The Accidental Mate 2- THE FORBIDDEN MATE

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - memorizing you

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Chapter 9: Memorizing You (pt.1)


I pressed forward, sliding a single digit past in side her. Isa's body tightened, clinging to me. I couldn't help the breathless curse as I imagined the sweet, intense contraction around my length.

Isa's breathless cries, pleading and needing, urged me on. I'd spent  almost a year wanting her. I had woken up with her taste on my lips her scent surrounding me and her perfect body pressed against me. I needed her like I needed air to breathe.

Taking my hand from between her legs, I felt her shudder under me and I clenched my jaw. I had to see her spread out on my bed, wanting me. I'd dreamt of this. Still holding her wrists, I leaned back. She was more beautiful then I'd imagined. Her thighs open and willing, the tight T- shirt she'd had on when she was caught, ended right at the end of her belly button. Exposing the soft, gentle rounding of a healthy, fertile female. The urge to sink my teeth into her unmarked neck was overwhelming. My breath caught in my throat at the sight of her.

"Tristan, please, please." She whimpered.

I reached for the hem of her tight T-shirt, but my dilemma  became immediately clear. If I wanted her shirt off, I'd have to release her arms. But she looked so... delicious, stretched helpless and needy, beneath me. She made me feel like a conqueror, a war hero, a king. And I wasn't strong enough to give that up. With that I leaned down to touch my mouth to hers. Begging for an apology against her parted lips, while I gathered the material at the neck of her T-shirt and ripped it down the middle. At the same time I kissed her hard and thrusted, shamelessly claiming what I knew I could never have.

Isa arched against me  and moaned. Her hands clenching my bed sheets, untill her knuckles turned white, her hips and belly pressing against me intimately.
I couldn't hold back the growl that echoed against her lips as I pulled her free of the shredded material, now I could feel all of her against me, I ran my free hand over her soft skin, up her rib cage untill my caught her breast. My growl, filled with satisfaction, felt amazing as she moaned against my shoulder as my thumb brushed delicately over her purt nipple. I turned my head to kiss her jaw once careful not to sink my teeth into the skin of her unmarked neck just below. But the temptation was to much to bear, I lowered my mouth letting my lips leave small soft open mouthed kisses down the front column of her throat.

"Oh, god," she whimpered. Her body was tight with anticipation, her trembling body forcing her breath to come in short shallow breaths. I looked up to see her eyes flutter closed as I let my lips slide to the place I wanted to sink my teeth into, before sliding down quickly to take her abandoned nipple into my mouth.
I watched her, savoring every movement, every hitch in her breath. I needed to remember this, I needed to show her how good I could be to her, I needed to show her how much I loved her. I studied the way her eyes widened, how she bit her bottom lip when she moaned, the sound of her small gasp as she drew in her quivering breaths. I pressed against her warm, wet, center. She threw her head back moaning, and exposing the length of her throat to me. With a growl my beast lunged forward but I caught myself and turned  my face so it was buried in the curve where her shoulder and neck met, the place that I dreamt one day, would bare my mark.

My fingers tightened on her nipple, Isa cried out and pressed further into my hand. "Oh, god," She whispered, I watched as her body drew tighter. I forced both knees between her  clenched thighs. I brought my jean covered leg up against her, hard. I groaned as I felt her wetness seep through the denim. I almost laughed when I felt her thighs clench mouth of mine and started to rub desperately against me.  I pulled away slightly and she whimpered.

"Hey, sh, baby. I'll take care of you. I promise." I whispered reassuringly against her.

"Please, please, Tristan, Please!" She begged

"Sh, baby, I don't want to rush." I explained, I reached up to pull her wrists apart so one was in each hand as I drew them down to her sides and pinning them against her hips. "I want to savor this. I want to memorize you." --- I want to love you, --- I almost said, but quickly lowered my head to kiss her gently instead. Isa whimpered as I pulled away. "Can you bend your knees for me, baby?" she nodded and did as I asked. Opening her self to me, I let out a rough sigh.

"Good girl," I whimpered, heaving a breath, "Can you go wider baby? Bring them up here," I indicated pushing her thighs against her sides gently.
She nodded jerkily, but followed my lead and drew her thighs up untill she was completely open and exposed to me. She was trusting me, putting herself in this vulnerable position.

I couldn't help myself as I stared down at her. I licked my dry lips as I seen what was waiting for me, begging for my touch. "You're so pretty, I've always thought that, since the very first time I seen you. You'll always be beautiful." I told her nuzzling gently, into her neck.

Unable to resist the temptation any longer I lowered myself down her body untill I could blow lightly at her overheated, damp, folds of skin, Isa cried out. I kissed the back of her thigh before gliding her wrists so her hands curled around the backs of her thighs, just behind her knees,

 "Right there, keep your hands just like that for me." She whimpered and closed her eyes. "Hey, look at me." She forced her eyes to open and meet my gaze, "You hold on, whatever I do, I want you to keep your hands here. Do you understand me Isabel?"

She nodded, "I understand," she whispered.

I nodded and released her hands. When she kept her hands in place, I slipped my own fingers between her thighs and pressed gently into her slick folds, I groaned as I watched her glisten in the soft morning light coming through the curtain.

"So beautiful," I whispered, breathlessly, she looked like an angel as I bent my head down and my tongue came into contact with her flesh.

