The Accidental Mate 2- THE FORBIDDEN MATE

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 17 (v.1) - 15:

Submitted: December 04, 2010

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Submitted: December 04, 2010



Chapter 15: Deja-vu


Mark and I rode around unsure of what to do with ourselves. He held my hand in his lap.

"We should start heading to your house." He murmured.

"Can't we just keep driving? We could runaway together and never look back." I said dreamily, but then snapped out of it, feeling naive and embarrassed, by what I'd blurted. "You're right it's almost nine-"

"You have no idea how much I wish we could- Runaway together, Never look back." He whispered.

"I think I do. Believe me, I've had dreams about us."

Tristan squeezed my hand, "Me too," He sighed and brought my hand up to his lips. "I still love you, Isabel. I always will." He murmured against my skin.

"I love you too," I said back, trying to blink away the sudden moisture brimming my eyes.

We were quiet the rest of the drive. One thought kept stabbing me as if it were a knife- would this be the last time I'd see him? My heart ached at the thought of it. At the same time I tried to comfort myself from his earlier words- he'd said we'd talk about this, said he couldn't live without me anymore... but was I serious? Would I really stay with his pack? Could I be happy there? Would it be the same as it was before I'd left?

Millions of thought all at once seem to nag at my head. Once Tristan parked the car I was shocked and panicking- I was already home. Would he leave as soon as I got out? Would he wait for me to get in the house? To close the door so I wouldn't have to watch him leave me again? Could it possibly hurt more then the first time he'd left?

I had none of the answers to these questions. "Did you hear that?" He asked suddenly his fore head wrinkling slightly as he squinted trying to listen closer- although my senses had improved because of my ability to shift- I couldn't hear as well as him. I cocked my head any way- it was unneeded A sudden gunshot echoed from the house. I jumped from the car, but was caught by Tristan's hand on my arm. There were 2 more shots. I yanked my arm from his painful grip ran up the stairs of my porch.

"Daddy!" I called, Tristan right behind me, his hand on my waist.

"Momma!" I cried out- only silence answered me.

"Isa-" Tristan's voice was filled with anxiety, before I heard a thud and Tristan fell to the floor unconscious, I screamed and saw a man  holding a gun. I dropped to Tristan's side, his head was bleeding. From where he'd been hit.

Before I could get a better look another man came and grabbed my wrists, I fought  against his hold- he was only a human. But of course I hadn't shifted and although these men were only human they were bigger then me. I was easily over powered- and for once I regretted not shifting.

The man who'd hit Tristan leaned down and cuffed him- honest to god real hand cuffs.

"Who are you?" I cried out. "What do you want?" I continued fighting against my captor but he didn't seemed fazed at all.

A blade was suddenly pressed against my throat, "You little girl are in no position to ask questions." The man whispered into my ear. "What's your name?" making the hair on my neck rise, either in anger or fear.

I didn't answer his question, even as he pressed the blade harder against my skin. "He asked you a question." the man who'd cuffed Tristan said standing up and stepping closer to me.

"Good job, I'm shocked a Psycho like you realized that." As the words came out of my mouth I seen his eyes fill with raw anger.


The force of his hand sent my head whipping to the side.

"Watch your mouth," he snarled.

I forced myself to look up at him and lift my chin defiantly, "I find your request quite impossible, sir." I growled, before puckering my lips and trying to look down at them. "I can only see my top lip. Not my whole mouth perhaps you should lend me a mirror." I retorted, unable to play innocent.

"Bitch," I heard him cuss under his breath before another blow sent me into the peaceful blackness.


My head seemed to be thudding with pain.

"Fuck," I cussed and went to touch the back of my head,but I couldn't, my arms were restrained behind me. then it all came back to me. the gunshot- Isabel- the smell of one of the human mercenaries.

I looked up and saw I hadn't been moved from where I'd been hit, I was lying on the hardwood floor when I looked over slightly I found her.

Isa's hair was over her face, and her hands also appeared to be restrained.

"Isa?" My voice raw with emotion. She didn't respond. I pushed myself  up so I could slide myself to her my heart seemed to stop beating.

"Isa?" I whispered when I'd made it to her side. I could hear her strong heartbeat and steady breathing- that seemed to be the only thing keeping me calm. I wished desperately to touch her, to hold her in my arms against my body. instead I scooted as close as I could and nuzzled her cheek. "Isa," I plead brokenly, "Baby, wake up. Isa, I need you. Please Isabel, open your eyes." I begged silently praying.

When she didn't move I tried to reassure myself of her health by listening to her heart rate and breathing, then I heard Dj's voice, "Where the fucks my sister! You fucking scumbags!"

 I sat up, alert. The mercenaries were still in the house.


I looked down to Isa, as she whimpered.

"Shh, baby I need you to keep quiet for me. Do you understand?"

She nodded as she shook her hair off her face, Her face was beginning to bruise, I felt my insides curl. They hurt her. The fact seemed obvious- but seeing her battered and bruised reminded me of what she'd looked like after her punishment from my father- I would not let anyone get away with hurting her again.
But to get us out of here alive I knew I had to be thinking clearly, so I listened to  the voices coming from my left.

"All we need to know is who that little un-shifted bitch's Mate is." some one said.

"Why?" I heard Alpha Kaden's voice ask.

"We intend to study your... species-"

"Race, We're people the same as you!" I heard Luna Grace's Voice say, before a loud smack and a Throaty growl form more then one shifter, including my own. I heard Isa whimper and I looked over at her. Her dark eyes shining with un-shed tears.

I scooted closer to her until I was rested against the wall and her head lay in my lap, as she buried her face into  my stomach, I wished desperately to comfort her. I also found myself realizing this was the same position we'd been in the last time we'd said good-bye. I swallowed the lump building in my throat and shrugged off the feeling of Daja-vu.

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