The Accidental Mate 2- THE FORBIDDEN MATE

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Isa's Life was perfect-aside from having the WW3 right in her backyard. Isa has a high ranking Male that her daddy aproves of ready to take her as his mate, but the night before she turns 16 she is kidnapped by the rival pack. She wants nothing more then to return home with her family and Potential Mate, Tony. Frightened and alone she starts falling for the Alpha's Son. What if Tristan Mark Kael is more then just her enemy captor?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Accidental Mate 2- THE FORBIDDEN MATE

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Submitted: June 22, 2010



\"TAMPic of Isa

I guess this should be a second part of the Epilogue, but it just didn't feel right to ruin the ending of TAM. I wrote this because I think it'd be nice to show how Kaden feels about his little girl. It also popped in my head because as I was writing Ch. 1 "My little Girl" by Tim Mcgraw came on. So Sweet love that song! This will also- most likely be the only thing in Kaden's Pov.


Kaden's POV

 6 years with Grace. In these 6 years so much has changed. My life has had more meaning then ever.  I think back as I check to make sure the kids are asleep stopping at Owen's door  first, He just turned 5 a 2 months ago. Looks just like me.

I whisper a soft goodnight as I close his door silently. The next room is Dj's He's sound asleep, exhausted after playing in piles of leaves all day.  I follow suit telling him goodnight and closing his door silently. He has his mama's nose, I realized with a small smile.

Walking to the bedroom door just before Mine and Grace's I peeked in and saw my little angel passed out over a coloring book on the floor.
Chuckling as I picked Isa up, she wraps her tiny arms around my neck while I put away her crayons and book. Teddy is curled up on the foot of her bed not even acknowledging me while I tucked Isa into bed. Turning off the T.V. and taking one last long look around my 3 year old girl's bedroom. I swooped in kissing her forehead gently and ruffling her light brown hair. when I got to her door I didn't close it. She didn't like her door closed.

I whispered "Good night, baby girl, I love you."

As I turned to leave the door way I heard Isa's small, soft voice whisper arguably. "No Daddy I love you more!" Shaking my head looking back at her as she sat up to blow me a kiss. I pretend to catch it in my hand and blew her one, she caught it too.

"We'll save them for later." I told her. She smiled and nodded before curling up in her bed pulling the blanket over her shoulders.

"Night Daddy, Don't forget to say your prayers." She reminded softly, like I figured Grace had reminded her earlier in the night. 

"I won't, I promised, sweet dreams, baby." I murmured as I walked into my room and crawled fully clothed into bed with my mate, tears building in my eyes as I wrapped my arm around Grace's small waist.

"Kaden?" She asked quietly, then she must have seen my distress. Grace sat up "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," I promised, "I just don't know how she did it."

"Isa? Did what?"

"She's growing up so fast. I remember when the nurse brought her out in that little pink blanket..."

"Kaden She's only 2... almost 3," Grace said quietly, realizing the same thing I had, "Yeah, she had you head over heels." Gracie laughed kissing me gently. "& still has you wrapped around her little fingers quite nicely." I would have argued,but she was right.

"She looks more like you everyday," I groaned.

"And whats wrong with that?"

"Nothing except her brothers and I will have to beat males away with a stick... or a branch, what ever hurts more."

Gracie just laughed quietly, snuggling into my arms and nuzzling her face into my chest, "You're all wet!" She said bolting back up.

"It's raining," I shrugged.

"Take off your wet clothes!" She growled, "I have to wash the bed sheets tomorrow now! Ugh! Kaden what am I gonna do with you! You're like another kid..."
Suddenly Graces face went blank as I got my jeans and T off leaving my boxers on.

"Gracie... you okay?"

"I sounded like my mother... Kaden, I sound like my mother!"

I laughed out right. A pillow flew at my face, I barely dodged it.

"This isn't funny!" Grace growled, that only made me laugh harder.

"This is hilarious!" I howled as she leaped off the bed and tackled me. Before you knew it The three kids and the dog was rough housing and Pillow fighting in our bedroom.  The kids attacking me of course,Grace was standing back laughing as she watched me get beat up by toddlers.

"Wait! Wait! I-I-" I try to speak through my laugh as the kids began tickling. "I think you're mama's feeling left out. I think it should be boys against girls." I said my voice growing as I scooped Isa up and blew a strawberry on her belly, The boys attacked their mama, while she tried to restrain them, without success.

Then after everyone was wore out enough we all climbed into Grace and I's King sized bed to watch Harry Potter, yes including Teddy. I don't think any one of us made it through the beginning credits, except me, but I wasn't watching the movie I was transfixed by Isa lying curled up at my side.

I realized no matter how old she got this is how I'd always see her, She'd always be my little girl. No matter what trouble she got into that crooked smile would melt any thought of being mad at her away. It seemed like I'd just turned around for a second and now she's not a baby any more.

Realization hit me like Ice  water- Someday some male will come to the door asking to come in, but I think twice before I let him. I know she'll claim that she's in love, but I don't think any boy will ever be good enough. And I know that some day- sooner then I wish to realize- She'll leave home to chase her dreams, but I have to hope that she'll come back home again. Because this is how I'll always see her... She's just my little girl.

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