Isabelle screamed. Her frantic cry filled the room, filled my head, but I didn't care. I'd never tasted anything so sweet as this female under me. She was like honey against my tongue. I lapped hungrily, using my lips and teeth to explore every inch of the body i fought not to claim as my own. I drew my tongue slowly up the length of her slit, she cried out when  my tongue flicked her clit, she let go of her legs clutched at my hair.

A warning rumble vibrated from my chest, I lifted my head and pulled her hands roughly from my hair.

"I told you to hold on," I growled, her brown eyes wide and confused as if she was lost. I took her hands gently in mine kissing both of her wrists as I placed her hands back where I wanted them.

"Now don't move, baby." I  whispered, keeping my hands over her as I bent to taste her again.

I laughed, Isa sure as hell didn't move her hands but her hips arched upward towards my mouth, trying to angle herself so I would touch her clit again. She whimpered and moaned and tried to beg, but she was just to amazing for me to hurry. I could feel her shaking as she was so close to her climax, debating momentarily on whether to help her over, or to press inside her again, but her soft moans were starting to sound as painful as my own arousal and I didn't want her to hurt, not when I could prevent it so easily.

 I whispered soothing words and praised her  as I promised her pleasure, I released one of her hands, so I could skim my palm down her thigh and over her firm ass, She drew in one last breath before I closed my lips around her clit and thrusted to fingers deep inside her clenching warmth.

_________________________I was gonna stop there Like I did on my other site, but I decided to post a little more for you guys_________________

Ch. 9: Memorizing You (PT2)


Her body seemed to catch fire, as she clenched around my fingers. Isabel's scream of pleasure echoed in the air around me.

In that moment I knew she was mine. I knew I didn't have to mark her to know she belonged to me. It didn't matter anymore. no other Female had ever tasted so sweet, ever smelled so delicious, had ever felt like such perfection.  No other female had ever had me so hard. I'd never wanted any other Female to bare my pups.

Isabel was mine, all mine. And I would never let her go. Not completely. I would always be there, waiting for her. I panted as I unsnapped my jeans, freeing my painful erection. I couldn't wait any longer the anticipation of her body naked body pressed against mine was overbearing. I couldn't stop touching her long enough to completely strip. I had to be inside her. Now.

I rose to my knees pressing myself between her parted thighs, I guided her hands to pull them wider. Isabel was still breathing raggedly, but her eyes were not closed, and the usually pale skin of her cheeks were now flushed pink from her orgasm. I fitted myself against her opening.

My forearms braced against the back of her thighs, holding her in position as I slowly and deliberately, pressed inside of her tight, slick embrace. My breath caught in my throat at the feeling of my body entering hers. I managed to push forward untill just the head was in side of her, she was so tight, it felt as if she was going to rip apart. My head fell to her shoulder and my body trembled as I fought for control of my own actions. To keep myself from Ramming inside of her. To keep myself from hurting her, from ruining the trust she'd given me again.

If I thought it was bad imagining what it was like to be inside her, it was even worse to be ALMOST inside of her. She felt too amazing, too perfect, so warm and tight.

She was too tight.

Clenching my jaw and opening my eyes to stare at her, I had to remind myself of why I was being careful, why I was being so gentle and I remembered as soon as her deep brown eyes met mine, "God, Isabel, you're so tight." I whimpered, trying to explain, how I needed her too bad to be gentle, but the thought of hurting her made me hate myself.

She seemed not to understand at first- then her face looked terrified, but she shook her head, "Please, don't stop." She pleaded breathlessly.

I suddenly wished I hadn't made her cum. The orgasm had only made her tighter and even more swollen. It had made it harder to get inside of her then it should have been. She was so small anyway, but compared to myself... she was so tiny and so, very, breakable. If I didn't stop. If I took her now she would hurt. And it would be my fault. But if I didn't have her now, it seemed we'd both die.

I felt her gaze on me again so I looked down at her, terrified to push forward,but unable to pull back. Looking down at her I saw her fear, but I also saw so much more.

Isabel's deep brown gaze was tender, looking up as if she was trying to tell me that I needed to finish what we had started.  I thanked god she didn't bolt as I felt my canines extend, and my pupils dilate, because at that point I would have had to chase her and claim her despite her fear. Despite her change of heart.

"Tristan, I need you." She whimpered, nodding gently as if encouraging me. I felt her hips shift up against me, Then she moaned quietly in the back of her throat as I slipped a fraction deeper. I clenched my body, tight, holding back, as she shuddered. ''Please," She murmured, "Please, I need you, so much."

"I'm going to hurt you." I growled out realizing the truth, ''I don't want to hurt you. It kills me, I can't." My growl turned into a plea.

"Tristan, I want to give you what you've given me,'' She whimpered, "I trust you."

"Of, god, Isabel you're gonna make me kill myself, aren't you?'' I moaned as she pressed forward again, before slowly lowering herself back to the bed.

"Please." She pleaded with a slight pant.

I closed my eyes before I lowered my face and whispered, "Please, forgive me, Bel. I promise, I swear I will never hurt you again."

"I know, I want this Tristan." I prayed she really did.

Taking a deep breath and kissing her as gently as I could, telling her silently how much I really cared for her. How much I really loved her as I pushed forward carefully forcing myself inside of her soft precious body.

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