The Accidental Mate 2- THE FORBIDDEN MATE

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - memorizing you (pt 3)

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Ooh! and My friend and I have already started discussing the next book... Still a lot of kinks but I told her it was a little early to be thinking about that anyway. Just thought I'd keep you up to date!


Ch. 9 (pt 3) last part of CHAPTER 9!!!!!

I'd never felt anything like it. She shuddered beneath me and around me. She was so small and soft and warm. I expected to smell the terror on her skin, but there was none. All I could smell was the scent of desire-hers and mine-, affection, and the scent that was distinctly hers-the scent I could pick up anywhere.

Her body wrapped around me snugly, so snug that I had to force myself deeper inside her, Forcing her to except every inch of me. Two inches forced inside, then three. I was sweating, every muscle in my body trembling as I fought the urge to thrust hard and deep. Isabel gasped, I felt her body tighten almost painfully around me, I prepared myself for her to tell me to no, or stop, but instead I felt her breathe out as she forced her muscles to relax.

"I'm fine," She whispered, and when I didn't move she turned her face to my shoulder and pressed her lips to my damp skin gently, "Tristan, I'm okay. Give me more."

I groaned, she was gonna be the death of me. My wolf didn't care though. All he cared about was the tight, slick, warmth surrounding him.

I cursed and pushed forward again, forcing the fourth solid inch. Five, then six. It seemed every time I sank deeper she grew tighter, I began wondering if I was having a dream, or a nightmare. How could something so painful for her be bringing me so much pleasure? Women- Shifter females were supposed to stretch, right?

"Wait, wait!" Isabel, whimpered, "Please," her heels dug into my back, as she gasped, "I-I just need a second."

My wolf growled and jumped forward, but I halted my movements, shoving him back. I didn't care if my heart stopped pounding, if she needed me to wait, to slow down, or even to stop all together, that's what I'd do. All she had to do was say it and everything would stop. I just couldn't stand ever seeing  her look at me with disgust, or hatred ever again. After  her long slow breath whispered across my cheek as Bel forced her body to relax, until her muscles unclenched enough to allow me to move.

She nodded, "All right, Everything's okay." She mumbled then she rolled her hips taking me deeper, and she groaned, "More."

I tried to press forward as slowly, as gently as before. Trying to ease myself inside her one inch at a time. Trying to give her body time to adjust to my invasion.

I wanted to show her How I cherished her fragile body, but as I moved forward I nudged hard against her tight muscles and she cried out breathless and hungry. Bel's hips jerked up hard against my own she pulled me deeper. That was all it took for the hold I had on humanity to snap like a rubber band stretched to it's limits.

I couldn't contain my growl as I  thrust this time burying my body into her until there was no more to take. Bel screamed, the sound was a combination of pain and pleasure her hands slipped to my shoulders, her nails digging into my skin. But I didn't feel the pain not when the pleasure her body was giving me was so much greater- so much more overwhelming.

Isabel surprised me by pulling her legs higher until she could hook her knees over my shoulders. That movement drove me hard inside of her- deeper then I ever imagined getting in her small, tight body. We both shuddered together.

And suddenly I heard Isa chuckle breathlessly, "I- I never thought... you would... fit in there."

I swore and rested my hands, so I could cup her perfect ass, to hold her against me.  I growled, as I circled my hips, savoring Isabel's broken cries of pleasure-pain.

"Did... did I hurt you?" I whimpered.

 She lifted her hand and tangled it in damp my hair, Isa tugged until I looked up into her brown eyes, then she pulled my face to hers and kissed me with everything she had. Then she nodded.

"It hurt," She whispered. I immediately tried to pull out, but her hands tightened. "No, don't leave me, it was worth it. I'm glad you're making love to me." She said.

I looked down at her trying to find the lie behind her eyes, tried to smell the lie on her skin, but it wasn't there. All I could find was truth, she had given herself to me and not regretted it at all. I dug my fingers into her soft skin and lifted her to meet my thrusts until we were coming together in perfect timing, the perfect rhythm.

We started slowly, as I taught her. It was needed. she was still so tight I couldn't move any faster, not with out ripping her apart in the process, but soon her body adjusted to me and allowed me to thrust harder and faster. Isabel was pushing her hips against mine. I knew I only had seconds before I'd  come undone.

I shrugged my shoulders and moved one hand so it rested between our bodies. With two gentle fingers I pressed lightly, Bel's breaths broke and her moans came faster, Turing into desperate whimpers, I felt my body tighten. I thrust faster and spread my fingers so my thumb could flick, just once over her clit.

She came, screaming my name. It wasn't the sound I dreamt of, It was so much better. That's all it took for me to fall over the edge with her. When I could finally relax my body I let myself collapse, but as I did my arms wrapped around Bel's limp body and pulled her until she was rested on top of me instead of me crushing her under my weight.

Isabel's head fit perfectly under my chin. I closed my eyes inhaling her sweet scent as I relaxed. Isa was cuddled safely and motionlessly in my arms. By the time I could take in a steady breath, her lack of movement had me opening my eyes to check on her.

"You okay, Bel?" She still didn't budge, but her lips parted as she sighed, breath tickling my neck.

"I'll live." She whispered.

"I'm so sorry, I hurt you, baby." I told her kissing the top of her head gently. My hands stroked down her spine until they could close around her hips. I then winced at the thought of what I was going to do next. This wouldn't help her at all, "Take a deep breath and relax for me, baby." she nodded and did as I asked without question or hesitation, "One, two, three." I lifted her carefully as my body slid from hers. She bit her lip, holding in her cry, succeeding in only a light whimper.

After she was rested against me again, she sighed, "I think that was the worst part."

I brushed her hair from her face as she scooted up to kiss me. I kissed back softly. "I'm sorry."

"I don't want you to be sorry." She murmured.

I laughed. "I'm not sorry I took you. I'll never be. Only that I hurt you."

"Good, cuz I'm glad you took me, too." She rested her chin on my chest looking up at me. "Do you mean it, Tristan?" Her voice had suddenly grown quiet and unsure.

"Did I mean what, Bel?" I asked, her Pulling her chin up so I could see her eyes.

"Did you mean it when you said you'd fallen in love with me..." She said quickly.

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