The Accidental Mate 2- THE FORBIDDEN MATE

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - 14

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Chapter 14: Labs







"Mmm, G'morning," I whispered, running my hand down Tristan's chest.

"Morning Isa," he murmured.

"Can we do it again?" I asked lifting my head from his chest and looking into his emerald Green eyes.

Tristan laughs, but nods his head. His nose nudges my chin. Before I could breathe he'd flipped us over so he was on top of me. He smile laughing, quietly. Tristan's hands tighten on my hips. His playful squeezes turned into a forceful bruising strength as he bit at my throat, making me bleed.

Tristan growled, "Isa, you're killing me, little girl."

"Ow! Tristan, slow down." I whimpered, as his teeth nipped my ear painfully.

"Isa... I want you so bad." He growled roughly.

"Tristan please..." I whimpered, my hands pushed, fruitlessly, at his chest trying to make him stop. He was hurting me.

"Isa," He growled, "Do you love me?" he asked, but his voice was changing becoming less gravely- younger as his hands moved up my sides, I cried out as
he pulled me so close I thought I'd break. "So beautiful. I can't wait to be inside you. Beg me to fuck you, Isa" He demanded, getting even rougher.

"Tristan! Please Stop." I tried to push him away again this time going to push his face from the cuve of my neck, I noticed he was thinner slightly less
muscular. "Tristan?"

"I'm. not. Tristan." I looked up and Tony was on top of me. Tony's Blue eyes that looked down at me instead of the vivid green I'd wanted to gaze into. He
smiled and leaned down licking my neck before biting down hard.

"NO!" I screamed jolting from my bed. I sit there panting, before I finally realize it was a dream. Only a dream. I bring my knees to my chest and take deep

"Isabel? You okay? Awake? Alive, maybe?" Owen called humor in his voice.

"Yup!" I yell, then I remember- Work! I scramble to get my things together. I Pull on a pair of black shorts and my white tank. I run down stairs.

"Your gonna be late!"Momma hollars, as I burst from the door and run down the porch stairs.

Tony is waiting for me in his truck. "Morning, I wasn't sure if you were gonna make it."

I pull the seat belt across me and buckle it, but I'm having issues. Tony laughs.

"Take the wheel." He says. I lean over and hold on to the steering wheel while he manages to get the seat belt to latch.

"Thanks!" I smile and turn up the country station. I put my hand in my lap, but then I feel Tony's hand taking mine, gently. Our fingers interlock and all I can do
is stare at them.

"Is this okay?" Tony asks. I nod, even though I'm not sure.

Then I mentally slap myself it's been 11 months with no word from 'him' I promised I'd move on. I squeeze Tony's hand.

"Yeah, It's fine." He smiles at me.

"So whats going on with... pack stuff?" I ask.

"I don't really know. They haven't attacked in awhile. We've just been negotiating." He answers.

"Oh, well that's good." I say.

"Yeah... Isa?"


"You... have forgiven me right? For You know reading your diary..." He sounds so young and sad.

"Yeah, I have." I say as he pulls up to the little restaurant. He unbuckles my seat belt.

"I'll pick you up at 3." He smiles, I lean in and kiss his cheek gently- and I can't seem to get over that there was nothing- no heat, no desire, nothing.

"See you then." I say and run into the restaurant.

"Hey, Isa!" Catrina, a human girl my age calls, she works here too. I wave to her. As i go back to get an apron Catrina follows.

"Some guy was here asking about you." she blurts. I freeze, hope swells in my chest.

"Who? What did he look like?"

"Cute! tall, dark hair, green eyes."

"Whatdidhesay?" I asked in a rush.

"He wanted to know what times you worked." she said, I take several deep breaths.

"When was he here?"

"About an hour ago. He also asked about your brother."

"Which one? Owen?"

She shakes her head, "Dj."

I'm confused for a moment, was it only pack business? "Oh," I say, as I walk away another question pops in my head, one I don't know if I want the answer
to, "Was he alone?"

"There was a girl with him." i close my eyes tightly-

'I'll go on as I had before I fell in love with you.'

I walk out and go back to serving tables, smiling and joking with customers. Then I see Dj walk in.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" I ask as i lead him to a booth.

"Meeting, Mark." He whispers quietly.

"How do you know Mark. And why is he asking for you?" I growl.

Before Dj can answer a strong hand curls around my hip and pulls me back, "Because your brother and I have become friends." Tristan's voice and smell
hits me like a freight train- and so does perfume. Shifter females don't wear perfume. "This involves you. So how about you sit down." He whispers his arm
coming around my waist and pulling me into the booth next to him.

