The Accidental Mate 2- THE FORBIDDEN MATE

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 14 (v.1) - 12:

Submitted: October 30, 2010

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Submitted: October 30, 2010



Chapter 12: Curse, Or Blessing

"While I recall all the words you spoke to me
Can't help but wish that I was there
Back where I'd love to be,"
 -Avenged Sevenfold 'Dear god'


I lay in bed thinking of nothing, but Isabel.

Wondering if she's happy, if she's safe, if she loves him. I almost growl at the thought of another male touching her the way I have.

I muffle the half sob by rolling onto my stomach and burrying my face into her pillow. The smell of her is all around me. I cant tell if it's my blessing, or my curse.

Smelling her... well, I can almost imagine her lying beside me, but then when I reach out to hold her... she isn't really there.

I lay wondering if I'd done the right thing. Telling her to mate him. I wonder how much it will rip me apart when she does. I lay, wondering about my future- one that

suddenly seems so dim and far away.

Most importantly, I lie here thinking about bout what could... should... would have been. I picture Isa and me  in the forrest, Far away from everyone, just the two of us. These memories... The life that I'll never have with her bombard me.

Isa shifting for me, me asking her father for her hand, Proposing to her, getting an apartment, Watching her walk down the aisle to me, Starting our life together... Her soft belly round with my pup...


I jump out of bed and pull open the door. My father is standing there.

''What do you want?" I growl.

"I've come to..."

"To what? I'd like to get some sleep."

"You won't find any. Sleep that is. It's nearly impossible to rest- trust me I know." He tried to smile. He cleared his throat, "I'm sorry." He mutters quickly, looking

down at his feet.

"No you aren't. You never have been, and you never will be." I took a deep breath, "You know when Ma died that day... I lost both my parents."

"Tristan I was all alone!"

"No!" I yelled then lowered my voice, "No, you weren't! I was there. You had me. But I just wasn't enough." I whisperd, feeling like I was a little boy all over again,

craving "pa's" Affection. Needing him to be proud of me. Wanting him to smile at me... for me. "After she died, I was never enough. No matter what I did. No matter how hard I trained."

"You'll understand... someday. I don't wish for you to ever expierience it, but someday you'll feel how lost I do." His voice was tight, on  the verge of breaking. "I know I

don't... deserve your forgiveness, and I'm not asking for it." He took another deep breath, trying to calm himself, I did the same. "That little girl, She's special. She

told me things that no one else had the balls to say. She-" he bit his  lip to keep it from quivering, "She reminded me of your mother, so much, my heart ached- she

sees through people so easily, She strong, sympathetic, determined, Couragous-"

"I know what she is..." I whispered.

"I sure do wish your mama could have met her. She would have loved her. She would have been proud of you, of who you've become. And she would have hated

me for what I've done to you. I've taken everything away from you. First your mmother-"

"Dad that wasn't your fault!" I promised.

"If I would have just been closer... If I hadn't had to finish up business with Stan... If I would have just agreed to take her out to dinner like she'd wanted to. She'd

planned the whole thing- your babysitter, all of it. But I told her no, so instead she went out for a run..." He finished on a sob. "Now I've chased away the girl you love."

"Dad, please." I whispered. With that he nodded once and left me alone to wallow in my misery- and he was right. I now understood why he suddenly shut down

when ma died. He loved her and then suddenly she was gone... because he couldn't go with her.

I closed the door and crawled back into bed rolling over to bury my face in Isa's pillow.








6 months at St. Halo.

St. Halo was a Teen "Help" center- a nice name for a fucking looney-bin, right? I got off the plane I'd been on for the last 3 hours. It finally

landed at 'home'. I was told I'd "earned" the right to come home. But my "Doctor" also told me if I did anything harmful to myself or others they could send me back- I

wasn't fucking going back there... I would kill myself before I went back

As I steeped out of the plane and walked through the domed tunneling... I remembered how my father carried me over his shoulder, kicking and screaming the

whole way onto the plane. And how when he put me in the seat Owen and Dj held my arms down to the armrests.

(Flashback) August 3rd

I fought as my brothers held me in place.

