The Accidental Mate 2- THE FORBIDDEN MATE

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Trusting Taboos

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Chapter song is Good-bye, by Rascal Flatts. The video doesn't really match the  chapter but the lyrics do.- The actual video made me bawl like a baby.

Chapter 10: Trusting Taboos


Tristan smiled and kissed my forehead, "Yes, Bel. I love you. So much, it scares the hell out of me."

I smiled and shimmied up so I could kiss him. "I love you, too." I whispered. "Come with me."


I pulled back. "Tristan, come home with me." I whispered, smiling.

"Isabel- I can't."

"Yes, you can. My daddy won't be mad... I love you."

"No." He said sounding angry.

"Why not?" I asked confused.

"My place is here."

"And my place is with you, I don't belong here, though. Tristan... please..."

"No." He said it and it sounded so... Final.

Then it hit me. Like Ice water sinking into my veins. I sat up pulling away, but holding the sheet around me. I felt the heat of tears building, felt m heart drop to my stomache.

"Okay," I whispered, feeling my heart shatter.

"Isa, You understand... Don't you? I can't leave. This is my home."

"Home?" I huffed, "Yup, I understand completely." I swallowed painfully. "So was me fucking you enough payment to get my aunt home to come back
home?" I tried to sound strong, but I could hear all the pain. I just prayed he couldn't.


"Was my fucking you good enough? After everything I've done... my aunt is coming home. It's where she belongs." I had conored him and I knew it was low and harsher, then I thought I could ever be. But right now he was tearing me apart and I was fighting to stay together.

"Whatever you want." he whispered.

"I'm going to get ready. You should call my father and set up the time and place to meet. Your Father interrupted when I called." I whispered, taking the sheet with me as I stood.

Mark caught the edge, pulling me back. "Bel, I do love you."

"Just not enough? Did I not fuck good enough for you?" I growled, feeling the tears begin wetting my eyes again.

"Isabel that isn't-"

"Don't! I'm sick of you! I'm sick of all of this! I hate you! I wish I'd never met you. I wish your Father would have just killed me!" I gave up on the blanket
and ran to the closet slamming the door closed behind me. I pulled a T-shirt and Sweats out and threw them on- Ignoring how big they were. And the scent of Mark all over them- all over me.

"I have to take a shower." I said to myself, and walked out tying not to look at where he stood wearing a pair of boxers and taking the bedspread off. But in my attemt to avoid him I saw the blood- I would never get my first time back. I gave it all up to him. The one thing that was mine and only mine. And I let him take it. The world spun, I couldn't take a deep breath, My whole body seemed to shiver.

"Isa?" I finally looked up at him.

"I cant believe I let you-" I stopped, my voice was strangled with the tears I fought back, I felt sick. I ran to the bathroom locking the door behind me as I dry heaved over the toilet. Then the only thing I could think was: Oh how romantic. Catch my sarcasm?

"Isa, are you okay?" I ignored him, "Isa, Unlock the door. Please."

"I'm fine," I whimpered. "I just- I just wanna go home." I sobbed out the last part. I wanted my momma to hold me and tell me everything would be okay.

"Isa-" his voice almost sounded as broken as mine, but I decided that was just wishful thinking.

"Please- please, just call my daddy." I begged, trying to find a happy place, but everytime I tried to think of the happiest moment in my life- It was with Tristan. I needed to calm myself. I couldn't let anyone see me like this. When I could finally take a deep breath I pushed myself up and started the shower. I stood up to undress, but froze when I saw my reflection.

How could I be so naive? So stupid, 'Love me'...How did I think that was possible. It was Taboo. It just wasn't meant to be. It was forbidden. I pulled my gaze from the mirror and undressed quickly. The sooner I got this over with the sooner I could go home and leave this all behind. Pretend it never happened. Pretend it was just some crazy dream.

After my shower and re-dressing in the too big clothes I walked out of the bathroom. Chrissy and Kristen were there in the hallway.

"Oh, god!" Chrissy cried wrapping her arms around me.

"Everyone was so worried! How could you just run off with out telling anyone! If you wouldn't have run off they wouldn't have caught you!" Kristen huffed.

"Kristen, shut up and hug me!" She wrapped her arms around me. Then whispered in my ear something that just about killed me, It was like another stab in the heart. "Tony was so worried about you. You should have seen him when he was told you were missing."

Both of the sisters pulled back. We were all wiping our faces. Mine cheeks soiled with newer, fresher tears, but these ones were for Tony. 

"Where is he?" I asked quietly.

"Who? The Alpha's son?" Chrissy asked, I nodded.

"He went to go get-" she was interrupted by Aunt Samantha. She ran up and hugged me tightly, crying into my shoulder with her little boy attached to her leg. I held her tight, knowing she was happy to get away.

I heard Mark clear his throat, "We better get going if we want to get to the Exchange in time."


"They have some of our males." He whispered looking at me as if wanting to say more, but I didn't look into his eyes long enough to care to know what other lies he'd wanted to say.

I laughed, but it held no amusement, "Oh, again, I was made to believe you were doing something because you cared- You're just as selfish as your Father." I growled. Every one froze as if expecting him to do something.

"Are you ready, or not." He whispered, walking out the door, I followed. The other females obviously didn't trust him.

"I'mm ready for anything, now." I  whispered mostly to myself. Deciding I should have been ready for him to walk away after he'd had sex with me. Should have been ready when he'd lied. Should have been ready for my heart to break. I should have- but I wasn't. Now I was too late, but he wouldn't catch me off guard anymore.

He opened the back door and Chrissy, Kristen and Aunt Sam jumped in before I had the chance- that left me with the passenger seat. When he reached for the door I stopped him.

"I can get my own door."

He opened it anyway. "I know. It's called being polite."

"Oh, so that's a new thing you're trying? Tell me how it works out for you." I sat down pulling the door and slamming it shut behind me.

He walked around the front of the car and started the engine.

"You're not going to blind fold us?"

"Not yet." He growled obviously getting irritated by my attitude.

"Good, I was starting to think you were retarded."

I was expecting him to tighten his grip on the wheel, lash out, yell, but he didn't. He laughed quietly.

The rest of the ride was silent, until we got to the edge of the forest. He parked and pulled out four strips of cloth.

"Get out." He said, he didn't sound angry. He sounded tired- but he probably was- I mean after our morni- I stopped myself. I wont think about that ever again. I promised myself.

"How are we suppose to trust you, you could be taking us somewhere and decide to just kill us."

"Why would I waste gas for that?" The question was obviously meant to be rhetorical.

"Same reasons you waste words." I answered it anyway.

He growled, then took a breath. "Fine, but you have to lay down in the seat with your head in my lap so you can't see the roads."

"Why me?"

"You were the only one who seemed to have a problem with it. So do you trust me or not?" He asked holding up the Cloth.

I only shook my head, "No, I've learned my lesson."

True to his word- surprisingly, he blind folded Chrissy, Kristen and Aunt Sam, after helping them back into the car, we got in. That's when I got nervous.

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