"I have to work." I say breathlessly.

"It's your lunch break." Tristan whispers. Then he looks at Dj, "Two more have disappeared."


"Both females," Tristan growls "Females that haven't shifted yet."

"Like Samantha." Dj sighed.

Tristan nods, "Like, Isabel."

"Fuck!" Dj yells, everyone looks at us. I force a laugh.

"God, Deej, Turrets much?" I joke everyone smiles or laughs and goes back to their own business. "Now what are you talking about?"

"We're talking about shifters disappearing-"

"No, we're talking about Females shifters being kidnapped." Tristan, corrects.


"Some of our friends down south found a... lab." Dj explained.

"A lab?"

Tristan sighed and took over, "Humans are conducting experiments on shifters." I feel my heart drop.

"And you think they're going to take me?"

"They've already taken Samantha." Dj sighed.

"Why didn't I know of this before now?"

"There was no reason for you to know." Dj said as Tristan growled.

"There was every reason for her to know." Tristan snarled at him.

"Okay, let's just calm down," I whisper grabbing around Tristan's arm and stroking his skin trying to calm him. He relaxes automatically and his hand finds my thigh, squeezing gently. He looks at me and all I can do is stare in his vivid green eyes.

"Isa, You have to promise you won't go anywhere alone."

"Great I get my freedom back and it's taken away again." Tristan looks at me questioningly. "Later," I say needing some kind of leverage to make sure he
came back.

He nodded, "Later."


The first thing I noticed as I saw her talking to Dj was that her hair had gotten longer. The second- she had lost weight- although from what Dj had told me
she'd gained more back, but it was still bad enough that I noticed. The third thing I noticed, she smelled like 'him'.

She was growling at Dj then I heard what he said and I caught her hip. The first time I'd touched her in almost a year. She froze when I pulled her back
against my chest.

When she whispered Later, I agreed, because I needed there to be a later. Looking into her big brown eyes made my heart skip about a hundred beats.

"Go, tell your boss we have an emergency and you have to come home." Dj said.

She looked at me though, "Go. I'll wait." she slid out of the seat constantly looking back at the table. As if she thought I'd disappear.

"She's not gonna let you go this time." Dj murmured. Echoing my thoughts.

"That's good because I'm not letting her go either. You take off. I'll bring her home... Later." I was still staring at her.


I looked at Dj, "What?"

"I like you because she loves you, but she's still my little sister.

"You're giving me a talk?" I laughed- because he was a little to late.

"Don;t do anything she-"

"I would never." I growled.

"That's right you never," He laughed at him self as he tried to look tough. "I know you can kick my ass, but if you try to leave her again, I'll get in a few good
swipes, understand?"

"Yes, sir," We both laughed as Isa came over.

"It's really hard to lie about a family incident when you guys are over here Laughing." She said not taking her eyes off me.

"Sorry," Dj laughed. "I guess I'll see you later Isa," Dj stood up and kissed her forehead,"

"Aren't you taking me home?"

Now Dj turned to me, "9:30," as he walked away I heard him mutter, "Dad's gonna kick my ass,"

"Come on," I whispered taking her hand in mine and leading her out behind me.

"Where are we going? I thought you were taking me home?"

"Do you want to go home now?" I asked praying she'd say no.

"Well, I just, um..."

"Your brother is nice." I said taking pulling her closer as I walked out to my car.

"Yeah, I guess- Holy! When did you get a new car?"

I smirked "Awhile ago- Birthday present. I think my dad is feeling guilty bout all the other birthdays he missed."

"Wow," She said but i heard the teasing tone behind it, "I for got you're old the big 2-2."
I laughed, "That's not old!" I opened the car door and she slid in marveling at the inside exterior.

I jogged around the car and jumped in the seat. "Its a Mercedes Guardian, This baby can survive a flame thrower, did you know that?"

"You're kidding right?" She asked.

I shook my head. "Can we try it?"

"Uh- are you crazy?"

"What you said-"

"I don't want to chip the paint." I whined.

She laughed then she stopped and just looked at me. "What?"

She shook her head, "I just can't believe you're here." She whispered. "I'm afraid I'll wake up."

I leaned over to her and nipped her chin, She pulled back, "uh, ow," I laughed.

"See your not asleep." My hand tangled in her hair. "I've missed you so much,"

She nodded, "Please don't leave me again. I'll stay with you."

She crawled over the seat and into my lap. I held her close as she cried. "Shh, baby I'm here." I promised, "And we're gonna figure all this out because I can't live without you anymore."

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