"No, Please I don't want to go! Please!" I begged Daddy as I saw him take momma in his arms and turn her away. Tears streaming from my eyes made it nearly

impossible to see. I called out for my mom! Why wasn't she protecting me? She always had before.

 I looked over to see Logan pull out a needle and fill it with clear liquid. "No! Logan please! Please Don't!" But it was too late the needle entered my skin easily. I

sqeaked as I fought to get away making it hurt even more.

"Why?" My voice already growing drowsy from the drug. "What did I do wrong?"

"Nothing, sister. You've done nothing wrong." I heard Dj whisper, urgently and pull me into his chest. His shoulders shaking, I fought to keep my eyes open, when I

seen Momma and Daddy take a step closer Dj growled. "Get the fuck away! You couldn't stand beside her when she was getting drugged up you can fuck

yourselves now!" He yelled. I burried my face into his shoulder, as he rubbed my back, comfortingly. "You're okay, Isa... I'm sorry, I didn't want this." He whispered

his voice breaking, slightly as he kissed my forhead. My eyes closed and my brain shut down.


I opened my eyes to a white room with absolutely nothing but a fucking bed. and I was all alone. All I had was a note tucked into the pocket of my hoodie. As I

unfolded it I recognized the messy penmeship from what seems like a few decades ago, a happier time when I was just a kid and had no troubles.

I scanned over it gratefully;


Please, forgive me... Forgive us.

Dad is a coward(I never knew that about him until this day) and couldn't stand to see you beg when you woke up and found where you were- where he'd sent you.

He feared he'd give in and take you home(where you belong). He didn't even come in the fucking place, but I wanted you to know how much I love you. How I won't

leave you until Logan  and Owen drag me out.

I'm gonna miss you. You've always been my best friend and you know it. I don't know how dad could do this. He thinks it's for the best- but I know it isn't. There's

nothing wrong with you; except a broken heart. I know that because I'm writting you this letter. My hearts breaking. I feel as if I'm leaving apart of myself to die.

My only hope is that this place doesn't destroy you. But I know you're strong. I know you'll be okay. That you'll get through this. And you'll came back pissed as

hell(with every given right).

I only pray it won't be at me.

I love you. And I'll write you everyday. I just don't know if the "State of the art Facility" as our Father has called it will give them to you. I pray that they will.


(end of flashback)

I shook my head concentrating on my steps, wondering who would be waiting at the gate to get me. I hoped for Dj, but When I found my Father standing there. I

looked around hoping to find Dj's face somewhere in the crowd. I cursed god when I found no one but my father pacing, looking nervous- he had every right to be. I

walked up to him, feeling awkward in my jeans.

We hadn't been able to where jeans in "Halo". No hoodies either. When I looked at some of the other people there I knew why."

"Isa!" Daddy pulled me close. I hung limply against him.

"Can we go get my shit? I'd like to go 'home'." I sneered the word, "I've been taking 10 minute some-what-warm showers once a week for 6 moths, because of your

fucking 'State of the art facility'." I growled. Yanking myself away from him, "You owe me a nice long hot shower at the fucking least."

After we got my bags and made it to the car, dad decided to speak to me again. I interupted.

"Don't fucking talk, I have a migrane."

"Isa I thought that place could help you-"

"You mean help you out in taking my difficult ass off you hands, You cast me out because for the first time I wasn't the convientent, Perfect little daughter you


"Isa- You can keep telling yourself that, but we-"

"Oh! Don't worry daddy, I have! I've been telling myself that for the past 6 months and I'll continue to. Unless you have anything except an apology to say to me then

you can take your fake words and shove them up you furry wolf ass." I snarled.

Turning away from him and turning up the Radio so it was blaring. When he reached to turn it down I growled.

"Isabel, stop growling at me." He said warningly.

"Don't touch the radio, I've also gone 6 months without music." When I saw his hand drop. I leaned back and closed my eyes.

Half a year! I've been gone half a year. "I also need to get a job so..." I let the sentence hang leaving off why. The reason- so I could get the fuck out of dodge. They

weren't ever sending me back to that place.

I closed my eyes letting myself remember Tristan's perfect face above mine- the rest seemed like a dream. I dreamt of what could have been. What had been. What

had been taken away from me. A Happier Time.

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