing his thumb gently against my wrists he still had pinned above my head in an unbreakable grip.

I shrugged. "Why do you want to keep me?"

He smiled and laughed and it reminded me of the sunrise and fallen angels, and wicked intentions.

"Silly question," He rumbled, a soft sound half a step away from a purr, as he pushed my clothes aside. And since I'd never clasped my bra he gently released my arms and pulled the bra off. Barring my body to his gaze for the first time. I saw the light of appreciation in his eyes and I fought not to show how much I liked that he enjoyed looking at me. I'd never been this naked in front of a male. Man or boy.

I tried to mold my expression into a scowl, but it probably looked as fake as it felt.

"Stupid answer. I doubt very much you can't get sex anytime and from anyone you want." He leaned down to lap at my nipple, wetting the tip and making it stand out from my breast. He pursed his lips and blew, watching as it tightened further. "But I don't want it from anyone. I only want it from you."

I squirmed and fought to keep my breathing from turning into panting as he left one breast and moved to the other. I wanted to concentrate on what he was saying, especially since it seemed more likely to be a product of wishful thinking or a dream then hardcore reality. I dare anyone to try to concentrate while Kaden played with their tender spots. It was impossible to be done. He scraped his teeth over my skin, then lifted his head to survey his handiwork. "In fact," He purred, "I only want it from you from now on."

"But why?" I moaned.

His mouth closed over my neglected nipple, drawing the aching peak inside and sucking it firmly against the roof of his mouth, and I feel his tongue rubbing in tiny strokes against the underside. The sensation made me want to cry out, and when he pulled away I thought I would.

"Because you taste so good," He murmured, shifting until he could slide his tongue down the center of my chest and dip teasingly into my navel. He pulled my panties down gently until they were on the floor with my bra.

My muscles clenched, from my abdomen to my toes and everywhere in between. He breathed warm currents against my skin and ruffled my pubic hair with the tips of his fingers. My hips arched reflexively into his hand, I bit back a moan when his hand slid lower and eased me (grammar?) gently open. My moan changed to a gasp when he buried his face in my curls and inhaled deeply.

"And you smell even better." His murmur became a growl, and when he slid his tongue along the path of his fingers, I echoed it with a breathless cry. His tongue circled a wave of hot, moist sensation before dipping into my center and drinking my wetness. My hands slid into his hair and held him to me while his tongue drove me crazy. My nerve endings between pleasure and pain before his head came up quickly and he slid up beside me no longer touching me my mind said good, while my body, homones and instincts were begging me to beg him for more.

Had I done something wrong?

"You've never done this before." He said, the growl back in his voice. "Why didn't you say anything?"

"About what?" I barely recognized my own voice.

"About the fact that I could have hurt you." He grumbled.

"You weren't really interested in anything I had to say, or worrying about hurting me a little while ago."

He sighed through his nose. "From now on it'd be nice to know these things." He slid an arm around my waist pulling me to his body. "And from now on, I expect you to tell me."

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