The Accidental Mate 2- THE FORBIDDEN MATE

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 13 (v.1) - 11: Never Forget

Submitted: October 30, 2010

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Submitted: October 30, 2010



Sorry, if there are Spelling errors. My spell check isn't working :(

Chapter 11: Never Forget

Tristan made a big deal of adjusting his chair further back from the steering wheel. Then he looked at me and I made the mistake of meeting his Emrald eyes, they held a spark of Mischiff i hadn't seen before.
Mark arched an eyebrow daring me to rest with my back on the seat and my head on his lap. My heart dropped, as he patted his leg.

"You gonna keep your side of the bargin, little girl?" He smirked,but quickly tried to hide it.
hesitantly I leaned back until my head rested in his lap. I looked up at him and saw him smirking again. I sighed quietly, thinking about home- about being without Tristan...

My heart ached at the very thought. I tried to memorize his face. The sharp angle of his jaw, his perfect nose, the color of his lips. I tried to remember the feeling of his hands and mouth loving me this morning. Had it really only been this morning?

I felt tears gather in my eyes, but quickly tried to push them back.

"Why?" I whispered, too aware of the 3 other females sitting in the back seats.

"Why what?" He asked quietly glancing down at me.

''Why won't you stay with me?''

Mark sighed, "Let's not-"

"Please? Was it something I did?" I desperately needed to know.

"It's nothing you did-" He whispered.

 "Then why?"

He sighed thinking over his answer. "Do you think your father would ever leave his pack?" He asked looking down at me.

I shook my head. then caught on, "But my father's pack wasn't-"

"They're still my pack. And I'm going to be thier Alpha." then he paused. "Never doubt my feelings for you." He whispered even more quietly as one of his hands left

the steering wheel to rest on my stomache.

I turned my face into his stomache, so he couldn't see my tears. his hand left my belly and instead settled in my hair holding me too him. "I knew this wouldn't last

forever. I knew it was to good... We will go our seperate ways-" He stopped taking a deep breath, was it possible for this to hurt him as much as it was me? "You

will mate with the Male you were meant to." he finnished.

I swallowed hard. "And what about you?"

"Me?" He looked as if he hadn't thought of that part yet... "I will go on as I had before I fell in love with you." He whispered. "But I won't forget. Isa, look at me," He

commanded gently, I did as he asked and his fingers stroked my lips, glancing down at me. "I wont forget." He said slowly, quietly. "Come here," He said.

I sat up but scooted between him and the steering wheel. I wrapped my arms around his neck as I kissed him cahstily, then down his chin, throat, to his shoulder . I

kissed everywhere I could reach. His fingers caught my hair and held me so my head was tucked under his chin.

Then he leaned down and whispered; "I love you, Isabelle. Only you. If things were different... I would spend the rest of my life happily by your side. Making you

happy. In a fair world- I would give you everything you wanted. Anything you asked for... but I can't. I would, if I could. But just because I can't doesn't mean HE-" he

was speaking of Tony.

I knew only because of the sneer in his voice- "loves you more then I do. I'm so sorry- I never expected to- to hurt you. It's killing me." He whispered breathless. Then

Tristan pulled me up to him and kissed my lips gently and Chastely. I let my self taste him, savor him.

"Lie down, and don't cry, Your father will kill me if he thinks I've hurt you." He forced a smile and a laugh. I nodded wiping the tears from my cheeks. I forced myself to

smile back. Then I layed back, closing my eyes knowing if I looked at him the tears would form again.

"Sit up. We're here." Mark whispered, his voice craking slightly. I caught his hand in mine, telling him silently everything I needed him to know- like how sorry I was

for all the things I'd said to him- as I sat up and looked to where Daddy was waiting with other males I didn't know. Tristan squeezed my hand as a gentle reminder

of what he'd spoken only moments before.

I saw daddy move his hand. Signaling the wolves behind him to back up.

Tristan swallowed then looked over at me, before getting out.

"Stay in the car until I say." I nodded. When  he reached out to stroke my cheek gently I hear a growl. I looked over to see my dad looking curiously  at the two of us

and Tony beside him growling menacingly- it was definitely  a claim and I heard Tristan Growl back at him then he leaned closer.

"Tristan, don't." I whispered. He pulled back. and went to the back of the car to get the other females unblindfolded them and helped them out of the backseat.

Tristan took my arm gently. the female following behind us. I heard Tony growl again.

"Stop, Tony. I'm fine. You're just making this harder." then I looked to my daddy. "Hi." I whispered. Dad didn't do anything, butI saw his eyes grow watery. After Tony

calmed down the exchange went smoothly. The Males of Tristan's Pack got in the car and I watched as Tristan left me standing ther in some forign place- a place

without him. And in turn a place I didn't know how to be myself in anymore.

Daddy hugged me then, holding me close and petting my hair as I cried into his chest. People might have thought I was crying because I was happy to be home,

but really I felt like a piece of me had been ripped away. I cried because my chest hurt. I cried because I was more alone here without Tristan then I'd ever felt


When we finally made it home mom went through the same thing my Daddy had. Srying and holding me, but my tears were all dried up. The rest of that night at

home passed by in a blur.

As I crawled up into bed. I pulled the covers over me and for the first time in my life I had to think about what to be thankful for- what to pray for.

Was I glad Tristan made love to me? initally yes. But in the long run... it just hurt me more. Left me aching to be curled up in his bed with his arms around me his

strong body sharing it's warmth with mine...

So was that a good thing to pray about. Was I glad God gave me a chance to fell in love with Tristan? Or should I have kept hating him?

So many questions bombarded me. And I thought back to our last discussion in the car...

'I will go on as I had before I fell in love with you. But I won't forget.' He'd promised.

 'If things were different... I would spend the rest of my life happily by your side. Making you happy. In a fair world- I would give you everything you wanted. Anything

you asked for... but I can't.'  He'd confessed,

Then I knew what I would pray for... the future. The future I knew I could-would- never have. The future destiny had Stolen from us.  

'Never doubt my feelings for you.' He'd whispered 'I love you, Isabelle. Only you.' As that memory flitted behind my eyes I felt tears slide down my cheeks. The

memory was fading already. It felt more like a dream... Some figment of my imagination. Some story I'd made up. A scene from a Romance novel I'd read from the school library...

I found my diary and a pen abd scribled down the memory- not leaving anything out.  Whenit was all down I re-read it and clutched the book to my chest.

"Dear God," I whispered aloud. "I need your help... I don't know what to do. People say it's better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all... but what I

think the only people who say that are the ones who either truly don't -or have never loved- or the lucky ones who never lost it..." I thought of Aunt Sam. She

understood. She had to understand. I got up and walked gently and silently down the stairs to where Aunt Sam was staying.

she was lying in bed when I opened the door.

"Isa? Are  you okay?" She asked alarm in her voice. I only shook my head. Tear seemed to stream down my face.  "What's wrong are you hurt?"

I nodded, clutching my diary to my chest. Aunt Sam jumped up, her hands inspecting my body as if I'd broken a bone- but that wasn't what hurt, my

chest was aching, but even more then that it was empty. I was empty.

"What hurts, Baby?" She asked quietly.

"My heart." I cried, dropping to my knees and wrapping my arms around myself, trying to force myself back together. Sam dropped down beside me too.

"I know, baby. I know, but everything is going to be okay now. You're safe and you don't need to worry." I pulled back looking into her face- and I realized she thought I

was still afraid of going back. She didn't understand.

"I love him." I tried to explain through the sobs.

"I know honey... Do you want me to get you daddy? You're momma? Tony?"

"No," I shook my head. "I want Tristan."

Then she froze. Her arms growing rigged around me. "Okay honey just come lay down with me." She whispered and I did I crawled into bed beside her and closed

my eyes trying to relax my aching body and trying to take deep breaths to make the sobs lessen.

When I woke up again it was still dark and I was still in Aunt Sam's room. I looked at the alarm clock.

I read: 9:14 pm.

I got up and looked for my diary- it wasn't there. I began searching frantically. Needing the only part of Tristan I had left.

I got up quickly running to the door and into the hallway before I heard their voices.

"Kaden. She needs help." Aunt Sam whispered.

"I'm not sending her to a fucking Mental Hospital!" He growled.

"Did you not read what she wrote- obviously, she's suffering from Sockholm Sydrome-"

"She was only gone a few days..." I heard my momma whisper, brokenly.

"It's long enough to do some damage. Trust me. I know. I was there." Sam whispered.

I heard Logan Speak up, "But how would sending her away help?" He asked desperately.

"She's not going anywhere." I heard Tony snarl.

Then Aunt Abby's voice, "Calm down, Let's not jump to any conclusions." she paused what if what he said was true? What if that boy really does feel that way about


I heard Most of the males growl.

"She's mine." Tony snarled under his breath.

"Not until you mark her." Aunt Abby argued with her son.

"Kaden," Momma whispered, "what if Abby's right? What if This boy is her real mate?"

"He's not-" Daddy growled.

"Why can't he be?" Momma raised her voice.

"Because he's not suitable-" before he finished I stormed out.

"How dare you!" I screamed. "All of you!"

"Isa," Daddy stepped to me.

"Don't! Don't touch me!" I panted trying to take a deep breath.

"Isa, Just listen." Tony tried talking now.

"No, Fuck you!" I snarled. "Don't say anything! Don't you dare. You're not my mate yet! I don't belong to you! I dont belong to anyone! I cant believe you all just sit

around me planning my life! It's my life! My choice. None of you have a say-"

"Isabel, if you are sick-'' Sam tried, but I didn't let her.

"Sick? Sick! Really? Well since your discussing me how about I share something about you huh? About how you're in Love with Logan? I came to you because I

thought you'd understand! I thought you wouldn't judge me. I was afraid to go to anyone else because They hav all gotten they're happily ever after! We haven't I

thought you would understand. I thought you would help. I guess I was very, very wrong." I Snarled and stomped over to my Father who was holding my diary.

'How many times have you read through my personal stuff?" I whispered.

My father didn't say anything. I looked to my mother she just shook her head.

I jerked my diary from my father's hand I knew I was looking at them like they were strangers- but it was because right now I didn't feel as though I knew any of them.

My heart was breaking and they were reading my diary and talking about what is wrong with me, about sending me away.

When I got to the stairs I turned back around. "No one is gonna tell me who to love. And if you guys think this-" I motioned to where they discussing me, "Then you

don't even know the fucking meaning of the word. You don't know what love is if you think this is it. Abby tried to say something, but i stopped her. "No one will ever

look at anyone how I look at Tristan." I whispered. "Not even you looking at Logan. Not My mother looking at my father. Try to send me away. I'll be gone before you

even call the hospital! I swear to god."

"We'll know where to find you." Tony whispered angrily.

"Good. So you know not to fuck around. Because Tristan would tear you limb from limb. And right now... I wouldn't stop him. Sam... why? I brought you home didn't


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